Understanding temporary disorders (TMD)


Features and Symptoms

You can associate several symptoms with TMD. The pain, especially in the chewing of the muscles and / or the jaws, is the most common symptom.Other probable symptoms include:

  • limited movement or jaw lock.
  • pain radiated on the face, neck or shoulders.
  • Make a painful click, flash or Gate Sounds in a joke, when opening or closing your mouth.
  • Sudden and serious change in the way the upper and lower teeth are suitable together.

Other related symptoms

Other can be due to TMD,Such as: / P>

It is important to remember, however,This random discomfort in the joints of the jaw or the chewing muscles is quite common and, as a rule, is not a reason to worry.

Secondary headaches

According to Adam ‘Temporary Limit or TMJ, Dysfunction, it may be the cause of secondary headaches.Secondary headaches are the result of the main disorders that cause pain as a symptom. ‘

According to the patient’s lawyers and the author of Teri Robert, ‘sometimes a headache is just this headache .In other cases, headache can be a symptom of another state. In addition, there are different types of pain in the head, and the treatment varies according to diagnosis. For these reasons, it is important timely and precise diagnosis.’


According to Richard N. Fogoros MD ‘jaw pain: a rather common manifestation to> angina . The inexplicable pain in the episodic jaw must be appreciated by the doctor. ‘

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