Understanding the Estimated Media Glucose (EAG)


The estimated medium glucose (EAG) or ‘Media glucose’ is a method to translate TA> test test in terms that closely represent the daily glucose readings.It was represented by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in 2010 to help people with diabetes to better understand how their A1C results are compared with their daily glucose readings.


Both the A1C test and the daily glucose readings provide useful information in the management of diabetes, but they are expressed differently.The daily readings of glucose meter are a direct measurement of the amount of blood glucose during sampling and expressed as milligrams of glucose in the decilters in the blood, for example, 154 mg / dl.

A1C also uses a blood sample, but it seems a percentage of hemoglobin , protein in erythrocytes, which has glucose (hemoglobin). It shows that the average level of blood glucose was in the last two or three months. A1C 7% means that 7% of total blood hemoglobin is gliking.

EAG is determined using a simple mathematical formula that converts the percentage of hemoglobin, according to the A1C test definition on the device it uses to view it in its glucose meter: mg / DL: 28.7 x A1C 46.7 = EAG.

Know that your EAG can help with diabetes control:

  • Confirming self-control controls or practicing blood tests
  • ensuring an acocho shared lookThe treatment plan works
  • , illuminating the amount of a healthy lifestyle that can affect blood sugar

While A1C and EAG levels will differ depending on several factors, including age,Sex, activity level, etc. D. Hell recommends EAG 154 mg / dl (A1c = 7%) for most adults with diabetes who are not pregnant.

Equivalentes A1C y EAG AT-Mira

a1c ( процент )

ECO ( MG / DL )


126 де%

7,5% 16.0% 183 ic> 212 MG / DL>



2 A1C / EAG vs.Daily monitoring

, When the A1C / EAG values are important for the control of long-term diabetes, they can not replace daily glucose tests in Blood: None points to the current level of blood sugar / em>. You need this information once or several times a day to personalize your dose insulin , food intake and activity level.

The American Diabetes Association recommends getting an A1C test at least twice a year and preferably four times a year (quarterly).

Average glucose value in meters and EAG

Most blood glucose meters used for daily tests,You can provide the average value of all readings in recent weeks or months. This is the average value no as EAG. Even if you check your blood 10 times a day or more, you only get reading what is in which your glucose is located at that time.

In fact, it is likely that the average value defined by its glucose meter is less than its EAG.This is because EAG is the average value of your level of glucose 24 hours a day and a Longer period Consequently, EAG is more accurate.

, combining the EAG number with its glucose object number, obtains a valuable and complete image of the TyourafertiBetes management. This will help you make healthy goals and options to achieve adequate glucose control.Denial

Word from obtaining information medications

Testing the level of blood sugar levels through any method can cause serious feelings.Be kind to you and remember that you are not a number. Be careful of having a supportive support team to help you achieve the objectives of the treatment plan, regular as necessary without judging.

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