Urine Learning: Use, Side Effects, Procedure, Results


morinalis is a common proof that is used to analyze the content and chemical composition of its urine.Although it is normally performed before surgery to determine any kidney problem, the motorcycle analysis can be used in the health care office, whether kidney infection, urinary tract infection or other violation associated with urine.

FROSTY MOSNAT should not be confused by detecting the urine preparation used to verify the recent use of using medications or a start test for pregnancy that is used to detect HCG pregnancy hormone in the urine.

Illustration of Cindy Chung, Get information medications

Purpose of the test

The urethra consists of kidneys, ureters,bladder and urethra.Su main function is to track waste and regulate the balance of water, electrolytes, proteins, acids and other substances in the body.

If any part of this system is damaged or broken, it will change the chemical composition and / or the volume of urine. The analysis is a direct means to evaluate these changes.

, while the MOSTIC MOSPHONE is not diagnosed (that is, what can not determine the cause of the disease), it can contain the nature of the disease and can be used to support the diagnosis.

Frosty MOS can also be used to monitor and manage a wide range of disorders, the most specifically renal (renal) disorder. Between your applications, you can use the wiring analysis for:

MOSNAT, are also often converted into part of what Habitual physicist


When we refer to the analysis of the urine, we usually assume that you mean urine in your office from your health care providers.The truth, that is, only one way to analyze urine in clinical practice.

  • Full urine analysis In the laboratory to evaluate the physical, chemical,and microscopic characteristics of your urine
  • FAST MOSNAT done in your office Health Office with test strips for regular verifications for general kidney disorders
  • 24-Collection of personal urine , in which the urine collides more than 24 hours to provide your medical provider with a clearer image of its total kidney function,Including weekends and composition

while urine culture (in which the Orine sample is carried out on Wednesday to check for bacteria or FUNGI) is not technically the urine form of urine,It can be a continuation of the test, if UTI is suspected. It can even be completed using the same urine sample.

Risks and contraindications

Frosty analysis is considered a safe and non-invasive form of testing.The only risk you can show is for those who require catheterization to obtain a urine sample.The Catheter Foley , a flexible tube inserted in the urethra to merge the bladder, is the most common type used in people with urine retention, urination or other conditions that interfere with normal urination.

Before the test

Although many motif drugs are minimal, there are several things you need to know before delivering the sample.


The optimal sample of the urine is generally becoming early in the morning when the concentration is in the highest. If possible, try to program the collection this time and ‘keep it’ until it is even if you can. The collection takes a couple of minutes.

For the collection of urine 24 hours, you must choose perfectly a period of 24 hours when you can stay at home so you do not have to take samples with you or skip it.


Frosty Mosmermer can be done in your health, clinic or laboratory office, or when entering the hospital. In some cases, it can provide a sterile plastic cup and a cover to assemble a sample at home, after which it delivers the sample to the laboratory within an hour.(If you make a 24-hour urine compilation, ask your health care provider when samples should be discarded).

Food and Beverages

As a general rule, without publishing, it is required before collecting the urine sample.The only exception will be if other tests that require publication are executed, for example, Cholesterol Test or Post, glucose test . See with your health care provider if you are not sure of dietary restrictions. The test is obviously easier with the full bladder, so some love fluids to drink in advance.


Most routine drugs can be taken before the mirror if your health care provider tells you otherwise.However, it is important to advise your doctor about all and all medications you can take, either a recipe, excessive, traditional, homeopathic or recreational.

Since the test includes a visual, chemical and microscopic examination of the collected urine, some substances can restore the results.Examples include:

  • laxative anthrop├│fano
  • Azulfidine (SulfasAzina) used to treat ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • levodopa (l-Dopa), drug of Parkinson’s disease
  • Metrinidazole, antibiotic
  • Nitroofurantun, antibiotic
  • FANZOPYRIDINE, it is used to treat UTIS
  • Robaxin (Methocarbamol),Relaxing muscles
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  • Additives vitamin C

Ask your health care provider if you need to stop any of them before going through the test.

Cost and health insurance

The recognition analysis is a common and relatively economical test. The standard test panels may vary in the price of 5 in the amount of $ 30, which can be partially covered or in a full health insurance.If you are registered with the plan, see the terms of your policy or talk with the customer service representative in your insurance company for more information, including your expenses on deduction and collaborative payment.

, Taking the test

On the day of the test, provide identification and your insurance card for registration.You can also be asked to complete the patient information form, if this is your first visit, describing in detail any health problems or medications you can take.If you perform a test as part of the appointment of a health care provider, it may not be necessary.


will be arrogantly a private bathroom and will provide a sterile plastic cup and a cover, sanitary cleaning and instructions on how to obtain a sample ‘Midstream Clean-Capture ‘.The cleaning capture technique avoids accidentally bacteria or fungi or vagina.

How to get pure capture

  • Women should be cleaned around the Urethra spread lips and clean up from the front back (a year).Men should clean up the upper part of the penis and remove the end.
  • After cleaning, urine for a few seconds to make sure that the contaminants are cleaned in the urination.
  • Place the cup under the urine flow and collect at least 30-60 milliliters (approximately three or five tablespoons).
  • empty the rest of my bladder in the toilet.

After filling out, place the lid in the cup, wash your hands and send a nurse or sample heart. Some objects can ask you to make a cup to the designated office.

If you have gathered a sign at home and can not take it to the laboratory within an hour, you can cool it. Laboratory to make sure it is normal.If this is, place a sealed cup in a sealed plastic package to avoid contamination.

The urine of the sample should not be cooled for 24 hours. It should never be frozen or stored on ice, but is stored in approximately 39 degrees at temperatures.

Interpretation of the results

Although the evaluation of the Uchinizas includes three separate stages, it tends to receive its results in just a few days. Understanding the process used to receive your results can help you understand them better and what they can mean.

Visual exam

In the visual examination, the laboratory technician will characterize the color and clarity of the urine. Any variation can be signs of anomalies.

Orine color is considered normal if described as yellow, straw, or next to Color. Abnormal colors can be the result of the disease, what ate, or something it took.

Examples include:

  • dark yellow urine can be a sign of dehydration.
  • Bright yellow urine is often caused by multivitamin additives.
  • Red or pink urine can be a sign of bleeding or simply the result of a beet food.
  • Brown or green brown urine is a sign of hepatitis or other liver problems.
  • Green urine is sometimes observed in people on a sedative basis Diprivan (propofol) for a long period of time.

    / Li>

urine ClarityRefers, so clearly in the urine.Under normal circumstances, urine is expected to be relatively clear or only slightly cloudy. The region is often caused by an excessive substance of an anomalor in the urine, such as:

Chemical exam

To perform a chemical examination laboratory uses the proof strips prepared commercially (Reagent calls strips), impregnated with reactive chemical products.The technician is immersed in each rail of the urine. The abnormality of love in the composition of the urine launches a change of color for a few seconds or minutes. They also have cars capable of doing so immediately and deliver an automatic result in a few minutes.

10 tests of reagents performed more frequently:

  • bilirobin , yellowish pigment associated with unimilar
  • erythrocytes (red blood cells), bleeding sign
  • glucose, height,that suggest diabetes
  • keatones , heights that also offer diabetes
  • Leukocytes (White Blood cells), signs of infection
  • nitrites, leaving bacterial infection
  • pH, what measures,How the acid urine is protein
  • , hill, which offers a deterioration of the kidney
  • specific gravitations (SG), which measure the concentration of urine
  • Utherobilinogen ,Seen with hepatitis and liver disease . The results are caused by a disease or vitamin that is admitted that it could do.

    Microscopic exam

    The microscopic exam can or can not be done if the results They are of the visual and chemical examinations are normal.If used, the urine sample is prepared by placing it in the centrifuge and rotates at fast speeds, so that all the contents are deposited at the bottom of the tube.

    drop or two sediments placed on the slide under the microscope.The cells, crystals and other substances are counted and communicated as in the Field shape ‘in the power field’ (LPF), or ‘in a high power field’ (HPF).More, the smallest substances can be registered as ‘moderate,’ or ‘many’.’

    Some of the substances that are abnormally or in abnormal amounts may include:

    • bacteria, fungi or parasites
    • crystals (calcium, uric acid, etc.)
    • epithelial cells can serve infection or malignancy
    • rbc or wbcs
    • Urinary filling, multicolored particles,The resulting kidneys in response to the disease

    A high power field with microscopic motifs, require work for microetaria,According to the American Association of Morological Rejection includes urine research, visualization and cystoscopy.

    reference ranges

    your supplier Medical care should see results with you.Laboratory values can be difficult to decrypt, but, as a rule, are estimated on a scale called Laboratory Control Range (RR).

    RR Limits the numerical values between which the result of the test is considered normal.RR is different for each proven substance and is based on the expected value within a particular population. These values are higher than the RRs, often indicated ‘H’ overlooked, while the values are lower than RR, ‘l’ can be done for a low level.

    When considering your results, your health care provider will explain what values are normal, border and / or abnormal. Often, the health provider can explain the anomaly based on your history of diseases and offer the treatment plan.In other cases, more tests will be required.

    Subsequent actions

    There will be conditions through which the Motic Analysis can be repeated, or to monitor your response to therapy or progression of your illness.Two examples of this type include chronic kidney disease (CKD), in which the amount of protein in the urine shows how fast the disease develops,and acute renal injury (AKI) in which the urine test shows how well the kidneys are restored.

    The same can be related to the monitoring of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Checking the drive urine can be ordered to verify if the glucose is not found in the urine, it is detected. The conclusions can help direct treatment and prenatal care.

    If you have symptoms of urinary tract infection, but caused research agent (pathogen) can not be identified in the initial Mosnoy by Mosna by Mosna by Mosno by Mosnoy Mosno with urine,A bacterial or fungal culture can be performed specific blood-specific analyzes. (The results of the negative urine culture are sometimes related to less common viral viruses).

    Display tests, such as ultrasound, calculated tomography (ct) or magnetic resonance (MRI) can also be used to determine if there is a problem against The kidneys (pre-love), in the kidneys (kidney), or after the kidney (post-kidney). / P>

    Flexible fiber optic tool, called cistoscope can be used to verify To verify a benign bladder tumor . Narrow tube, similar, similar to urine in the bladder through the urethra, providing a direct visualization of injury that sometimes other visualization and blood tests are sometimes lost .

    The word of obtaining information medications

    Uralsis With all normal values, as a general rule, it is a strong signal that your kidneys and Urinary tracts work normally.In addition, there are restrictions on what can be interpreted from the test.

    No abnormal values, nor ‘everything is clear’ sign or a signal that your symptoms are all in your headsimply means that the laboratory could not detect anomalies based on this test.

    Similarly, urine analysis with abnormal values can mean any number of things like this last, then and insignificant.Only when it is used with other tests, since a contour combat tells a liver function , or test and renal function that MOSFOLIS can provide a More complete understanding than it happens here.Mounted for urine analysis is never used as the only form of diagnosis.

    While urine analysis is an important tool for diagnoses, remember that values should be taken in context.Try not to make assumptions until an experienced doctor can see its results in its entirety.If you can not find the explanation, you can find a second opinion or request a specialist to a specialist who may have a better understanding of a possible reason.

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