Use of sexual abstinence as a fertility control method.


Sexual abstinence means that there are no sex with a partner. Abstinence works as an effective form of birth control by eliminating all the possibilities of sperm.Unlike other forms of fertility control, which work to prevent pregnancy, regardless of the exchange of sexual fluids, abstinence prevents sperm from entering the vagina.

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is the only fertility control method is 100% effective to prevent pregnancy, as well as sexually transmitted diseases (ETS),According to the centers of to control and prevent diseases (CDC).

Different definitions

Abstinence can mean different things for different people.Complete sexual abstinence includes not participation in the sexual position of any kind, including vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Sometimes people can refer to abstinence that there is no vaginal communication, but participate in Other sexual events.However, sexual activity that can not lead to pregnancy is defined better as Electorsourse .Examples EurecoRe include:

  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • masturbation
  • massage
  • kiss

, however, if the sperm accidentally concerns the vulva during the events of the Optururouse,It is possible that the sperm reaches the vagina and fertilizes the egg, which led to pregnancy. A difference of abstinence, it is still possible to deliver the STDs through a lateral-vaginal act, including anal sex and oral sex.

Other people, abstinence means that there is no sexual connection during the month that can be .A better description of this practice is Periodic abstinence , which is considered natural planning of the family .

in contrast With general abstinence, this method is not 100% effective to prevent pregnancy.

The advantages and cons of abstinence

There are many reasons why people can be abstained, including the desire to prevent pregnancy and supply, religious beliefs,Medical considerations, waiting for the right companion, waiting for marriage and more.

Regardless of the cause, there are some advantages and disadvantages to choose sexual abstinence.


  • This is 100% effective when preventing pregnancies and unwanted ETS transmitters.

  • With no hormonal side effects or .

  • is not worth anything,


  • It can be difficult to practice withdrawal for long periods of time.

  • can be difficult to achieve if your partner is not on board.

  • If I did not have a sex education or received information about <> contraception , will not be ready to defend yourself from pregnancy or Sexual infections transmitted by sexually, if you want to have sex.

Talk with your Partner

If you decide to remain abstained, it is important that you have a conversation about your choice with your romantic partner.Without his point of view, a partner who does not know about his reasons can take his choice personally. In addition, sex is an important part of many relationships, and maintaining abstinence over any duration is easier when both partners are on board.

planned padr offers several tips for this conversation, for example:

  • with confidence in your solution.
  • taken in advance and clear about your reasons for choosing abstinence.
  • Talk to your partner before a potential sexual collision, and not at this time.
  • Memory and reminder Your partner that your decision can change over time.

Bottom line

Sexual abstinence is an effective birthstone mode, but this It is what mutual luggage of both partners is required. This is an option among many possible fertility control options.Note that if you do not participate in a full sexual abstinence, it is still possible to make transmittotes through excess.

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