Using a Jacuzzi in Physiotherapy


Whirlpool can be used by your physiotherapist to help improve circulation, mobility and comfort after injury or after surgery. But what really happens when your PT offers you to use a jacuzzi in physical therapy? What is hydromassage therapy?


If you have injuries,What causes the loss of functional mobility normal can be directed to the physical therapy of your health care provider. Then, your physiotherapist will begin the treatment of the injury and help you return to normal function.

There are many different treatment options in physical therapy Some of these procedures are aimed at reducing pain or edema, and some are used to improve force

Whirlpool -This is a physical therapy you can find.

Hydromassage Objectives Therapy

Typical Jacuzzi Objectives used at the Physiotherapy Clinic include:

  • Swelling
  • control control
  • Promote theHealing of wounds
  • improvement
  • pain reduction
  • Reduction of muscle spasm

If your physiotherapist decides to treat your injury with the help of a jacuzzi therapy,Be sure to ask many questions about your treatment. Give yourself to understand what kind of treatment goals and what you should expect from processing a jacuzzi.

How much Whirlpool is used in PT

Whirlpool is a large bathroom, which is full of water. A part of the body that must be processed is then placed in the water bath, and the small motor is flexing the water.While in the water you can move your part of the body to help improve the movement around the injured area.

Most jacuzzi found with physical therapy, small, and only your hand or leg You can be able to put it.There are several jacuzzi, which are more, and your entire body can be placed inside.

The water temperature in the jacuzzi can be warm or cold, depending on the desired objective.The hot jacuzzi can increase circulation, since heat helps open the small arteries in the body. An increase in blood circulation can damage fresh blood, oxygen and cells to damage, which can help healing.The typical temperature of the warm jacuzzi is 98-110 degrees Fahrenheit. You must be careful to avoid burns. Be careful of talking to your physiotherapist about your specific level of comfort.

The cold jacuzzi leads to the fact that the arteries in the body are closed, which can help reduce circulation to the process of part of the body. It is used to help control inflammation and swelling in The injured part of the body.The cold jacuzzi temperature is usually 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. . Its injured part of the body is repeatedly moving from warm water to cold. In general, it spends one to three minutes in each bathroom, and typical treatment lasts from 15 to 20 minutes.The contrast bath theory is used to create a quick opening and closing the arteries around the treated part of the body. This creates a pumping effect in part of the body, which helps reduce swelling around the damaged site. 15 MINUTES.Su physiotherapist can perform certain exercises, while part of the body is in a jacuzzi to help improve the range of movement in the part.

General conditions that can Treat

Conventional lesions and conditions that can be treated with a jacuzzi include:

, of course ,This is just a short list of conditions, which can benefit from water-based therapy. About any part of the body can be treated with jacuzziotherapy, while it can be placed in the swirl.

Whirlpools can also be used in the injury treatment. If it had an operation, it can have a surgical scar with interfering it. You can also have a wound to be done deeply or purified.Its physiotherapist can use a rotating game of a jacuzzi to help clean up its incision or wound. This type of treatment for wound care is becoming less common.The use of jacuzzi for wounds can increase the risk of infection, and there is very little evidence that it improves the results. The treatment after wound care, the Jacuzzi includes the use of correct dressing to guarantee adequate healing.

Word Get information Meds

If you They received injuries and will require physiotherapy, may have the opportunity to experience a jacuzzi.Note that hydromassage therapy should be only a component for the rehabilitation program.Most studies indicate that passive procedures, such as jacuzzi, can be useful, but exercises and mobility are best to help improve function. Test that cooperates with your health care provider and physiotherapist, you can be sure that it is safe and quickly back to normal mobility.

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