Using niacin niacin to reduce cholesterol


Niacin is a form of vitamin B, in particular B3 (nicotinic acid). This water-soluble vitamin is important for the correct function of the cells in the body.Niacin was studied his potential for the treatment of the disease matrix, including Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, erectile dysfunction and sickle cell disease with a little success.


Once, the health care providers prescribe Control of the help of niacin cholesterol in people with cardiovascular diseases.However, after the study of 2011, published in the Journal Medicive Medicification, which Niacin did not benefit people with high cholesterol, practice stopped.

Nowadays, Niacin is mainly used for the treatment of niacin deficiency, which, if serious can lead to Pelgra , characterize diarrhea, lesions of skin and dementia.Niacin’s deficiency is more likely to develop as a result of malnutrition, poverty or chronic alcoholism.

Most people get niacin enough in their diets to prevent deficiency, especially products, such as leaven, meat, Fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables and fortified flakes.However, if your supplier or nutritionist in the health field says you need more vitamin B3 in your diet, there are things that you should consider choosing an appropriate niacin additive.

U.S.The Department of Health and Human Services recommends 14 milligrams (MG) niacin per day for women and 16 mg Niacin Day for men from all sources.

Immediate release of nicotinic acid

Immediate release (IR) Nicotinic acid, also known as nicotinic acid ‘fast consumption’, you devosed the full dose in the bloodstream,As soon as it swallows. For this reason, nicotinic acid IR is more likely than other forms of vitamin to cause side effects. / P>

Some nicotinic acid bottles can not indicate if they contain an immediate output or stable output (see) .If the label does not say what form of nicotinic acid is in the bottle, it is safe to assume that this is an IR product.

Extended nicotinic acid release

This form of nicotinic acid, affordable by the recipe for the NiaSpan or Niacor brand, and also completely.There is also a version with a controlled emission called Slo-Niacin, which is sold through the counter and may be less expensive.

Extended nicotinic acid (ER) is slowly released to go.Extended release of nicotinic acid can cause side effects, but it is likely that they are less serious than those related to the way. .Nicotine acid with

Nicotinic acid -Release (SR) Nicotinic acid, also known as nicotinic acid ‘Have-free’, free nicotinic acid.It can still lead to side effects, but they may be smoother than additives with immediate emissions.

The addition of Nicotine Acid SR will need more time to clean the body than the extended vacation form to go (ER).For this reason, nicotinic acid SR occurs the risk of liver toxicity.

Possible side effects

Niacin additives are safe for most people, but there are some potential side effects.The most common is the washing of heat, tingling, itching and redness of the face, weapons and chest. This symptom can be accompanied by headache, dizziness, eruption and / or decreased blood pressure.

Side effects of nicotinic acid can be aggravated and, in some cases, unbearably, but generally stimulated in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, there are ways to mitigate them.

The high doses of nicotine acid (more than 3 grams per day) can cause serious side effects, including liver damage , drop, gold -Intestinal ulcers, loss of vision, high level of blood sugar, irregular heartbeat and other serious problems. The high dose is also associated with an increased risk of stroke.


It lacks scientific data to determine the recommended dose of niacin or nicotinic acid.If your health care provider prescribes nicotinic acid for you, it will base the dose of factors such as your age, the floor and the history of the disease.

Before using constant niacin, talk to your health care provider, make sure it makes it possible to do so.Can you determine the wording and optimal dose?

What to look for

Buy niacin on the counter or take it according to the recipe,Do not think about it like ‘just an addition’? This remains a form of medications that have risks and side effects. Regarding any significant side effects for your medical care physician immediately.

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