Using the ergometer of the upper body in physiotherapy


If you have damage to the upper extremity, your physiotherapist can use the upper ergometer for the body during rehabilitation. Ergometer from the upper part of the body, usually called UBE at the Physiotherapy clinics from UE, is part of a simulator that looks like a bicycle with The one pedals with your hands.It can be used to improve the resistance and resistance of the upper extremity, and can be used simply to improve the general workplace of your hands.

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What is the ergometer?

Ergometer is a gym, which can measure the work of human muscles.Ube is an ergometer that can measure how the muscles of the upper body work. The settings can be adjusted to UE to control the resistance to change the amount of work that the muscles of the upper part of the body do.The typical UBE machines have an adjustable place, and many also allow you to use the car, standing.

Who does it benefit from using Ube?

If you have a shoulder pain , Shoulder Surgery or any other problem of the upper limb,That can affect strength or resistance Your physiotherapist handsu can choose to use UBE, while at the Physiotherapy Clinic.Also, if you have a worn sling during the healing of injuries, you may notice that the power and resistance of your hands are violated.ube can help you improve your strength and resistance to help improve your hand function .

Typical lesions that UBE may require,Include:

  • Rotary or shoulder surgery
  • Proximal fracture Traction shoulder
  • Radial head or fracture of elbow

  • colles or fracture Smiths
  • Tennis elbow or Golf CLAT
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Disenuation of man or ripe in lbum / Li>

If you had an attack cardiac, heart problems or pulmonary disease,Your health care provider can refer to physical therapy for heart rehabilitation or rehabilitation of the pulmonary area .UBE can be used to improve your cardiac resistance or pulmonary function so you can quickly return to normal operation.

Sometimes, the injuries of the lower extremities, such as fractures or stretching, do not allow you to use your legs normally.UBE can be used as a cross-sectional training tool to maintain the level of physical conditioning, while its injury in the lower limb is healing.If you use a wheelchair, such as your main vehicles, your PT can work in UEE to keep the muscles of your hard shoulders so you can control your chair.UBE can also be used as the main source of aerobic exercises if it is connected to the wheelchair .Depending on the configuration that your physiotherapist chooses to use, the UBE can be mainly to improve cardiorespiratory resistance, or it can be used mainly to strengthen your hands and shoulders.

If you have the injury on the shoulder, elbow or wrists and visit physical therapy, you may experience the first UBE hand. It can help you go hand in hand to bring it quickly to normal function.

Word of the Meds information received

After a higher extremity injury, you can use physical therapy to return to normal activities. A simulator that can be used is UE.UBE can help improve muscle resistance and strength so you can quickly return to your optimum level of function.

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