Using Zytiga after Lupron to control prostate cancer

One of the unique characteristics of prostate cancer is its ability to respond to the conclusion testosterone .This cancer of Achilles cancer has been discovered in the 1940s when it was demonstrated that surgical elimination of testicular eggs induces cancer referrals. In 1985, Luprin, injection medications that have achieved the same were approved by the FDA.Lupra works, cheating the testicles to close his testosterone production.

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Lupon controls prostate cancer in the current of the average duration of 18 to 24.Months in men with metaascarball. When the LupPA stops working, other hormonal agents, such as Casodex or Nilandron, can provide a temporary control, but its duration of the effect (preservation of PSA down) generally lasts less than a year.

The disputes lived in the Academy on whether a simple decrease in the PSA levels indicates more precisely that the survival of patients will be expanded.Then, in our days, the FDA will approve only a new medication if the manufacturer’s pharmaceutical documents improved the survival in a promising process controlled by placebo.The improved survival test is a lot of stiffer tasks that simply show that medications cause a temporary decrease at PSA levels.

Zytiga (Abiraterone), who was studied in men with a metastatic disease, which became resistant to Longo, demonstrated this fishmade with metastatic, Hojase showed that stable prostate cancer, who received Abaraderin,Live 33% longer than men who received placebo.

Zytiga is in combination with a Lupron Province post-Lupron and not only.

zytiga -This is a designer medication that works using a relatively recent discovery that is the stability for Lupron (defined as the growth of cancer, despite the zero testosterone in the blood),It is NO / EM> The result of the cancer cells that have learned to grow dermrosteron.More well, resistance to lupron is the result of prostate cancer cells that have learned how to make their own testosterone inside.

Its anti-cancer effect works, blocking an enzyme ether located within a cancer cell, an enzyme which is an integral component in the synthetic route of testosterone. The net result is that the cancer cell is blocked from the production of its own testosterone.

Side effects

Zytiga Side effects may include changes in blood potassium levels, and in rare cases of liver dysfunction.Zytiga also improves cholesterol tablets, such as labitors and crests, so its dose should be reduced to compensate.

To maintain potassium levels in the normal Zytiga range, in combination with Prednone>, the cortisone shape.Cortizon can also have side effects. Sometimes it is associated with stomach irritation and stomach ulcers. High levels of blood sugar can also occur in people who have diabetes.

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