Various methods of teeth whitening


Teeth whitening has become so popular that it seems that everyone is doing it. For a bright, white smile, teeth whitening may be just what you are looking for.Not only that, effective teeth whitening , but can also dramatically change your smile and improve their self-esteem and the same time.

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peroxide is an ingredient in most dental whitening products that actually enamel and makes teeth whiter . Power bleaching treatment typically depends on the strength of the peroxide contained in the bleaching product . Currently , the percentage of peroxide is 10 % in tooth whitening products , 16 % and 22 % .

If you are considering teeth whitening , be sure to check the facts about teeth whitening a dentist first .Only your doctor can tell if your teeth and gums healthy , to go through the process of tooth whitening.

If your dentist determines that you are a candidate to have their teeth whitened , you will have to decide which method to choose teeth whitening .

In -Office Whitening

office teeth whitening offers excellent results teeth . This procedure is performed in the dental office and can be done quickly , usually in just over one hour. office whitening is expensive , but the time saved by having immediate results can make this attractive option .

whitening trays teeth and gels

trays and teeth whitening gels are effective ,but the desired results will take longer to achieve than in the office.Depending on the strength of peroxide in the gel , these transparent trays are usually a couple of hours in the day or at night , and can last from 3 days to several weeks before the results are seen.There are two main types of teeth whitening trays and gels : .Comprado at the dentist and buy without a prescription Despite the fact that both of your teeth whitening , both marked differences.Teeth whitening kits results faster and more efficient dental products because they contain strong bleaching agent peroxide whitening kits purchased at a pharmacy.Another advantage of the trays and dental gels , which trays are custom made and teeth fit precisely . OTC trays overall size and can allow the whitening agent to contact the gums, causing irritation .

Teeth whitening strips

teeth whitening strip appears in all drug stores nationwide . These whitening strips sold in pharmacies are fairly inexpensive , easy to use , and most of them really work.Tooth whitening strips maytake longer to produce the desired results depending on the strength containing peroxide .

Whitening Toothpaste

> paste whitening teeth contain mild abrasives to remove surface imperfections . Some bleaching toothpaste materials may have additional polishing and specialty chemicals which are most effective against stains that toothpaste regulate ,but whitening toothpastes are not designed to really ‘Bleach ‘ teeth ,

Other preparations whiten teeth

New teeth whitening products are always appearing ,whiten teeth including chewing gum , dental floss and mouthwash . While these products are relatively new , not many studies have been conducted to prove or disprove the effectiveness of these whitening products.

If you still are not sure, ask your dentist to recommend teeth whitening treatment for you.If you live in the United States , be sure to pay attention to the board of the American Dental Association ( ADA ) acceptance of a product more or counter teeth whitening .

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