Vulvit symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


vulvitis – irritation or inflammation vulva , right outside vagina . This can be caused by dryness, abrasion of the skin, allergies, infections or injuries.In general, the vulvita is not serious, although it can cause discomfort or constant pain.

Sometimes Vulvit is a symptom of a basic state that requires treatment, such as sexually transmitted infection, or fungal infection.If you have constant irritation for several days, you should see your health care provider. The treatment depends on the cause of its vulvita.

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Vulvit symptoms vary depending on the cause and How much time does failure affect you

Common symptoms include: / P>

  • itch
  • redness
  • swimming
  • pain
  • The pain in sex
  • increases sensitivity when cleaning the inodoropapel

some infections or allergiesthat the cause of vulvita produces other impacts, including: / P>

  • Thickened or whitish patches
  • Fluidacollas stuffed, transparent,that break the open bark and shape
  • scaly appearance
  • irregularities or warts
  • vaginal downloads

Reasons and risk factors

Vulvitis can becaused by Todolo that bothers the vulva.The most common causes of the Vulvit include: / P>

  • Infections : Vaginal infection, such as vaginitis , genital herpes and yeast infections often cause vulvit.
  • IRITANTS : Products made with irritating materials or containing additional dyes or spirits, can cause vulvita without infection.For example, soap, powders, plumbing, underwear, media and massage oils can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.
  • Drugs : Some medications, such as hormonal additives and anti-alarm drug additives, can cause vaginal dryness , increase susceptibility to the vulvitaOral or intravenous antibiotics increase the risk of vaginal or vulva mushroom infection, which can cause Vulvit.
  • Vaginal feeder : The masses change in liquid in the vulva around and can cause dryness and irritation.The normal bacteria of the vaginal region also change, potentially causing a Vulwar infection.
  • HABITE HABITS : without changing Nidine or underwear, the long humidity around the vulva, and not cleaning or drying can lead to the vulvita

Anyone with a vulgar can develop Vulvit, but those who are allergies or have a skin sensitive. Be especially at risk.People who have diabetes also have an increased risk of vulvite development, because the high blood sugar content increases susceptibility to infections.

if you perimenopausal or pass through menopause, you are susceptible, because the reduction of estrogen associated with these transitions makes the vulva more Slim, less lubricated and more delicate.

In the same way, children who have not yet reached puberty are also at risk, because they still do not do the levels of an adult estrogen.


You can already suspect the reason for your vulvit; Perhaps the symptoms began after changing washing washing, for example. But sometimes reason can not be obvious.In any case, to weigh the health care provider, this is a good idea.

, the evidence in diseases transmitted by Sexy (ETS), and Strokes of Pap ,They can help your health care provider diagnose vulvits’ cause did not use the product that bothers your skin directly.


The main reason for your vulvita will dictate the treatment.

The recommendations of your medical care may attract these self-sufficiency strategies to reduce irritation and inflammation:

  • Termination of the use of soap, lotions, bubble baths and other products,They cause or exacerbate their vulvit.
  • Try not to scratch, because it can lead to greater irritation, as well as cause bleeding or infection.
  • Wash the area only once a day with warm water. Excessive washing can lead to greater irritation.

can be used separately or in combination with medications: / P>

  • The low dose of hydrocortisone creams can be prescribed for an allergic reaction.Anti-heath creams
  • may be required anti-haze creams or antibacterial creams for infection.
  • Real estrogen can alleviate inflammation and symptoms for people who are postmenopauses.

Although they will not solve a condition, other strategies can be used to facilitate discomfort, what is experiencing when considering its vulvit:

  • Taking thermal spa ,O Using a bath sitz
  • hot boric acid compression application
  • Calamine lotion application (external areas only)
  • Using hypoallergenic lubrication more than sex


As a general rule, keep your vaginal and vulneal area clean, dry and steep, especially during menstrual periods and after movement intestinal.Be sure to carefully clean the vaginal and perian areas and avoid friction by towels or towels.

Other vulvitis prevention methods include:

  • using white cotton panties
  • Avoid overly narrow pants, media or clothes.which is abrasive for the field of the vulvar zone or that does not allow adequate air circulation
  • for unnecessary, white and flavored toilet paper, without fragrant products
  • using flavorings and detergents for linenless;Transfer using the fabric softener when washing the underwear
  • , avoiding vaginal aerosols and powders
  • Wet clothing, mockery after navigation or energy exercises
  • ,condoms always use condoms during sexual activity to reduce the risk of Vulvit, ETS and other vaginal infections (if not on long-term satrm,Monogam relationships)

Word Med Meds

Vulvitis is quite common and usually resolves without complications.Lifestyle settings are usually effective if it is not caused by infection, medical condition or medicine. Be sure to listen to your body and do not ignore itching, tenderness or discomfort of the vulvar region. Vulvidad is generally not going on your own.

Frequently asked questions

  • No. But this can be an STI symptom, such as genital herpes or pubic lice .

  • Senil Vulvit is the term, sometimes it is used to designate atrophic vulvoidogenic technologies caused by thinning, dryness and loss of genital skin elasticity, That happens with aging. These natural changes can lead to burning and itching (clinically known as pruritus vulvas).

  • Diabetes

    increases the risk of infection as a whole, including several types that cause vulvit and / or vulvivaginit (which means vagin and vulva affected).Some medications that are lower than the glucose level can also increase the risk of infection. The most common infections are the bacterial vaginosis , trichomonisis and candidiasis (yeast infection).

  • This is not a good idea. Although Vulvit is not STD, it can be caused by one.In addition, any touch, rubbing or manual stimulation or RAL can aggravate inflammation. It is better to wait until the condition is eliminated.

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