What are the physical effects of sleeping sleep?


sleep deprivation is common for people in many societies, it would seem, without long-term damage,but it’s true? Does sleep deprivation maintain the physical effects on the human body? What happens if you do not have enough sleep? To satisfy your sleeping needs? Know some consequences for your health,Ranking from the crashes to the nervous system that affects the brain and pain, the vital changes of the sign that affect blood pressure and hormone is changing, that impact on weight gain and the function of the thyroid gland.

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Physical effects of sleep

The sleep deprivation at any time,When it becomes less sleeping than your body needs. Sleep care may vary from the overall loss of sleep loss to chronic deprivation due to a decrease in total sleep time.This can happen for one night or stretch for weeks, months or even years. If someone requires 9 hours of sleep, to feel rested, it can sleep private, obtaining 8 hours of sleep.

Most of the physical side effects of sleep deprivation are relatively insignificant and, fortunately, easily reversible of negligence and medicine? Go to sleep.If you do not sleep enough, you can find the consequences of myriac, including:

Neurological consequences deprivation of sleeping in the brain and pain

Imagine sleep deprivation,The consequences of drinking drink may experience speech speech and uncontrolled reflective ocular movements calladanystagmus.

You can also develop a small bowl or tremor in your hands.Some people even have more pronounced in their centuries called ptosos.

Different neurological reflexes can change sleep deprivation. It is unlikely that it causes symptoms that you will notice.However, if your health care provider was supposed to be examined, it may have reflections of slow cornea, a reflex of hyperactive gag and hyperactive reflexes of the deep tendon.

In addition, you can have a reduced threshold for the prizes.As a result, people with epilepsy have an increased risk of attacks when they are deprived of sleep.

One thing that can notice immediately is a greater sensitivity to pain.Studies have shown that our sensitivity to heat and pressure pain is especially strengthened when we do not sleep enough.In addition, it is reported that there is a greater sensitivity to pain in our esophagus, as it can occur in the establishment of night night or reflux communication at reflux reflux or (GERD) .In the long term, this can lead to the diagnosis of fibromyalgia or other chronic pain.

The vital changes of the sign in sleep deprivation affect blood pressure )

Research studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to subtle changes in their vital signs.Vital signs are important physiological markers that are often traced as part of a general health assessment.These include:

  • body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • Part of the heart contractions
  • Respiratory speed

As an example,Sleep deprivation can lead to a small total reduction at body temperature. Changes in other signs of life are relatively smooth on the basis of several studies.Private filtration people when they do to sleep, tend to have a longer and frequent pause at their breath called apnea.

Change of hormone in the weight of the sleep impact, the function of the thyroid gland

Dream deprivation can have a significant and important impact on the secretion of hormones from the endocrine glands,Especially those that are followed by circadian pattern . A classic example includes the impact of a decrease in sleep or destruction in children and an impact on the growth of .The growth of growth is secreted during the Slow Sleep Dream Mold-Wave , which is more common at the beginning of the night in children.When this dream is broken, either through an inadequate sleep, or disorders, such as apnea apnea , the amount of the growth hormone released. In the result, children may not reach their maximum growth potential, increasingly short.Of what they would be.

Dream deprivation also affects the activity of the thyroid gland. He argues that increased energy needs during the wake-up step require more work from the thyroid gland for too long.

Fortunately, research also suggests that many other hormones (including sex hormones) seem not to depend on sleep deprivation,Including:

  • the adrenaline
  • lenteizer
  • folliclehormon stimulating
  • testosterone

can provide a relief,But there is another risk of serious health consequences without enough sleep.

The main implications for health of sleep deprivation, including death

Ultimately, the concern of these various effects of sleep physical deprivation -This role that she can have in our general health is ideally, sleep deprivation can negatively affect our health and can even lead to a death in extreme situations. / P>


* In addition, it seems that there is some evidence that sleep deprivation implies our immune function, giving us a risk for frequent disease.There is also a certain concern that chronic sleep deprivation can contribute to conditions such as cancer and even memory problems, such as dementia.

For all these reasons, it is important that we put the award to our dream and get the number of others that our bodies need.

Meds Information Reception Word

Be sure to satisfy the needs of sleep.Eces of adult media from 7 a 9 hours of sleep per night to feel rested.Older people, after 65 years, may be required only from 7 to 8 hours from sleep per night. During the number of hours, quality is also important. Sleep apnea and other disorders can compromise sleep quality.Talk to a certified door doctor board on the need for tests.If you are struggling with difficulties falling or stopped, as happens with insomnia, consider participation in cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBTI) programs, which can help facilitate the impact of insomnia.Get the help you need to make sure you avoid avoiding the effects of physical sleep deprivation .

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