What can I eat after tonsillectomy?


A tonsillectomy

is an operation to eliminate almonds . The almonds are located on the back of the mouth. They help protect the immune system against infections in the throat.If you have frequent infections, obstructive sleep, and apnea or complications associated with the size of your almond, you can have a tonsillectomy.

tonsectomy, as a general rule, only 30 to 45 minutes are required.Doctors perform the procedure at a surgical center of a day or, less likely, in the hospital.

This article explains how you can feel after surgery, and what is good and drinking during recovery.

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How do I feel after surgery?

Even if you sleep when you return from the operating room.Some things you can expect after wake up, turn on:

    • throat pain : usually has a sore throat when awake. Your nurse will be the food to eat your pain.
    • Confusion : You can ask your nurse or family member the same question several times. You can not remember that you have already asked the question.Confusion is a normal reaction to general anesthesia you received during surgery.

    When you go home

    Tonsilectomies are an outpatient procedure.This means that if you do not have an important history of a sleepy apnea or complications , you will understand the home on the same day.

    Recovery time depends on your age.Children and adolescents are returned faster than adults. But how long it needs to recover, it depends on general health and concrete circumstances.General Recovery Assessments:

    • up to 19 : If you are up to 19, your recovery can take seven to 14 days.
    • Adults Over 19 : If you are an adult, you can expect the recovery to take two weeks.

    What are and drink after your surgery

    After tonsiliectomy, the most common complaint -Mountain pain that can be difficult enough to be difficult to eat or drink the refutability You can take medications your doctor prescribes to help manage this pain.Also, there is and drink certain things and avoid others, you can also help.

    This is a good idea for the reserve of the refrigerator when preparing for tonsiliectomy.Here are some common things to consider before falling into a supermarket:

    • Dairy products limit : Dairy products can worsen stomach disorder.Therefore, if you have nausea or vomiting ( side effect of anesthesia and an anesthetic medicine), a sorbet, fruit floors or fruit ice cream is replaced.
    • Avoid citrus fruits : food and beverages with high levels of citric acid, such as tomato juice and lemonade, can die and cause pain.
    • Avoid very hot things : Do not attempt to swallow hot drinks or soups.
    • Eat soft products : Delete clear products with solid or sharp edges that can scratch and annoy sore throat.
    • There are cold things : cold and liquid foods reduce swelling and pain.

    For the first two days after surgery, it can help eating or drinking cold and soft things.Avoid solid, acute, spicy or hot food can also help you stay more comfortable.

    It remains hydrated

    After the operation, it is vital to remain well moistened, especially during the first 72 hours.Hydration helps keep skin wet, which is important for wound healing. Hydration also reduces pain.

    dehdration is a common cause for visits in emergency situations after surgery.Therefore, an increase in fluid consumption can reduce the risk of additional visits to the hospital.

    cold drinks (for example, apple juice, ice water or soda), it can make it Feel better than the injured throat cool.Hot drinks (for example, tea or coffee), on the other hand, can provide you with a feeling of calming that you enjoy after surgery.

    Surgeons are usually recommended against hot liquids, because they can aggravate your pain.In addition, heat can lead to vasodilation (expand blood vessels), which can cause bleeding.

    After tonsectomy, ordinary sore throat.Therefore, there are soft and cold things, they can be relaxing. If nausea are not a problem, they live and enjoy so cold and soft products that they generally enjoy to help reduce their pain.In addition, food, like ice cream or fragments, will help calm your sore throat and keep it hydrated.

    Word of the Meds information received

    It can be difficult to stay hydrated when you do not want to swallow because of my throat.Therefore, try to pull cold drink during the day to prevent dehydration. It will call your health care provider if you have signs of dehydration, such as dry eyes or skin or dark urine.

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