What causes a blow on the eyeball?


noticing a blow on your eyeball, you can bother you. Most of the time strikes in the eyeball occur due to the environmental and not harmful impact.

At any time, he realizes that something goes off with his eyes, he must talk to his doctor. The most serious causes of ocular balloons blows, such as benign tumors, can cause vision loss.Some crabs can also cause eye clashes.

Next, we approach some types of eyeballs of eyeballs and sketches of symptoms, reasons and procedures for each one.

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Pingingecula -This is a type of ocular growth that occurs in its eyes, white coating, called convincing . The end can be made of grease, proteins or calcium.


Pingingecula presents the way in which increased growth rises.Symptoms include:

  • edems and rolerness
  • burning in the eye
  • view problems, including blurred vision

is normal Use contacts,If you have penguin?

can be difficult or uncomfortable using contacts with this condition, since contact lenses can rub the pingueco, and friction can cause pingguice. It is probably better not to use your contact lenses.Talk to your ophthalmologist to find out when you start using your contacts again.


Experts believe that this type of ocular growth occurs due to Environment Impact of ultraviolet light , dust and wind particles.Repeated exposure to solar conditions, sold, of sand can cause this type of growth.


Lubrication can help with pain or discomfort.

When you appeal to the doctor for the growth of

if pinguecula it hurts, you may have inflammation and should talk to the doctor about the medication.If you have additional edema and redness, the doctor may prescribe a drop of steroid eyes, as “prednisona . If you suspect contamination, consult a doctor at a time to avoid possible complications.


A PTERYGIUM is an increase that can start as penguin. It can also occur spontaneously.


Sometimes, as already mentioned, the growth of Pingoecula becomes PTEGIS. However, pteregia looks different. They are fleshy and contain blood vessels.They can change their recipe and can, in rare cases, distort the view. How and pinguecla, the growth of pterygium can also cause inflammation and discomfort in the eyes. Calls

As Pingingecula, Pterygium occurs due to environmental impact.The people That they spend a lot of time in wind and solar conditions can provide a greater risk of developing this type of eye growth.


Treatment for this type of growth is the same as the growth of pinguecula. However, if the ptery becomes too large, the operation may be necessary.

) Conjunctive tumor

Conjunctiva tumors can be benign or malignant.Since they are visible, the early diagnosis is more likely than with eye cancer, which does not represent visual. If you notice a blow on your eyeball, do not think about your benign. Name a meeting with an ophthalmologist to obtain a final diagnosis.


SYMPTOMS malignant The melanoma or the flat yarn carcinoma of an external eye includes:

  • red and white spot with blood vessels around
  • Freckles in the eyes
  • Change of pigmentation ranges


Cancer can Develop for several reasons. Melanoma’s eyes are associated with the effects of sunlight, but may have other reasons.


Treatment depends on when carcinoma is detected and, as long as it has advanced. Some types of eye cancer react well with drops of chemotherapy.Malignant melanoma requires a more invasive approach to treatment, such as surgery. Kyrotherapy and radiation are other possible treatment options.

Conjunctive lymphoma

Eye lymphoma is a type of cancer that specifically affects the eye, and can affect several pieces of eyes.Many people who develop ocular lymphoma receive it in both eyes.

Conjunctive lymphoma is cancer, which appears specifically on the surface of the eye. The blow usually has a shadow of pink and painless.


Symptoms other than the impact of the eyes may include:

  • Issues vision, such as blur, loss of vision,and fleet
  • swelling and redness in the eyes
  • The pain that can happenpero is an unlikely symptom

Risk factors for this type of eye cancer Turn on:

  • Committed function of the immune system

Take immunosuppressants or who have diseases to affect the immune system, they may have an increased risk of developing this type of cancer. / P>

Teres also evidence that the connective lymphoma can occur as a response At certain infections or viruses, as Chlamydophila Psittaci.


Treatment for lymphoma conjunctiva generally includes Tumor elimination.Other treatments include:

  • cryotiotrapy
  • Chemotherapy injection
  • radiation

Dimbal Dermoid

This growth of eyeballs is not usually theCaused worry, but probably want to delete it independently.


A LIMAL dermoid has several distinctive features,Including:

  • yellow p├ílidocolor
  • tiny hair


There is no known reason for this type of ocular growth.


Most of the time, the treatment is not necessary if There is no infection, either growth avoids vision. If irritation, droplets of steroid eyes can help.If growth affects vision, the doctor can surgically remove it.

Limbal Dermoids in children

Most dermoids in adults, but should be carefully traced in children.Linebal dermoids can affect the child’s vision and cause problems overlooking the road.


HEISIS is the edema of the conjunctiva caused by irritation.


This condition causes swelling that may seem like a blow on the outer surface of the eyeball. It can be so serious that the eye closure is difficult.


This type of ocular swelling can occur due to the infection, Allergies or inflammation. Physical irritation can also cause chemiosis.


Allergy medicines and cold compression application can help reduce swelling. The swelling, which begins to worsen vision, requires immediate attention.

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While you often hear advice on how to verify your skin for skin cancer,It is likely that he heard less the importance of reviewing his eyes by changes and height odds. Most of the freckles and their homes, most of the changes in your eyes are harmless.However, some changes in growth and pigment can point out serious conditions such as cancer.

It can be hard to say if something is wrong with your eyes.Although a great blow is remarkable, other changes, such as tiny freckles, may be more difficult to detect. You must get the usual eye exams to save the tabs in Healthven, if you do not use glasses.

If you have noticed eye growth, it is concerned, but it can take measures quickly to resolve it. Contact your doctor and follow.

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