What causes chills?


The links are trembling, trembling, trembling and sensation of cold that you get when your main body temperature occurs.Chills can be uncomfortable, but they help raise their temperature from the main temperature to a healthy range . When it has chills, your muscles relax quickly and agree that they cause, like cold temperatures, viruses. or infections.

For most people, the average main temperature covers approximately 98.6 F (37 c). The medium can highly be between 97 F and 99 f (36.1 c and 37.2 c), although.

There are general infections that can cause carbohydrates and chills, as well as side effects of medications, reactions for implementation, hypothyroidism (inactivity in the blood atmosphere),Hypoglycemia (low blood level), malnutrition (lack of nutrients), or Frisson (brief sensation). The chills can last a few hours several days.


Impact of the cold

When you receive a chill without a fever, for example,From the impact of cold media, your brain sends the signals to your body to move involuntarily (shake, chat, tremble) to produce more heat. These chills are generally allowed when the temperature of your body returns to normal.

can avoid these chills, dressing in the weather, when possible, by:

  • using a layer
  • choosing well isolated,But breathable fabrics
  • wear warm and waterproof shoes

If you are experiencing a chill at home on a cold day, you can always add layers (sweaters, thick socks) And get under the blankets with a cup of tea.To heat the fault


You can enter fever after the experience of chills or at the beginning of the infection. If the temperature is mild, 102 F (38.8 c) or less, you can control this at home, drink liquids (moisturizing and washing infection) and resting.

When you have a fever, you do not want to be under any blanket or use of a fan or air conditioner because these actions They can make their ranges worse.

general infections that can cause fever and chills include:

  • gastroenteritis (gastric flu) : Digestive work path and infectious diarrhea,Generally caused by viruses ( norovirus in adults and moribund rotavirus) / Li>
  • Flu: Virus infection such as influenza A and influenza B
  • Sinusitis : A breast infection ,In which the sinuses are filled with liquid caused by viruses (less frequently by bacteria) / Li>
  • pneumonia : an infection of the lungs is caused by many different viruses and bacteria,Especially Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus), y arrows
  • streptoceric : throat infección,caused by bacteria known as group A Streptococcus
  • Urinary tract infection : for example, pyelonephritis, a relatively unusual infection that causes inflammation in urination, Kidneys and bladder -For bacteria
  • Malaria : a lifeAmenza the infection with cold (chills, tremors) and hot steps (fever ) caused by a parasite,That is rarely found in the United States

Side effects of medications

Some labels are the result of a body response to take medications theIRGULVING medication or stop:

  • < If you have too much insulin, and you have too much insulin, and you did not find it with your level of food intake or physical activity.
  • General anesthesia for surgery : People may experience chills when awakening anesthesia.
  • Drugs for chemotherapy: The medications you take to calm down to calm down cancer It can have side effects of influenza, including fever and chills.Symptoms are usually chosen and allowed after treatment for several days. / Li>

of the side effects of medications discussed with your health care provider.In severe cases, the health care provider can prescribe other medications to help you face its ranges when they lead to the fact that the side effects of medicines are included.

Reaction to exercise

There is the reason why it is called heating and cooling. When exercising, your blood circulates muscles and skin, raising its temperature.If you leave physical activity, your body may experience the temperature shock.

The internal temperature will fall without gradual adjustments, and can write chills again as a way to heat the average temperature.

Prevention of this unpleasant transition means planning a short cooling period to help your temperature bodies adjust to different levels of physical activity .


Hypothyroidism or iron or thyroid insufficiency can lead to low body temperature as a result of insufficient thyroid hormone levels.The absence of these hormones causes the slow substance of its metabolism. GYPOTYOSIS causes the intolerance of the cold, so it has more opportunities to experience chills if it has this condition.

Hypothyroid risk factors or causes or reasons:

  • thyroiditis (thyroid inflammation)
  • hyperthyroidism (thyroid rebound),Talcomo radiation or surgical removal
  • iodine deficiency (thyroid gland uses iodine,To make hormones)
  • Family history of the thyroid gland
  • is feminine and more than 60 years (or after menopause)
  • postpartum (after the Provision)

Women in the 40 and 50-X, in particular, must be tested by the thyroid gland before assuming that symptoms, such as hot flashes and lambs, are associated with menopause.

Hypothyroidism can be treated with a thyroid glands of hormones drugs.L-thyroxine (levothyroxin) is a medication for frequent use.


Luggles are found in the smooth and moderate stages of hypoglycemia .Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the level of blood glucose (sugar) is lower than usual, generally up to 70 milligrams in deciltera (mg / dl).People can occur with diabetes when they continue to take their doses of usual insulin, sulfonylurreyev or meplithinides,And they: / P>

  • do not eat enough carbohydrates
  • jumping food or Do not eat enough often>
  • Increase in physical activity
  • cowing too alcohol,La comida es suficiente comida
  • paciente con gripe u otras fotos

Hypoglicimia direction for fear The noche.Some symptoms of hypoglycemia during sleep are: / P>

  • Have nightmares
  • sweating through your pajamas or bedding
  • fatigue,Irritable or tangled when wake up

Non-diabetic hypoglycaemia is also possible, but it is much less common.

The treatment of rapidly growing hypoglycemia includes an increase in blood sugar level, consume glucose (carbohydrates). Frequent episodes should be discussed with health specialist or diabetes.


HOD feel all the time or most of the time is a symptom of malnutrition.Malnutrition is when your body is hungry of nutrients and can not work properly. Hoping to assume that even the absence of a vitamin can lead to malnutrition.

malnutrition has many reasons including:

  • without consuming enough nutrients
  • sufficient food innocent enough food
  • does not absorb food nutrients

withoutNecessary nutrients needed, your body can not support a healthy and comfortable body temperature, so you will experience chills.

If you or a favorite malnutrition chill, consult a doctor.Discuss your condition with your health care provider, the crisis advised a PHANGE counselor or professional.


Frisson, also known as Ozock Musical Ozock or Aesthetic Ozock, is the feeling that we tend to tear or have a chicken skin by experiencing sensations.His reaction is similar to cold, but without any impact on the physical trigger.

FrisStermin, general reaction, and there are many ways to describe a physical response,that includes:

  • shoulders shuddered or rise on the neck
  • feeling that they feel that shoulders and hands
  • small hair,standing at the end of the
  • column washing

study suggests that it has been more susceptible to learning Frisson, this comes from an incentive in movement or trigger,Including: / P>

  • Certain musical melodies, especially with sudden changes in volume or vote
  • Some buzz errors , like a mosquito, bee or flying,Especially buzz near ear or neck


Chills can be a result of some benign type that are experiencing cold training or later,Or it may be associated with a base condition. If you do not have an obvious reason, check with your health care provider to ensure that your chills are not caused by an urgent medical problem.

Word of the Meds information received

With many reasons for which she can experience chills,It is always good to notify when you have them in case desi you need to discuss your condition with a medical professional.While the strange Freisson here and there is nothing to think twice if you experience chills for unknown reasons or after the start of a new drug or conductive medications, talk with your health care provider.The practitioner can eliminate or diagnose the main problems of the thyroid gland, such as hypothyroidism or blood sugar problems that can be eliminated.

If you are experiencing chills of fever, try to reduce the exact reason, since the different infections that start from those caused by viruses or bacteria or parasites are processed by several medications.If your fever does not improve with medications, recreation and many liquids, or if you have a very high temperature, call your doctor.

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