What do you need to know before taking Nasonex?


nasonex (Fhroate Mometasone monohydrate) is a nasal spray used to treat allergy symptoms, such as nasal secretion, sneezing, embedding , polyps and the itching nose.Nasonex is in the class of medications called corticosteroids.


Who can take Namex?

Most healthy people under two years old can safely use Nasonex.This medicine can soon be accessible on the meter in the US. UU., But the recipe is currently required. On any form, you should be informed with the health care provider before use, especially for children, in the long term, or if you are pregnant or come out.

nasonex can cause or worsen certain states of eyes, such as cataracts or glaucoma. However, 2016, it indicates that the new versions of corticosteroids, such as Nasonex, can significantly reduce the risk. Of these results.Regardless of whether Nasonex and other corticosteroids should be used with caution in patients who have the history of these conditions.

nassonex should not be taken by anyone who had a previous allergic reaction at the fosnex should be used nasonex if it has nasal ulcers or has recent nasal surgery or a nasal injury .Nasonex can aggravate certain viral and bacterial infections.

Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, during clinical studies, the following side effects occurred: headaches, viral infections, pharyngitis (inflammation of sinking or throat), Nasal blood , upper respiratory tract infections, cough, pain muscles, painful menstruation and ‘> sinusitis .

Less common side effects include the suppression of the immune system, candidiasis (mushroom and throat mushroom infection), poor growth, taste disorders, nasal partition punching,The nasal burning and irritation, as well as slow healing of wounds.

All medications can create an allergic reaction of dangerous life, called anaphylaxis.Anaphylaxis is asympthemic includes the difficulty of breathing, the difficulty of swallowing or saliva, swelling of language, lips or face, blue lips or skin (cyanosis), wheezing, eruption or hives.Symptoms are generally being developed for a short time using a new medication. If you have any of these symptoms after using NASONEX, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

A> The rebound overload or dependency is a general side effect of The aerosols of the nose. However, the Nasonex manufacturer maintains that this is not a side effect of Nasonex.

How to take Nasonex

Nassonex is a nasal spray and should not be used orally or otherwise .Nasonex works better when it is taken regularly.A typical dose for adults Nasonex is two aerosols in each nasal pit once a day. Children under 12 people generally need an aerosol in each nostrils per day. If the dose jumps, take it as soon as you remember it.Use Nasonex with the same frequency at which your health care provider is directed. Detailed information on how to use the nasal spray is in the package that comes with medications.

Before receiving

To avoid negative interactions, inform your doctor about all the medications you accept before you start using Nasonex. Tell them if you are pregnant or leave.There are no suitable human studies that show that the medication is safe during pregnancy, but animal research offered possible risks to the fetus. Nor is it known if Nasonex stands out in breast milk.Tell your doctor if you have a violation of liver function or kidney if you are taking other corticosteroid medications, or if you have a disturbed immune system before taking Nasonex. .

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