What does it mean to be immunocompetent?


scientists To be immunocompetent, it simply means that the immune system is working properly and that the body can mount a suitable immune response, if necessary.

A person can be an immunocomplete or immunodeficiency (where the immune system does not work as it should be), but not both at the same time.


Immune system

All agencies developed complex immunological systems that protect fromInfectious diseases. To work properly, the immune system of the body should be able to recognize foreign attackers (ie, ‘, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites) and send advocates to combat the embedded pathogen.Our genes determine what specific foreign substances our immune system may recognize and resist (non-pathogens).

Since pathogens can change and adapt quickly, they can sometimes avoid detection of the immune system.When this happens, you can feel sick, run and hard to fight the disease that your body took.

Fortunately, your immune system has many different defense mechanisms and responses to recognize and neutralize pathogens.Its immune system can react to pathogenic pathogens.) play a central role in recognition and union to certain cells, such as cells infected with viruses, cells with intracellular bacteria and cancer cells showing tumor antigens (antigens, proteins that are in pathogens).

  • Immune response humoral B-lymphocytes (or B-Cells) and plasma cells (leukocytic cells that highlight a large amount of antibodies) are protected from bacteria and viruses in body fluids, ‘memorizing’ invaders and produce antibodies,To fight against them (here is the way you think immunity in some viruses after breaking the vaccine for this particular virus).
  • When T cells and B cells are associated with recognized antigens, they become completely immunocomplete.

    What happens if it is not immunocompetent?

    The opposite state of the immunocomete is immunodecyificated or immuno-incompetent or immunocompromised.There may be some superimposed instances, but the following terms describe the immune system, which does not work completely in the following ways:

    • Immunodeficate: , like the newborn baby boy ,Whose immune system does not work completely completely, but may have had antibodies that they transferred by their mother.
    • Immuno-Intem: , as patients with cancer with malfunction or failed immune system.Physicians often recommend that relatives and close contacts from those with immuno-incompetence should be vaccinated by a series of common diseases.
    • IMMUNOKOMPROMIS: Patients of patients with patients taking refusal medications, so their body will not reject a depressed organ, called immunocompromised.

    Patients with any of the problems of the previous immune system should not receive alive, weakened vaccines, and to be viral or bacterial.Also inactivated vaccines generally offer full advantages for immunocompetent patients.

    Autoimmune disrupts

    When the immune system is committed, there may be serious consequences.In general, the immune system reacts only in the invaders (non-human tissue antigens), but sometimes the immune system can be defective and read the organism’s own fabrics.This leads to the fact that the immune system has an autoimmune response, where it produces antibodies (called automatic accessories) or immune cells that attack their own body tissues.

    If enough selfanthetia is created, the body can damage the tissue and cause inflammation, which is an autoimmune disorder. For most people, a small number of autoantibodies that does not occur autoimmune disorder occurs.For others, they can be developed in one of the many autoimmune disorders, such as:

    Additional testing of the doctor should adequately diagnose autoimmune disorders.

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