What form of magnesium prevents the best migraine?


There is a lot of number about magnesium deficiency

and your connection to migraines And of course, the idea takes a natural additive to avoid calls to their migraines for many.

, which said experts talk about making magnesium to avoid migraine? It works? Magnesium is located at food, so if you and your migraƱadoctor decides to try magnesium,Is it better to take a magnesium additive or simply increase magnesium in your diet?


Magnesium and its migraines

magnesium -Mineral, based in The performance and health of many parts of your body, including your muscles, bones, heart and nerves.The lack of magnesium was associated with a series of health problems, including the development of migraine.

In the United States, magnesium deficiency is actually quite common and mainly due to the increase in consumption and refined foods that are naturally low in magnesium.

A series of medical problems can also contribute to magnesium deficiency, similar to alcohol abuse, kidney disease , celiacs , / A> and certain medications,Like the proton pump inhibitors (used to treat an acid reflux).

While the magnesium deficit was associated with the development of migraine at the main scientific level (think that nerve cells and brain waves),The experts are not quite sure of how this science is granted at a clinical level (the value for a person, which actually suffers from migraine).

There are many factors involved in human malllinas, very complex neurology.Sowhilemagnesium deficiency can cause certain people to be more vulnerable to the development of migraine, it is likely to be only part of the puzzle.

Magnesium additives for your migraine

All this is saying, some organizations, love the Canadian headache society, recommend magnesium as preventive migraine therapy in adults.In fact, the escape of Canadian headache in a certain dose of magnesium600 mg of elemental magnesium (magnesium citrate) daily.

On the other hand, while the American headache with society and the American Academy of Neurology reported on magnesium as ‘probably indeed’ By preventing your migraine guidelines in 2012,They do not give recommendations for a specific dose.

is probably because you study scientists who study by adding magnesium in the prevention of migraine, several doses were used.Therefore, it is difficult to determine precisely how much magnesium person needs to prevent migraine, and probably varies face (depending on the serious deficit).

Is there any deficiency to accept the magnesium pri?

Magnesium additives are generally allowed.TheBigge Bensbackto to Magnesium is in the fact that it can cause Soft Stomach diarrhea and / or cramps.In addition, people with kidney problems are likely to develop a high level of magnesium in their blood bleeding, which can lead to more serious problems, such as difficulties, respiratory or weakness.

That’s why it’s important to discuss first the magnesium supplement with your health care provider.Despite the fact that it is a mineral ‘natural’, you invest something on your motorcycle, it is still reasonable and makes it attentive to medical activities.

, Rich in magnesium diets for your migraine

Some experts suggest an increase in magnesium in your diet instead of going in addition to the route,Mainly because the test of the backup of the magnesium additive is not so reliable. In addition, it is very difficult to know the dose to assume the consideration of the investigation used.

The great news is that if you prefer to go to the dietary route (under the guidance of your medical care), there are excellent dietary sources of magnesium, such as nuts, especially almonds, whole grains, legumes, or green vegetables .

In fact, you can adhere to a diet rich in magnesium to provide a common healthy diet.The rich magnesium products are generally high in fiber, unlike unhealthy products, such as sandwiches, white bread, microwave dinners and comfortable products, such as bacon or hot dogs.A rich magnesium diet has an additional bonus to combat obesity , which was associated with migraine .

Can you take magnesium children to avoid migraine?

It is important to understand that the scientific evidence of support for the use of magnesium in children with migraine is very limited.In other words, unfortunately, there are not many studies in magnesium to avoid migraine in children, and the studies we have are not leaving a lot about his.

Regardless of the point of view, be sure to discuss any additive or diet replacement with your child’s pediatricians.It also realizes that if your health care provider is given, add magnesium, or it probably recommended a dose for pediatric (child safety).

Word, received the Word Moms information

If you have diagnosed the migraine Recently, reasonably discuss the magnesium deficit with your health care provider,Especially since taking a magnesium additive or choosing eating magnesiolos rich products are well allowed, cheap and easy.

When performing a solution between the addition compared to use in the diet, it may be more reasonable to choose a healthy diet in a magnesium diet. Lady, rich in magnesia.Other health benefits, such as combating obesity that can help your migraine at the end (double bonus).

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