What happens when I deficit iodine?


iodine deficiency is an energy imbalance caused by insufficient, which does not use enough iodine in your diet. iodine is an important component of two hormones obtained by its thyroid gland: Thyroxine (T4) and Tradiodotthyronine (T3).Without using iodine enough in your diet, your thyroid gland will not be able to produce enough hormone, and you will experience symptoms related to hypothyroidism, or under the operation of your thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped iron, which is located in the front and lower part of your neck. Your thyroid gland is a Endocrine gland that produces hormones that play an important role in babies and adults.Babies thyroid hormones are important in the development of their brains and the growth of their bodies.

In adults, thyroid hormones affect all the functions of organ organs and their metabolism.If you do not eat enough dietary iodine, the side effects of hypothyroidism can be widespread and affect the different functions of your body.


Despite global efforts to perform iodine easily accessible through diet, approximately 2 billion people are still at risk of iodine deficiency disorder.

While 86% of the world population has access to iodized salt, there are still many countries that do not count Iodine enough.

The Chinese enrolled for the first time in the identification of communication between iodine and a decrease in the Goiters of (the side effect of the Hypothyroidism).Although the Chinese had no knowledge of iodine, they found that the consumption of seaweed and burned with the sea sponge reduced the risk of Geyang 3600 BC.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the gunpowder manufacturer led to the initial openings of iodine. In turn, this led to the discoveries Additional thyroid income with iodine deficiency disorders.For the 1920s, in the United States of America, the iodized salt was available in the market and noted that it had a great impact on the reduction of the prevalence of iodine deficiency.

There are certain groups that are more It exposes the risk of developing iodine deficiency.These risk factors include people who: / P>

  • do not use iodized salt
  • in the area you have iodine-Insufficient soil (mountain areas and areas that are prone to floods)
  • do not meet the requirements for dietary iodine, also consume high products in geitrogens (reduced substances iodine intake in thyroid gland,Like cabbage, broccoli)
  • the areas that are in high risks of soil, iodine deficiency, include Himalayas, Alps and Andes (mountain areas), and as well as South Asia and Southeast (Valley of the river with flood).

    What is iodine and how does the additive work?

    Daily requirements

    OK With the World Health Organization (WHO) the iodine number must be consumed according to its age,as well as if you are pregnant and / or breastfeeding.

    The power and nutrition plate in the National Academia Medicine Institute has a small different recommendation, which is slightly higher for Children and babies:

    • 0-6 months: 110 mcg
    • 7-12 months of edad: 130 μg
    • 1-8 years: 90 μg
    • From 9 to 13 years old: 120 μg
    • 14 years and higher: 150 μg
    • pregnant women: 220 μg
    • Nursing women: 290 mcg

    Food with iodine

    While theiodine can be consumed in iodized salt, can also obtain adequate amounts of iodine in the products it consumes.These types of food include:

    • Saltwater fish
    • Algae
    • Shrimp Other seafood
    • Dairy products (in the United States)
    • bread and grain (in the United States)
    • fruits andVegetables (only if they come from dairy products, as well as bread and cereals can be iodine sources in the United States due to manufacturing methods. or purification.You can also find multivitamin that provides iodine if they contain potassium iodide or sodium iodide.

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      One of the most common conclusions associated with iodine deficiency esesta is thePresence of a bulge on his neck. This, also known as Bodder, is not a problem and is mainly a cosmetic problem.

      however, if the bulge becomes big enough, you can take a cough, experiment Difficulties with swallowing or experiencing difficulties with breathing.

      The symptoms of the problem of the goiters can be called when the Boo begins to compress its trachea or its esophagus.

      Depending on your iodine consumption, Zeomet can also lead to the fact that it has symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism (on the operation Tweez) or hypothyroidism (under functions ).If your iodine consumption is only slightly lower than average, it is more likely to have symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism. This happens because Goite causes an autonomous area in the thyroid gland, which does not act regularly and cause too much thyroid hormone. However, if it consumes a very low level of iodine , Snakes can probably cause hypothyroid symptoms.


      FIMS and babies exposed to iodine deficiency are at risk of criticism.The certinism is characterized by Intellectual disabilities with which other symptoms follow if iodine deficiency continues in childhood.

      A type of criticism is called neurological cretinism. This happens when the level of iodine is enough during childhood, but the fruit was deficit of iodine during pregnancy.It can cause deaf mutism (deafness, which leads to the inability to speak), breach of the march and / or muscle rescue.

      Another type is called myxedematous criticism, which occurs when a child has a iodine deficiency both during childhood and during pregnancy.As a result, the child can grow to be an increase below average and / or may have hypothyroidism.


      There is no single test to diagnose iodine deficiency, there are several methods that your health care provider can use to help determine if you have a iodine deficiency.The most likely reason for the doctor associated with iodine deficiency, as an adult, is the presence of a snake.

      When evaluating it for a boiter associated with iodine deficiency, your healthcare provider wants to find out what types of products eat and if you use salt and not salt.Your doctor can choose palpat (examine in the sensor) of your neck; However, it is more for descriptive objectives than for real diagnosis.

      If you have an opportunity, your health care provider is likely to apply for neck ultrasound to determine the size of goiter, location and Other aspects Your thyroid gland.

      The urine sample is a good short-term trial of iodine. It is time of 90% of all iodine ends in its urine.

      The urine test can lead to one of the following results: / P>

      • Soft Disadvantages (50 to 99 mcg of iodine per liter)
      • moderate deficit (from 20 to 49 μg of iodine per liter)
      • severe retroactive (lessof 20 μg of iodovader)

      While the urine test is a good indicator of your current iodine access, it does not provide adequate information about your long-term iodine state.

      The concentration of thyreoglobulin serum is a blood test that can help confirm the long-term severity of the deficit, since this is a protein that is produced by a pinch.


      With a simple iodine deficiency, iodine corrective energy consumption is the only necessary treatment.If you suffer from snake, nutritional correction can slightly reduce the size of goiter.Depending on the size of the goiter, your health care provider may recommend taking (medications to replace thyroid hormones), as well as an increase in iodine consumption.

      However, older children and adults may not have a great reduction in goiter size with these parameters. radioactive iodine can be used in some cases for the treatment of several joys that cause hyperthyroidism; However, the effects of this treatment can lead to hypotipsum.

      If you have a goiter, what causes pain, the complexity of swallow, or difficult-access breathing, then the operation is the option Recommended.After the operation, your health care provider may require you to perform thyroid hormone replacement therapy, depending on how much the thyroid gland has been removed.

      Recipient’s medicine information word

      iodine deficiency It can lead to many features, symptoms and in some cases, serious health problems.This is due to the fact that iodine is an important component to store its thyroid gland that works, its thyroid gland affects many essential functions of the body.If you are worried, you do not get enough iodine in your dietary products, it is better to consult with your health care provider to ensure that you get an adequate iodine consumption.

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