What is a headache on the ice?


If the pain in the layer is the central symptom of your headache, you may have what is usually called ‘ice headache’, and it can be so sounding like a spooky visual the name says.

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If you have experienced Ice headache,Maybe I was intensely trembling feeling, often around your eye or temple. Do not appear editors or jabs on the template, but they come with erroneously, once a day. The pain lasts a very short time, usually three seconds or less.

Around 30% of people pain occurs in an immobile place, while with the rest of the pain moves around. When the headsubs are fixed in one place, a headache specialist should exclude a problem with a cranial nerve or a brain problem (for example, a tumor) with the help of The display tests .As soon as the problem is chosen with the nerves or brain, these headaches on the ice are called primary sliced headaches.

Associated with ERRONSIS DETENGTHES Cluster cluster

It is interesting to note that some people with ice collect headaches.What your headaches begin or get worse from the effects of bright light, stress or move during migraine. This implies that you can experience migraine and headaches on ice at the same time (to speak a double card to talk).

Also, if you have a history of migrine , it is more likely to experience the headaches of the ice. When they occur at the same time, most people have pain in presence on one side of the head like a migraine.

The headaches of the head are also associated with a type of head-grouped head of primary headache, which causes serious, disconnecting the drilling or the pain of burning around the human eye or next to Your temple.

In addition to the association with migraine and cluster headaches, little is known about the reason of the headaches of the ice.Some studies suggest a relationship with cranial injuries, benign defeats of the ceremony, herpes viruses , blood vessel disease in the brain or nerve sensitization. Currently, at this time, there is no final scientific data to support any particular compound.


The short-term nature of these headaches may not be necessary if they are not serious. In this case, preventive therapy is recommended.

To prevent headaches from ice, health providers are traditionally prescribed indochina (indomethacin), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID) , like them.However, Inddocin is associated with some adverse effects, such as stomach and intestinal bleeding and kidney problems. That is why (as in the case of any medication) it is important to speak first with your health care provider before taking NSAidis, you can guarantee the safety of the medication and simply for you.

In addition to the indolocina, the researchers analyzed alternative drugs without much success.COX-2 inhibitors (such as Celebrex) can be useful, but also have side effects, such as indRANSINA, although they are considered smooth and safe in the stomach.

melatonin the same neurohormone, used to help Jetlag insomniahas, was also used to prevent headaches in ice. Available without a prescription, melatoninmann still causes some side effects, such as fatigue, dizziness and mood swings, so you should advise the health care provider before starting melatonin mode.In addition, even if it is considered ‘natural’, the long-term consequences of melatonin are unknown. In addition, melatonin is not an adjustable additive and is not recommended for pregnant women or outputs. Be useful to calm your pain.

Some sheets are based on strategies include:

  • Reduction of the voltage level
  • Obtaining suitable sleep and rigging of a regular set pattern (for example,Go to sleep at the same time every night)
  • regularly involved in training
  • , taking everyday time to participate in a nice and relaxing activity

Another consideration -Keep the descriptive headache headache , which can provide your health care provider an accurate account of your headaches.The journal can also help people with the participation of headaches, notice what activities can contribute to their headaches and what medication seems to calm them.

Word of the medications received

Ice headache are not common , but if you suffer, they are painful and can be onerous. Good news is the available treatment.In addition, for many people, their headaches on ice are so short and are not persistent that treatment may not need.

Regardless of whether you will definitely see a headache specialist for the correct diagnoses your headaches .There are other very serious health conditions that can be mimicking headaches on ice, and these should be excluded first.

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