What is a surgery derivation receipt?


AquinTuple Bypass is an operation in the open heart to treat severely blocked arteries that feed the heart.The procedure is complex, and really understands the quintuple bypass, it is important to understand the anatomy of the heart and the effects of heart disease .

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Coronary arteries

Coronary arteries -These are blood vessels that provide the heart of their own blood supply; They differ from the courts that supply the blood inflated in the heart .Some people have coronary arteries blocked, a condition known as a coronary artery disease.

may have one or more arteries blocked in such a way that it can represent a significant risk for the heart.For example, if two vessels are blocked, the operation is called double bypass. If four vessels are blocked, the operation is known as a four-seater bypass. / P>

Bypass Quintuple indicates that the five main vessels to the heart are sick

Why the locks are serious

If the blocking is quite serious,It can prevent or minimize the bloodstream to a part of the heart, which is supplied by a sick blood vessel, causes chest pain and damage to muscle cultures.

When the coronary arteries are completely blocked, the muscle, which is that the heart dies of oxygen. This deprivation of oxygen causes significant pain, as well as the damage resulting from the heart is called myocardial infarction of the heart attack (MI).

Treatment of the artery coronary heart disease

In some cases, the disease of the coronary artery can be treated with medications, changes in lifestyle as diet and exercises,In addition to the least invasive procedures, the placement of the stent positioning .

However, for some patients, the blockages are so severe that the operation is necessary to ensure that the heart continues to receive an adequate blood flow.This surgical procedure is known as coronary arterial translation surgery (CABG).

Bypass Quintuple

CABG procedure can be done as an emergency procedure,When the patient enters the emergency room with significant chest pain and the stern coronary artery block is diagnosed.As a general rule, the catheterization of the heart is performed , the operation CABG should if the surgeon feels that it will be effective and necessary for the treatment.

The vast majority of CABG procedures, including Quintuple bypass, is scheduled in advance.This gives time to verify preliminary surgery , which helps determine how many instructions are necessary if the patient is healthy enough to withstand the operation and its general health.

also gives the patient to optimize his health before the procedure, using a healthy diet aggressively corduous, throwing smoking and get blood sugar under control.These types of measures can improve the final result after the operation and are an excellent opportunity to reduce the risks of associated with surgery .

Collection of ships for transplanting

The procedure is done in the ‘ general anesthesia and start with crowds, taken from another corporal area, often legs,and graft to a container of the existing heart before and after blocking.

Quint Bypassa requires more boats than any other procedure, therefore, several sites can be used, including the left internal dairy artery (Lima) and other containers.

Obtaining suitable containers for use for grafts can be one of the most complex aspects of the procedure; If cardiac vessels are sick, ships are likely that ships in other areas of the body also affect.

these containers are then used to avoid blood around the lock on the road to the heart, and the blood is literally carried out around the blocked part (overlooking) to the blocked part of the container .

After the vessels needed for grafts are collected, part of the surgery begins with a stenotomy, a cut that opens the chest and divides the sternum (breastfeeding) in half to allow surgeon to access to the heart.

The procedure is running more frequently ‘on the pump’ using the cardiovascular bypass machine to temporarily perform the work of the heart and lungs,What allows the surgeon to stop the heart and perform an operation without a constant movement of the heart. Banging. In some cases, the procedure is performed ‘from the pump’, but it is much less common.

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Quadruple alternative solution surgery is serious, but it often makes the patient’s life,Eliminate sinus pain and allow participation in exercises and other activities.

Recovery can be difficult, and some people require a department of heart rehabilitation after the procedure, but most patients believe they feel much better as soon as they recovered completely.

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