What is an acute industrial leukemia (APL)?


Acute leukemia of promoologyte (APL) is a subtype of acute myelogenic leukemia (AML) , blood cancer. You can also hear what M3 AML is called. The APL of the United States is approximately 10-15% of all cases of AML.

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Although it is seen in many ways of other subtypes, the APL is distinctive and has a very specific treatment regime.The results of the treatment for the APL are very good, and the dedicated type of leukemia is considered. Frías velocities up to 90%.

Genetics and acute Trumalocyte Leukemia (APL)

Abnormality or genetic mutation, more frequently visible in the DNA of leukemia cells, it is a translocation between chromosomes 15 and 17. This means that part of the chromosome 15 is broken and exchanged part of the chromosome 17.This mutation leads to protein production, which makes the development of blood cells stuck in a stage of promilocytes, when blood cells are very young and immature.

What are promilocytes?

promilocytes -These are the cells that come into line with these types of white blood cells, with myeloblasts of ‘babies’ or explosions, and adults who are myelocytes known as neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils and monocytes.Permiolocyte leukemia cells can be compared with a person’s adolescents. They look like a bit as adults, but they can not get a job, pay bills, drive a car or do the daily functions of totally mature people.Similarly, the promilocytes of blood cells are too nervous to perform the roles of totally mature leukocytes in the body.


Patients with APL demonstrate many of the same symptoms as other types of acute myelogenic leukemia (AML).Most of the signs of leukemia are the result of cancer cells that displace the bone marrow and the intervention in the production of normal, healthy, leukocytes and platelets.These signs and symptoms include:

  • Having low power,O Feel fatigue all the time
  • Nearby breathing when performing regular actions
  • pale leather
  • inexplicable fevor
  • increasing the healing time of abbreviations and bruises
  • pain or bone joints
  • The difficulties of combating infectilation

In addition to these characteristics of the AML, patients with APL also show other characteristic symptoms.They will often be: / P>

  • have severe bleeding, like bruises, nose movies, blood in the Movements of urine or intestinal. Shares and women with APL can notice unusually heavy menstrual periods.
  • at the same time, often abnormal, excessive blood package.

Leudose symptoms can be very vague, and they can also be signs of others, not with cancerous conditions.If you are concerned about your health, or the health of your loved one, always look better for the Medical Professional Council.


The treatment of acute promallocyte leukemia (APL) Very differs from other types of acute leukemia, so it is correctly identified correctly.

Most patients with APL are processed initially, with all transminated retinoic acids (ART), a specialized form of vitamin A.Atra therapy is unique, since actually causes leukemia cells separated by promotions mature, a bit like the final adolescents of university forces in our comparison in our comparison with an adult role (good,At least sometimes). This phase of treatment is called ‘induction’. ‘ / P>

While Atra can get a patient with APL on the referral by pressing all leukemia cells in maturity , You can not cure the leukemia source.As a result, the long-term results for treatment are improved when doctors add some standard chemotherapy standards . This is called ‘consolidation’.

After chemotherapy, people often continue with the attra at least one year, sometimes In combination with other medications. This last stage of the treatment is called ‘maintenance’.’

If leukemia does not respond to ATRA and chemotherapy, or if it is returned, the APL can also be processed with arsenic trioxide (ATO).


APL treatment successfully in the overwhelming majority.

Despite the fact that acute promotional separation leukemia has an excellent prognosis for at least in relation to the Leukemia ‘,Getting there can be difficult and drained. Contact family and friends . Do not worry about the need to help and get help at this stage in your life. You can surprise how you will not only help when others help, but bring happiness.

Take the time to learn about the survivors and copes . When the treatment of cancer ends, and it is not delighted, many people feel depressed.Side effects of treatment and time spent capturing emotional US cancer can let you ask yourself if you ever feel the norm again. Ask help, and not only accept your ‘New Normal’.It is not much that can be done to help survive cancer. And do not forget that, sometimes, good can come from cancer. We are that cancer changes people in good manners , not only is it wrong.

Medical Discussion Guide Leukemia

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