What is an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)?


Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is a relatively new technique to evaluate blood pressure.ABPM allows the health care provider to evaluate its blood pressure during its routine in everyday life, instead of when you are sitting nervously in a review board of medical care.

ABPM is more useful to resolve if a person has hypertension when the testimony of blood pressure, which is taken in the health care provider’s office, is very variable or otherwise puzzled.In particular,ABPM was used to evaluate people who use happy white hypertension

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How does

The monitoring of the ambulatory blood pressure is achieved with a special device consisting of a blood sleeve pressure, which is created to your hand and attached to a small recording device used in His belt. Take an ABPM device for 24 or 48 hours, and periodically write its blood pressure (usually 15 minutes or 30 minutes intervals) during this period, during its usual daily activities and while you sleep.

Then, ABPM provides your health provider with a complete recording of your blood pressure for a period of two days.

The ABPM information provides fundamentally different from the information that the health care provider provides its blood pressure in the office.The pressure input of the office is a value that is intended to reflect its blood pressure during a quiet stay (which explains why, given the carbon medium of most health care providers in our days,The indications may not always be completely accurate).

ABPM, unlike, informs your blood pressure, as they receive through a wide range of situations and actions that work to take a bus to sleep.And normally for people, blood pressure to fluctuate extremely during many types of activities, which generally perform a person per day.Therefore, in contrast to blood pressure, you fall into the Office of health care providers, ABPM not only reports a value for systolic and diastolic blood pressure , which supposedly presents its official blood pressure.In this case, it reports all the range (often) of variable values all day all day or more.

Interpretation of the results of ABPM

Using ABPM to diagnose hypertension, then requires another approach to the interpretation of your blood pressure records.

The technique used most frequently to evaluate the results of ABPM is the average to on average human and diastolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure for 24 hours, as well as for the clock that A person does not usually sleep and sleep.

Hypertension is generally diagnosed if average blood pressure exceeds one of the following values:

  • 24-An average hour: Systolic blood pressure above 135 mm RT, or diastolic blood pressure above 80 mm RT.
  • Medium for split clock: Systolic blood pressure above 140 mm RTSH or diastolic blood pressure above 90 mm RT Z.
  • / Strong> Systolic blood pressure above 124 mm Hg.GG, or diastolic blood pressure above 75 mm Hg.

When ABPM is used?

ABPM was useful to evaluate people with a white layer hypertension,which allows its health care provider to decide international blood pressure elevations really reflect the condition without rest (that is, the state of alarm), and not the silence of peace,That is required for an accurate record of blood pressure in the office. While high quality blood pressure readings indicate that hypertension is present , sometimes it just is not like that.

ABPM was also useful in situations in which it was difficult to determine the effectiveness of anti-The treatment diagram of hypertensive treatment, or when a person is supposed to have abnormally broad vibrations in blood pressure, which complicate the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.ABPM can also help in the diagnosis and treatment of some forms of dissautonomomy some forms , especially when standing and unpredictable episodes of very low blood pressure are suspected.

The argument can be made so that ABPM is a standard for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension,Since the obtaining of really accurate blood pressure measurements to the Office of Health Care Providers can be problematic. In December 2014, the Working Group ‘US Preventive Services. UU.'(USPSTF) issued a project statement recommended by ABPM as a reference standard to confirm the diagnosis of hypertension in the health provider office. Say, USPSTF recommends using ABPM much more efficiently than today.

This Recommendation will probably be controversial because ABPM relative to uncomfortable and expensive (for a value of a few hundred dollars by one, the estimate of two days).However, it makes a good clinical significance, and if it avoids the hypertension of the white layer, it can actually save on the main dollars.

Due to ABPM’s expenses, researchers analyze another type of blood pressure measurement outside the office, which is often more convenient than ABPM is the monitoring of blood pressure home (HBPM) .

Word of the medications received

The ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is a way to evaluate blood pressure of A person during his routine, daily activities and during sleep.It seems that it gives a more precise image of the personality of blood pressure that the lonely records obtained in the Health Provider Office. In a man with a white layer hypertension, ABPM is now a preferred way to determine if the actual hypertension is present,And experts recommend using ABPM more regularly GO to doubt someone’s diagnosis before doing their life therapy.

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