What is hoarseness ?


disfoniaalso , known as ‘ grunt ‘ to make sounds difficult trying to speak. Most of the time there is a problem with a person Bundles vocal or laringx .When someone has dysphonia , , the quality of the step or voice may change , as well as a voice may sound weak , breathing , scratches or husky .

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Types dysphonia

almost unaUn third of the population is less a form of dysphoniaat a time in their lives. Although there are two main types of voltages compasomódicas and muscle disfonés , there are also several different iterations of disorder , ranging from diseases to temporary conditions more severe.

.In particular , the muscles within the vocal folds sudden and involuntary movements are introduced , called spasms that interfere with vocal vibrations ( and as a result , affect the sound of your voice) .In addition to the ligaments of voice, as diphonía jump may cause cramping repeated in other parts of the body , including the eyes , faces , jaws , lips , tongue , neck , hands or feet. muscle tension dysphonia

Muscle tension dysphonia, hoarseness or other changes in the sound of his voice , or feel as a result of excessive muscle tension in the voice box .This is what is known as functional dysphonia , referring to the fact that when a person develops muscular drawing use due to irritants , laryngitis or stress , among other things.And although the initial cause of hoarseness is no longer a problem , the problem persists due to excessive voltage , which comes with the use of voice.

Other forms of dysphonia

There are several things things that can cause hoarseness .Some of the most common include :

  • refrancia of quidix
  • Breath in irritants
  • Cancer throat or services
  • chronic
  • colds or respiratory superiorinfecciones
  • Smoking or heavy cargo , especially together
  • overuse or abuse of voting (as in a shout or chant) , which can cause edema or vocal growth in packages

    additionally ,meneeChastye causes dysphonia include :

    • trauma or irritation of the respiratory tube Orbronchoscopy
    • nerve damage and muscles around the voice mailbox ( of trauma or surgery )
    • foreign object in the esophagus or trachea
    • Traga fluid rough
    • Changes in the larynx during puberty
    • Thyrodor lung cancer
    • Active Thirroid Indiat Gland
    • short of one or both ligaments voice

      Treatment of dysphonia

      most of the time Diephonia is something that can be processed in home with rest and time .The following strategies may also help relieve symptoms :

      • only talk when you need it until it disappears death drinking plenty of fluids to help the owner of the respiratory tract ( contrary to popular belief ,The beep will not help with that .)
      • using the evaporator to add moisture to the air breathed
      • , avoiding actions that are tightened by ligaments voice , as whispering , yelling , crying and singing
      • taking medication to reduce stomach acid ,If wheezing is associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease ( Gard )
      • , avoiding the use of controllers that can dry ligaments Voice
      • cut or stop smoking, less so long as the husky disappear

        But if hoarseness lasts longer than two or three weeks in an adult or more than one week in a child , it’s time to talk to the doctor who can end , referring to the Otorhinolaryngology , known as ear , nose and doctor. throat, or ENT .Other signs you need to get professional medical attention include :

        • ,having trouble with breathing or swallowing
        • weaken with a toddler
        • Horavityemergiendo in children less than 3 months

          to help determine what kind of disfongo , ant,most probably , a laryngoscopy was performed , which includes using a small device to see better in the back of the throat of the man .After that , they will assign best treatment to meet the needs of the patient , which may include :

          • voice therapy
          • botulinum toxin (Botox ) injection for spasmodic dysfony
          • the surgery to remove polyps , nodules,or cysts in the vocal ligaments reflux drugs for patients with rocks and signs or symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease Prevention DYPHONY

            When you can not prevent some types of dysfony , others may make it important to maintain the common vocal health .Ways to do this include :

            • , avoiding talking in noisy areas
            • know how much and how loud you say
            • using a microphone or other voice gain If your job requires a lot of conversations ( for example,Teaching or publication )
            • Drink plenty of water , as a rule, about 60 ounces per day (helps silt )
            • how to avoid a lot of caffeine , like coffee with caffeine, tea,and soda
            • quit smoking and avoid smoking memorable

              words of the drugs received

              most of the time if it feels rough ,You can do track back to a specific event , as he shouted at the sports party, singing at a concert , or a cold or sinusit . But not always explain why you lost your voice.If you notice changes in your voice , and I can not accurately determine that this is a violation or excessive disease, and wheezing last two or three weeks, it’s time to talk to the doctor . It does not necessarily mean that this is something serious .You may only need a professional to look at the back of the throat to find out what can help.

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