What is nonverbal autism?


A alleged 40% of people diagnosed with autistic spectrum (ASD) are considered nonverbal, which means that they will never learn to talk more about a few words.

Non-verbal autism is not a real diagnosis, he thought he tends to occur as well as “heavy autism or autism of level 3 . In some cases, the child ultimately will learn to speak.For those who do not, new approaches and technologies allow children with autism in communicating in other ways.

What is non-verbal autism?

Despite the prevalence of people with autism, what does not say, the term ‘non-verbal autism’ does not have official status as a diagnosis.Partially, it is because there is no clear line between the verbal and nonverbal faces with autism.

Some people with non-verbal authentism are developing the ability to use some significant words, but can not continue any important “Strong> talks. For example, you can say ‘Automobile’ to mean ‘let’s walk’, but we can not answer the question ‘Where should we go?’

Some have the opportunity to perform sufficient capacity to use a significant language.They can ‘ echo ‘ television scenarios or expressions that have been teaching the therapists. Instead of using these scripts to transfer ideas or desires, they seem to use the ‘scenario’ as a way to calm down.

What causes non-verbal autism?

Nobody really knows why some people with autism can not, or not, use the spoken language.It is especially disconcerted, because several non-verbal people in the spectrum can and choose to communicate using the gestures of the US language, the images and a series of digital tools.

Some people with autism also have a childhood aqonaxia speech, a neurological disorder that makes oral language extremely difficult.But most of the non-verbal people in the autism spectrum have no apprentice; They just do not talk.

For recently, it was assumed that all non-verbal children with autism were intellectually disabled for the simple reason that their IQ estimates fell up to 70 years;Those who are winning below 70 are considered intellectually disabled. . / Strong> Reasons for this:

  • IQ tests, for the most part, depend on the test of the ability of the taker to fully understand and respond to oral information.Non-verbal children with autism have problems in these areas that may or may not have any connection with basic intelligence.
  • Most IQ tests require the ability to understand and respond to social standards and expectations and react within a certain period of time. These expectations are very complicated for children with autism, whether oral or not.
  • sensory problems , which do not cause questions for typical children, can distract children with autism. Non-verbal children with autism can not allow testers to know about such problems.
  • The testers are rarely trained to work, participate or ‘read’ to children with special needs, especially children who are not necessarily.If you can not interact with the child, it is very unlikely that the child presents its highest level of skills.

Ideally, the definition of an IQ of a non-verbal child with autism should include as non-verbal IQ tests and not the test observations.

toni ( non-verbal intelligence test ) is an example of a non-verbal IQ test, which is generally the best option for non-verbal children and for children with autism as a whole .The observation of non-verbal children in family parameters can also provide an assessment with true peaceful information about skills compared to testing skills.

Non-verbal autism diagnosis

The diagnosis of a child with non-verbal autism is difficult.

On the one hand, it is not always easy to distinguish between children who are a non-worker (without spoken language), a promoter (younger children who have not yet developed the oral language),Or non-communicative (do not have oral or non-verbal communication skills).

A non-verbal child can interfere with the doctor, although talking with parents and teachers about the history of the child, and if there is any Improvement in the ability of the talking child gives a more complete image? For example,The presence of a single word or some echallic discourse seems to be a significant predictor to acquire an oral language after five years. Scientific studies revealed differences in cerebral function in people with non-verbal autistic using such tools such as electroencephalogram (to measure brain waves) and MRC (to measure activity cerebral) in an attempt isBetter to understand, what is the intraum of a person who can not speak?

Other signs of autism

The main symptoms of autism are present in all children with ASD, whether oral or non-verbal. These include:

  • complexity, creating visual contact
  • complexity,Social Signal Reading
  • Problems that express emotions and reading of other people’s emotions
  • Sensory tasks (feeling overwhelmed by noise, touch, or visual stimuli)
  • Repetitive bodily movements (rocking chair,flakes, spinning, runner)
  • ritual behavior (for example, lining objects,Repeatedly with respect to objects in a certain order)
  • narrow or extreme interests on specific topics
  • Resistance to changes in routine


Other possible causes of minimally oral failure,Possibly it has nothing to do with autism, and will probably be excluded before attributing them to autism. These include problems with hearing, selective mutism, neurological disorders and intellectual disorders.

My son will learn to speak?

A few autistic children with a voice delay are able to communicate with oral language. Some become completely free.Traffic, however, never gets more than a few words if it is.

There are many techniques to promote and improve a spoken language for children with autism, although there is no guarantee that any specific approach is effective For any given child.Different approaches that can improve oral communication include:

Other methods of communication

While some non-verbal people with autism can not effectively use the spoken language,They may be able to communicate with the written language, the US language of gestures, images of the image or digital communication devices. After an autistic person, you can communicate effectively, even without spoken language, your ability to participate in the world to abruptly expand.

In recent years, numerous applications have been developed to help non-verbal children with autism more effectively.One of them is prologquo2go , in which users touch the image on the screen to express their ideas, and the application speaks to them.

However, it is important to establish clear disappointments that sounds too good to be true.In the world of autism, one of these underwater potential stones: ‘‘, facilitated the relationship , in which the therapist ‘supports’ the hand of an autistic person while he or she is tipa.

This approach is still available, but it was plundered by numerous studies that show that this is the therapist, and not an autistic person who directs the print of a finger.

A What questions formulated

How many autistic children did not remember?

It is estimated at up to 40% of children with Nevrbal autism.

What is the future for children with autism?

Depending on your intelligent and cognitive abilities, many non-verbal people can get a job that does not require talking, like a cleaner, gardener,Or work in the shelving replacement library.

Canyou teach a non-verbal child with autism to record ?

Yes, non-verbal children can learn to read and write, depending on your intellectual skills.Several strategies, devices and applications can help non-verbal children express themselves in writing.

Word to get information from Meds

If your child does not hit the development milestones to talk or use words to communicate,You must talk to your pediatricians for the initial assessment of the doctor to be directed to autism specialists.The previous one to your child is diagnosed as unfit, earlier you can receive treatment that can improve your ability to talk and communicate.

Old non-verbal children can find him inspiring to read books about non-verbal people with autism, as the reason why I jump , in Naoki Higashida.

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