What is Robitussin for coughs and colds?


Robitussin for Coughs and Colds is an over-the-counter nasal decongestant, expectorant, and cough suppressant. This multi-symptom medicine helps relieve symptoms of coughs and colds.

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Active ingredients (5 ml in each scoop):

Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg (antitussive)
Guafenesin 100 mg (expectorant)
Phenylephrine HCl 5 mg (nasal decongestant)

Robitussin application for CF coughs and colds:

    • Temporary relief of sore throat cough by:
      • Cold
      • Flu
      • Inhaled irritants

Robitussin side effects for coughs and colds.

    • Most medications can cause side effects. Not everyone will experience all of these symptoms, but you should be aware of them if you are taking this drug.
      • Drowsiness or weakness
      • Mild skin rash
      • Nausea or upset stomach
      • Mild headache


  • Kids:
    between the ages of 6 and 12? One teaspoon every 4 hours. Do not exceed 6 doses in 24 hours.
  • between the ages of 2 and 6? Half (1/2) teaspoon every 4 hours. Do not exceed 6 doses in 24 hours.
  • under 2 years? Do not use.
  • Adults over 12 years old? Two teaspoons every 4 hours to cough. Do not exceed 6 doses in 24 hours. This medicine can help thin phlegm (mucus) and bronchial secretions, make your cough more productive, and clear mucus from your chest more quickly. It can also relieve a stuffy nose from colds and the flu. Coughing frequently can reduce the frequency of your cough, so you won't cough as often. Rare but serious side effects that you should report to your healthcare professional immediately:
  • Tremors or muscle contractions.
  • Speak slurred
  • Severe nausea and vomiting
  • Severe, persistent, or worsening headache
  • High blood pressure, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet.
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Excitement, nervousness, or anxiety


    • Do not use this medicine if you are taking an MAOI (medicine for depression, mental, emotional or Parkinson's disease) or within two weeks of stopping the MAOI.
    • Do not use in children under 12 years of age. However, be aware of the myths .

Consult a doctor before use

    • Talk to your doctor before taking Robitussin for cough and cold if you have any of the following conditions:
      • If you have a chronic cough caused by asthma, smoking, or emphysema.
      • If you have a cough with a lot of mucus
      • If you have heart disease or high blood pressure.
      • If you have a thyroid disorder
      • If you have diabetes
      • If you have trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate .
      • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding


  • Stop use and ask a doctor if:
    You have pain or cough that gets worse or lasts more than 7 days.
  • The cough is accompanied by a rise in body temperature, a headache, or a rash that does not go away.
  • You have nervousness, dizziness, or insomnia while taking this medicine.
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