What is suicide? Risks, signs and preventive treatment.


suicide is an adequate intentional law that ends with death.Although it may seem suicide, or there are no warning signs, people who die suicide, often struggle with mental health problems or stress of significant life for a long time before their death.

Although anyone may be subject to suicide risk, there are factors that can increase the risk of humans.Learn about suicide and firm risk factors to see, as well as treatment methods to help those who can think of suicide.


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Suicide is a global public health problem.Despite the large number of people from all over the world who are fighting with thoughts about suicide, lack of access to resources and support, stigma and the lack of available psychiatric professionals help facilitate the requirements of suicide.

Many people are fighting with suicidal thoughts. Throughout the world, around 800,000 people die in suicide each year.


Some people have a genetic predisposition that places them with an increased risk of suicide.This genetic factor in combination with stressors, especially financial difficulties, traumatic experience and mental illness can lead to a significant disorder and influence of the body’s natural shape and mind,As a general rule, stressful situations processes.

Even if someone may be subject to suicide risk, there are some distinctive features for those who are more exposed to risk:

  • Men are three times more often died of suicide than women.
  • With depression, the problems of the use of substances and psychosis are more at risk.
  • Suicide is the second cause of death for people from 20 to 40 years old.

People suffering from the terminal or dangerous in the presence of diseases, such as cancer, also with an increased risk of suicide, and suicide rates rise as people. / P>

A myth about suicide is then What if a person wants to die, there is no way to stop it.In fact, there are effective procedures to help people avoid suicides, and many people should only know that there are options available and people who are ready to help them find these support sources.


can not always be easy to say when someone thinks about suicide.Sometimes, a person can isolate himself, close his emotions from others or act as everything is in order when they really fight. This means that, although a person seems, in order or denies that they are suicidal, they can still be at risk.

Sometimes someone talks about suicide or wishes to end their life, but it will do so in such a way that they are joking or not serious.Speaking of suicide or death is an important sign to pay attention, even if a person smiles or makes jokes about it.

A study showed that 75% of people who die suicide did not see a mental health professional When they died. It makes it important for everyone to pay attention to the signs that someone can be suicide.

Other signs that a person can be suicide,Includes: / P>

  • Excessive silence
  • Favorite rejection
  • Avoid physical contact o Visual contact
  • fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Border sprouts
  • Strange shares may be a formto practice suicide

People who are suicides can not always express their intention, sometimes because they do not know how to say it and, sometimes, because they feel the burden talking about it.Any sign of suicide or about changing human behavior should be seriously perceived.

Many people who are suicidal do not want to die. More well, they want to avoid their psychological and / or physical pain and feel that there are no other options.

Preventive treatment

Those who are direct risks that cause pain caused or deaths should be attributed to the hospital immediately for treatment.The best way to prevent suicide and refer to someone with suicidal thoughts is to work with a licensed mental health professional.A specific treatment plan will vary depending on a person, its main problems and any diagnosis of mental health you may have.

Along with professional treatment, there are things that can be done to keep a person with suicidal thoughts in the safety of the house. The most common methods used for suicide, pendant, self-production and weapons.Ensure that dangerous items are blocked, can help you, eliminating human access in a lightweight.

Communication with a person who can be useful.Ask questions about how a person feels to support and offer helping a person to know that they have a safe place to discuss their thoughts and feelings.The use of words, such as ‘suicide’ and ‘death’, says the person who can be honest in their feelings and attract scary and stigmatized issues.This type of support listening should always be provided in addition to not as a replacement for professional treatment.

Ask a person if they think about killing themselves, it will not be an idea in the head or put them further.In fact, many people feel relieved to discover that someone is convenient to talk with them about their suicidal thoughts.


suicide is distributed tragically, with a person dying with suicide every 40 seconds around the world. Suicide may seem unconditional, but there are risks, signs of disaster options and treatment.

Since suicide can affect someone, often the family and friends of those who commit suicide, which recognizes changes in thoughts and behavior that can indicate that someone risks.These are also commonly close to people who are suicides that can help people access support help.

The reception of the application is immediately important to prevent suicide, even if you are not sure how the immediate risk is.

Word of obtaining information medications

, either about you Or someone who is more, suicide can be scary of speaking.Fight with your own or other ‘suicidal thoughts’ can feel very lonely, but you’re not alone. Therefore, there are options, even when you felt that you have tried everything.Sometimes, I only tell someone what you spend is enough to start the way to heal and raise a part of the burden you are experiencing.

If you are not sure where to request help, call the Living Line National Suicide Prevention at 800-273-8255, talk to your doctor or talk with a professional Psychic Health. If you or someone else are at direct risk, check 911.

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