What is the body of dysmorphia?


Trastorno corporal dishemporfic (BDD) -This is a state of mental health in which a person has an unhealthy and excessive fixation with defects or disadvantages perceived as a result of a physical appearance (especially people), which are invisible or emerged insignificant with others.

BDD is in the last edition of the diagnosis and statistical manual for mental disorders (DSM-5), Directory , used by doctors and psychiatrists for the diagnosis of psychological diseases.

DSM-5 classifies the BDD as a type of obsessive disorder (OCD) and associated disorders. People with BDD often test social alarms , depression and substance use disorders.

Having a BDD does not mean that it is obsessed or in vain. Concerns with ‘disadvantages’ can cause a significant disorder or a violation in all areas of your life.

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People with BDD have a vision inaccurate to myself.This can lead them to isolate themselves socially, lead them to harmful behavior or free them to pass repeated operations to correct the problems they think they have.

Some of the warning signals that a person can have a male body, includes:

  • obsession or more defects or disadvantages as a result of physical appearance, which can not be seen by others,or that they seem insignificant with others
  • constantly looking for confidence that the defect is not visible or too obvious
  • avoiding partner situations at the point agoraphobia
  • The difficulties areConcentrate at work or at school
  • Repeated repeatedly with medical specialists, such as plastic surgeons or , to find ways to improve their appearance

,Although excessive care is focusing and attention may be in different parts or body characteristics, some of the most common include:

  • Skin defects, including wrinkles, scars, acne and stains
  • hair,Including the head or hair for the body or baldness
  • Face characteristics (most of the time nose)
  • Stomach or chest
  • Genital
  • muscle or body size parts
  • symmetry (hair,Face characteristics, body parts)

People with BDD often participate in the repetition of behavior, such as looking constantly in the mirror and the skin, choosing in an attempt to solve their Physical problems.Despite the fact that they can spend hours per day on this behavior, any relief is missing.

BDD is associated with a high suicide.The recent meta-analysis concluded that patients with BDD were four times more suitable (serious thoughts on their lives) and 2.6 times more often participate in suicide attempts compared to people without BDD.


To diagnose BDD, your Healthcare provider requests a personal family history and and make affisists.If the supplier suspects a disorder of the advisory body, they can direct it to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

dsm-5 maintains that you must present the following symptoms that must be diagnosed with BDD:

  • concern for one or more defects or disadvantages perceived as a result Of appearance, which is not observed or no minors are seen for others.
  • When it comes to, has made a repetition behavior (for example, a mirror verification, leaving excessive, harvesting the skin, seeking assurance) or mental actions (for example,Comparison of its appearance with others) in response to the problems of rejection to
  • Significant concern or deterioration in social, professional or other fields of operation. Due to his obsession with a disadvantage.’
  • If the weight is its perceived disadvantage, the disorder of food behavior should be excluded.

Differential diagnosis

as a corporal disorder dismemberment can Be easily accepted for another mental health disorder, it is important for the adequate trained doctor,To make a thorough diagnostic assessment with you. Driving BDD symptoms are superimposed with other conditions, such as:

Many people with BDD are ashamed of their appearance and the fact that they are as concentrated in this.As a result, they may not report their symptoms of the doctors of the BDD.In a study of stationary psychiatric hospitals, only 15.1% revealed his own image from his body related to his clients in the field of mental health, and the most common cause did not reveal his confused problems.


The causes of the BDD are not clear, but some biological and environmental factors can contribute to the development of The state.One of the theories assumes that there are problems with certain neurotransmitters (chemical products that help nerve cells in the brain that are sent messages to each other) in those who have a BDD.

Other factors seem to increase the risk of development or launch of body desplicio,Including:

  • Having blood relatives with body body or oberimyumol disorder
  • experiences of negative life,As a pischarged childhood to designate or pressure abuse
  • the pressure in society or beauty expectations
  • have another state of mental health, such as anxiety or depression
  • parents and others,that were critical for the appearance of a person


BDDIS, it affects 1 in 50 people in general and it seems to affect men And women are the same. Qualification 2.The 5% of women and 2.2% of men are defined as having this disorder. Although the BDD may appear for people at any age, many begin to show signs and behavioral disorders from 12 to 13 years.


No medications from bodymakers, BDD symptoms can improve with treatment.Dysfast body disorder often includes a combination:


A focus, which showed what is effective In the BDD treatment (CBT) vagnetic behavior therapy. The TCC can help you manage your BDD symptoms by changing how you think and behave. This will help you find out what causes your symptoms and teaches you different ways of thinking and dealing with your habits.

.It was shown that it was demonstrated that (Prozac) and escitalopram (Lexapro). These medications are often used more efficiently in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Communicate with a doctor or a therapist on how to improve your abilities to cope and way to focus on monitoring and changing negative thoughts and behavior over yourAppearance.

Consider these tips to help deal with body despicio:

  • Maintain the magazine. It can help you better determine negative thoughts, emotions and behavior.
  • does not extract socially. Try to participate in ordinary events and regularly collect with friends and family that can act as healthy supports.
  • Join the support group. This allows you to contact others face similar problems.
  • Practice self-service. Find time to take care of yourself, for example, eat well and do something you like, can help you back up your recovery and improve the quality of life
  • Learn relaxation and management of the stress. Try to practice stress reduction methods, such as meditation or deep breathing.

Frequently asked questions

– Is it the donorph of the body is the same as uncertain?

Normally focuses on your appearance from time to time and feel uncertain about your body.But if your concern for your appearance inflicts significant disorders or avoids your daily life, these are signs that you are doing a problem greater than lack of security.

How do you know if you have a dysmorph body?

You can have a BDD if you:

  • a lot to worry about the specific area of your body (especially your face)
  • camouflage your ‘disadvantages’ with clothes, makeup,Hats, etc.
  • Search for an operation to arrange the disadvantages perceived
  • Check in the mirror of the obsession or avoid the mirrors assembly
  • Select on excessive skin
  • Find anxiety, depression,And shame on your body affects your ability to function

, how common is the discomfort body?

BDDIS offered to influence 1 in 50 people in general in general, which is equivalent to about 5 million to 7.5 million people alone in the United States.

What science does BDD talk about?

The researchers have determined that the brains of people with BDD have anomalies in the processing of visual input when it comes to considering their individuals. In addition, they found that the same brain systems are extractive in BDD and an obsession. How can you keep someone? Then, with respect to the body?

You may be upset to see obsessive concerns, and compulsive behavior affects your daily life.But there are a number of things you can do to support them:

  • teaches you and understands the symptoms.
  • gives you space to talk.
  • Help them to look for treatment and professional support.
  • suggests practical support, such as help with children or home issues, which can give them time to participate in the appointments or practice of self-service.

Word Get Meds information

Many people with BDD do not look for help because they are worried that people judge them or think they are in vain.This means that many people with BDD probably try it for a long time before looking for support.

While there are no medications of body decrease, treatment, including therapy, can help you improve your symptoms.The purpose of treatment is to reduce the effect that the disorder has in your life so that it can work at home, work on social parameters.

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