What is the general operation in the specialty?


Total surgery, despite the name, is actually a surgical specialty . General surgeons not only perform operations for a wide range of common diseases, but also responsibility for patient care before, during and after surgery.All surgeons should begin to learn in general surgery; Many continue to focus on another specialty.

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What is included in the general operation?

According to American American American American, General trained surgeons to work on:

  • Digestive (esophageal and related) bodies
  • Abdominal cavities and their content
  • Leather and soft cofretelas
  • endocrine system

further, is preparing that ordinary surgeons have knowledge and experience:

Despite the term ‘general’, surgeons who practice general surgery,They are highly qualified surgeons who generally work on the general complaints of the abdomen, including appendicitis, Hernias , promotional leaves , stomach and intestinal problems. This approach in the onteabdomen is not absolute, since general surgeons can specialize in the type of operation, such as cancer or burns that require the surgeon to perform Procedures in multiple areas.

Why doctors choose in a common operation?

You can find general surgeons to practice many types of operations,The projected nature of its education allows general surgeons to fulfill many procedures in compliance with their jobs. ( Some can go to the specialty, but others enjoy a variety that is the day of this general surgeon and practicing a wide range of procedures.

General surgeons also have flexibility to work in several configurations, with many different types of medical equipment and patients. According to the US surgery board:

is expected that the general surgeon certified has knowledge and skills for diseases that require teams on the Interdisciplinary Base Care,Including related leadership competencies.Certified general surgeons should also be aware of the unique clinical needs of the following specific groups of patients:

  • Ternally patients to include palliative care and control of control;Nutritional scarcity; Cachexia in patients with malignant and chronic conditions; and consulting and decisions of support on the cessation of life and care.
  • suffer painfully obesity, include metabolic disorders; Surgical and non-surgical interventions for weight loss (Bariatry); and consulting of patients and families.
  • Geriatric surgical patients, including the management of chronic diseases that accompany.
  • culturally diverse and vulnerable populations.

Training as a surgeon

Medical students who wish to be surgeons for the first time apply to the surgical residence program. After they are issued from a medical school, they are officially, a doctor, but their education is unless halfway to complete at that time.Surgical residence begins in the first year of life, which is called passant per year, followed by at least four additional years of surgical training. This is a training of all surgeons on the way to his career Final surgical.

During your training, general surgeons are required to complete 48 months of clinical activity for a complete working day.They can complete some training in another specialty, but no more than 12 months can spend the concentration assigned to any surgical specialty, except for general surgery.

At the end of the internship and the four years after study, the surgeon is fully trained in general surgery and then you can choose your way to practice in the specialty of general surgery,Or it pursues surgical specialties and some more years of study as a surgical resident or a type.

Any surgeon that works in a surgical specialty, such as cardiotoric surgery, will start your training with five years of general surgical training,Behind which follow the additional years of specialized training.

The word of the resulting information of Med

Common surgeon is a great surgeon the qualified surgeon, and the word ‘General’ should not be confused with the lack of specific training.More appropriate to think about the general surgeon as a specialist in proceedings generally performed, such as appending and other procedures.Having a surgical specialty requires more training in a specific type of operation, the general surgeon is a very important part of the health team and is important for the treatment of common diseases that can be cured by surgery.

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