What is the risk of HIV of oral sex?


After more than 35 years of epidemiological and biomedical research, the question of whether it can obtain HIV from oral sex, remains confusing. So let’s start with the separation of hypothetical facts and statistics.

If you specify can man get HIV from oral sex, an honest answer should be possible, but just. For the most part, oral sexy from the point of view of the federation (half oral), cunnilingus (oral vaginal) or anilila (oral anal) is not effective HIV transfer path .

With what is said, the word ‘can’ implies the theoretical possibility that many are difficult to rule out.

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The Contracutory Risk of the Theorist

When discussing the vice risk,It is important to differentiate theoretical and documented entries. The documented risk is based on the actual number of cases to which HIV can be directly related to the act of oral sex.And when navigating this lens, the risk of infection with oral sex is actually extremely under . It is not zero, possibly, but with it.

In fact, according to the Study of the University of California San Francisco for Prophylactic AIDS studies, the probability of Vihla infection by oral sex without protection was statistically zero,Although the researchers arrived so far to add that ‘we can not eliminate the probability that the likelihood of infection is really greater than zero.’

For an individual point of view, there are numerous factors and situations that can increase personal risk, sometimes significantly.Understanding and identification of these factors, can improve, the most informed choice of you and your partner’s sexual health.

Risk assessment by type of exposure

The probability of HIV transmission through oral sex depends to a large extent on the type of contact.Putting all other risk factors, the infection potential may vary depending on whether an infected person performs or does not perform oral sex.

Solo speaks, the risk of oral sex HIV can operate from 0% to 1%, according to the study of the London’s tropical hygiene and medicine school.

However, the numbers can change after actually act on a particular sexual behavior.Among them:

  • Susceptible boy , which means that a non-infected person performs oral sex in a male partner with HIV, is considered an extremely low risk. Among men that have sex with men (MSM) , the risk of each act covers approximately 0.04 percent.
  • Fullatho Userial (‘Get a blowjob) is even less likely, considering that the enzymes in saliva can neutralize the viral particles of HIV.
  • Cunnilingus It also turned out to be very unlikely.
  • Anilingus (‘Ruming) is also considered a slight risk, especially for a susceptible partner.

, while these figures suggest that the risk of HIV is low from the perspective of the population, which should not imply that, by nature, it is unbearable from an individual point of view.Obviously, it has more risk factors, more will be the risk of transfer.

Additional risk factors

Maybe a more important factor that determines the likelihood of infection is the viral load of an infected couple.In a few words, the higher the load of the virus HIV , the greater the infectivity of the person. On the contrary, the unseen viral load corresponds to a slight risk.

There are a number of other factors that can affect the potential risk:

  • ejaculation during oral sex is perceived as risky that oral sex Without ejaculation,Although there is no evidence byesa ejaculation is the only infection factor. / Li>
  • The mouth of people can offer a potential transfer route.To this end, good health of the teeth should be taken into account to help minimize bleeding and other oral infections.
  • Some sex infections , such as syphilis and gonorrhea, can be asymptomatic.Said infections, since they can often remain unnoticed, especially if they are present in the throat, the vagina or the rectum.
  • HIV-related infection injuries or wounds Taking therapy with HIV TAA , the risk of these other oral infections can be reduced significantly.
  • HIV concentration In vaginal liquids can also increase during menstruation as cells in the room HIV in the room.The same can happen if a person receives urethritis, whose acute inflammation can increase viral release even in people with an insurmountable viral load.

How to minimize the risk

Clearly, the best way to minimize the risk of infection is the practice of . This is especially true if you have several sexual couples or do not trust the health of the sexual partner. These include condoms and dental dams for those involved in Cunnilingus or Anilingus.

There are additional strategies that can also reduce the risk:

  • If you are HIV positive , take an HIV medication as a medical prescription.If your viral load remains unnecessary, you are not effectively risking to trust HIV sex vary with negative HIV partners.
  • If you are Volnegative , you can set your health care provider to prescribe Exposure Prevention (Prep ) , once the daily dosage therapy,which can reduce the risk of infection by more than 90%.
  • screening regular for HIV Recommended for people with high risk of infection, including MSM, medicine injection consumers and people with multiple sexual couples.Periodic STD screens are also recommended.

Finally, the relationship is equivalent to the long-term avoidance of HIV.Are you negative HIV positive or HIV-negative, the greatest damage comes from the provision of tactile things? Get more information about ways to negotiate with safer sex or how disclose your HIV state to someone who Become familiar with.

Frequently asked questions

  • HIV risk of oral sex (including oral or oral vaginal anal), is generally considered low for insignificant.This does not mean that there is a risk of not , but it is rather than the risk of transmitting theoretically and there are no cases of transmission well documented on oral sex.

  • There are substances in the saliva that block HIV capacity to cause infection.Not only saliva kills T cells infected with HIV CD4 T (type of leukocytic cell, that cells for HIV), but certain proteins, such as mucin 1 and salivary combat, can represent non-commercial virus .

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