What is the schizophrenia test?


Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, causing difficulties managing emotions and decision-making, the inability to think clearly and associated problems And interacting with other people.

Another obstacle for overcoming in the diagnostic process is a refusal that many people with schizophrenia are developing, not believing that they have a disease.This lack of consciousness is a complication of the diagnostic process, as well as the later. Treatment efforts.

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At what age do schizophrenia develop usually?

Schizophrenia is usually developed at different times for men andWomen:

  • People: During late teens of the beginning of women 20s
  • : at the end of the 20s before the first 30s
, although schizophrenia can occur at any age, it is unusual for diagnosis,Someone is 12 or more than 40 years.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia may differ, depending on the stage of the disorder.The diagnosis can be more difficult during certain stages, as well as at certain ages.

For example, when a person is at an early stage of a state with long-term adolescence conditions, symptoms can imitate the general behavior of adolescents.The first signs of schizophrenia can be symptoms, such as:

  • Dreaming problems
  • Performance reduction (for example,Falling classes)
  • Sudden change in groups of social groups or friends
  • Removal or insulation

Unfortunately, these early symptoms can also be Normal obstacles Development that adolescent passes.This factor is one of several, which complicates the diagnostic process.

In addition to reducing operation, which must be present at least six months, the common symptoms that are observed when a person has schizophrenia, including:

  • hallucinations : Listening to the votes,Seeing things, or smelling things that others are not perceived. Auditory hallucinations (auditory voices) and visual hallucinations (visible people or other things that do not exist) seem very real for a person with schizophrenia.
  • delirios : falsos creencias,What a person continues resolutely regardless of the evidence on the contrary
  • Disorganized Emphasis : speak in agitation, meaningless,starting a conversation in the middle of prayer or otherwise, something that does not make sense to others
  • disorganized or abnormal behavior : Symptom that can be shown in a somewhat different way,of the fact that it acts unpredictable, fantasy posture, total absence or excessive physical movements
  • Negative symptoms : Schizophrenia Symptoms, which present a lack of normal behavior,As those allowed you to experience the pleasure of

Examples of negative schizophrenia symptoms include:

  • no emotions
  • I have expression
  • >
  • discourseque seems boring
  • deficient hygiene
  • Power lack of ImprintZiam
  • Concentration of complexity
  • at work, school, goals and other events
  • insomnia
  • Cognitive violations, including problems, recalling, training, concentration,Organization of thoughts, filling and decision making problems

Many times, the negative symptoms of schizophrenia will begin a few years before a person is experiencing the first psychotic episode.Psychotic episodes (active scene) begin during the second stage of the disease.

Schizophrenia stages

Schizophrenia stages include:

  • stage prodromal : This evaluation when the initial decrease in operation begins and can include soft symptoms.If an examination is performed at this stage, the final diagnosis will not be executed if / until the symptoms become clearer.
  • Active stage : is also known as acute schizophrenia, this stage includes serious symptoms of psychosis, such as errors and hallucinations.This is the period in which most people with schizophrenia are looking for medical intervention disorders and diagnose.
  • Residual stage : This period after initial processing is implemented.During the residual stage, a person with schizophrenia may not have any symptoms of psychosis, and negative symptoms can be the only residual signs of disorder.

A series of online self-esteem tools. The information collected from the self-esteem questionnaire can help a person decide whether to seek medical help. / P>

You can find a tool self-esteem in Mental Health of America .Examples of problems on this approach include:

  • Did you not control your ideas or thoughts?
  • Family environments sometimes seem strange, confusing, threatening,Or unreal for you?
  • Cut confidence, what do you think are real? Accounts, cleaning, cooking, etc.

The tool includes additional varied impressions that are common to people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, allowing a person to determine if such experiences have occurred for them.

Self-definition should not replace medical detection

Using a self-assessment tool, it is not a substitute to see a mental health professional.If you suspect that you can have schizophrenia, it is important to obtain a medical projection.

Screening Medical

Schizophrenia diagnosis Includes:

  • History and Physics (HP) : Includes physical consideration Faces Medical and the Historic family
  • Oral interview : To evaluate any experience or perceptions that can disturb and evaluate fears with respect to the level of operation (for example, the life of the goal,Motivation and knowledge) and also your psychiatric history
  • Safety assessment : decipher, if a person has thoughts about suicide or formulated any plan of self-harm ,In addition to the evaluation if there are any other psychiatric symptoms can be put,at risk

Skizophrenia tests

Although there is no specific laboratory test to diagnose the Schizophrenia Many types of medical tests are carried out to help evaluate signs and symptoms of theSchizophrenia, exclude other disorders.

Display tests can be used to help eliminate other causes of symptoms.They may include:

  • Magnetic resonanceup summary : of the image of the brain can be taken to exclude organic anomalivity (physical), which It can cause symptoms, similar to those of the diagnosis of schizophrenia.
  • ct scan : This can be done to look for structural conclusions (such as a cerebral tumor), which can be the main cause of the symptoms of the Schizophrenia

Other tests To eliminate the causes of symptoms similar to schizophrenia may include:

  • Blood test : This can be used to eliminate other main causes of theSchizophreniacal symptoms, such as alcohol or drug abuse or interaction between specific types of prescription drugs or metabolic anomalies. .They often saw people with schizophrenia, but they can also occur due to other main causes of cognitive disorders (such as alzheemerovine disease, depression, side effects of drugs and much more).Cognitive violations can be easy to be serious: it is associated with difficulties with memory, language, judgment and the ability to study new things.

Although cognitive problems have been marked for a long time as the central component of schizophrenia, cognitive disabilities were only considered Recently for the general symptom. of the state.Almost all people are diagnosed with schizophrenia, have some kind of cognitive disorders, ranging from soft to heavy.

Although cognitive violation is mentioned in the diagnostic and statistics guidelines of and statistical guidance on mental disorders (DSM-5), it has not yet been included in the framework of Diagnostic criteria.

decides medical reasons

If the doctor performs medical tests and can not find a reason Physics for the symptoms that man is experiencing.The reference can be brought to mental health, professionals as a psychiatrist or psychologist who performs the diagnosis of mental illness.

Psychological evaluation

Psychological assessment is a diagnostic evaluation that includes skills Of people, behavior and many other features.The evaluation is used to satisfy many different aspects of history, symptoms, symptoms, problems and much. It is aimed at creating a mental health diagnosis.

A variety of psychiatric data are collected during a psychological evaluation, including information on:

  • Availability of signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders , ,as anxiety, using the substance, depression and other disorders
  • Nevelsyvelichiatric questions , as goals, professional interests,The level of intelligence and much more

The psychological examination can collect information a wide range of diagnostic tools,Including:

  • interview
  • Devices of psychological measurements
  • consumption
  • Other specialized procedures

Diagnosis and statistical statistical for mental disorders (DSM-5) Criteria

DSM-5 is considered a standard reference book in the field of mental illness. Diagnosis (including schizophrenia). This is published by the American Psychiatric Association.

According to DSM-5, before the diagnosis of schizophrenia can be made. The man must have two or more of the following symptoms during the last 30 days (as well as having other signs of concern at least in the last six months):

  • Del offs
  • hallucinations
  • deororovayspets
  • disorganized or catatonic behavior
  • Negative symptoms

In addition to the requirement, at least two symptoms on the list to diagnose with schizophrenia , At least,One of the symptoms must be a symptom of psychosis (including error, hallucination or disorganized speech).

After medical tests are carried out to exclude other possible causes of the symptoms of schizophrenia, the diagnosis determines whether the symptoms of individuals are that they have the right to diagnose schizophrenia,According to these criteria established by DSM5

Other related conditions

During a psychological evaluation,It can be found that a person with symptoms of schizophrenia can be detected by other types of mental illness,that can lead to the way in which the symptomsComo:

  • Brief Psychotic Disorder : Episode of psychotic symptoms lasts less than 30 days
  • DRAW DRIVER : TestingSome types of error, for example, with the erroneous concept of greatness without other concomitant symptoms
  • Skizaoffective disorder : Symptoms of psychosis,Together with the mood disorder
  • schizophrenian disorder : psychotic disorder, similar to schizophrenia,But symptoms are only the latest months
  • Schizophola disorder Personal : A condition related to a permanent pattern of social and interpersonal deficits, often,Marked eccentricity and thought distortions

Meds information

It is important to understand that early diagnosis preparation improves schizophrenia outcome.

According to the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI), the role of psychotropic drugs (medications that treat the symptoms of mental illness) for early treatment, but psychotherapy and psychosocial intervention are Absolute

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