What is when you have hemochromatosis?


hemochromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes an excessive accumulation of in the body. If it does not get rid, it can cause damage to a strong organ and a death and uniform.

The diet of hemochromatosis allows human hemochromatosis to avoid products that are high in the gland, as well as those that can increase iron absorption.The diet consists of products that will provide sufficient proteins and other nutrients to maintain optimal health without an overload of the body with an iron.

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Objective of the hemochromatosis diet

Iron is considered necessary nutrients needed,Because the body can not do it; It must be obtained from food.

Normal adults, only 10% to 30% of irony, that man eats is absorbed into the intestine. In people with hemochromatosis, the hormone called hepcidine increases absorption up to 400%, which leads to an iron overload and toxicity. . The main sources include red meat and organ meat. .These products are considered more useful than not. Instead, the products that can increase the absorption of non-chemical iron can be limited or avoid.

How the diet

the diet of hemochromatosis is designed to meet the needs of unique foods with hemochromatosis.The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, solid grains, suitable protein intake and a limited amount of red meat, citrus fruits, sugars and dairy products. The whole products are encouraged if possible.

The principles of the hemochromatosis of the diet

While there are no official guidelines for the hemochromatosis of the diet, they have guidelines,Namely:

  • reducing the flow of red meat
  • extraction of animal fat and sugar
  • vitamin limit of all sources
  • moderate use of alcohol
  • Greater consumption of whole grains, rice,and beans
  • Tea and coffee consumption
  • High consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables

, working with a health care provider and nutritionists,You can formulate red meat can consume a weekly basis and find alternative sources of protein.The same applies to vitamins with and other nutrients, so that healthy and balanced nutrition can be maintained independently of iron consumption.


People with hemochromatosis can adhere to the hemochromatosis diet during long time under care of the refusal of medical help providers requires a frequent laboratory work forGuarantee, that iron levels are within normal limitations.

Dietetic configuration may be necessary if the levels become too high or too low.If you leave a short diet, the diet of hemochromatosis can cause an excessive reduction of iron levels, which will lead to an iron deficiency anemia and temporary termination of the diet.

Since the symptoms of anemia may imitate these hemochromatosis, it is important to see your health care provider if you are experiencing fatigue or extreme weakness, while in a hemochromatosis diet.Only blood test can show if the levels of your iron are too high or low.

Never take changes to the diet without first consulting your health care provider.

What to do

There are products on the hemochromatosis diet, which you can eat, and others that need to be avoided or limited.The non-compatible products are those that supply too much iron, or increase the absorption in the hem and / or non-gem.

proper food
appropriate food

  • More than a limited amount of red meat

  • more,That a limited cantidad of citric frutos

  • AzĂșcar

  • Ferry EDTA or Helatazhelezo Supplements