What is when you have ulcerative colitis?


If you have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, your health care provider may have told you to make changes to your diet can help you manage the symptoms.As in the case of any health status, it is not necessary to work a food method to work for everyone, in all those who have ulcerative colitis.However, if you can define products and beverages, which will most likely give you a facility of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, it may be easier to manage your symptoms.Some people change their diet to avoid activation products when an outbreak is maintained, while others make changes in the long term. It is important to provide good food, regardless of what you choose the template you choose.

What causes ulcerative colitis?


Many people who have ulcerative colitis or another form of IBD find a diet that works well for them and choose it,Even if they are not active symptoms (referral period), since it can help them store outbreaks in the bay.

The study indicated that many people who have a mild to moderate ulcerative colitis benefit from making changes in their diet in combination with other procedures (such as medications).

Studies also indicated that the quality of life of people with ulcerative colitis and other forms of IBD can be Specially influenced their diets (which researchers call the quality of life associated with the productsFood).

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Its digestive tract is inflamed, produces the conditions, such as ulcerative colitis,Certain types of food and beverages can make your symptoms worse. For example, spicy products or those that are high in fat (for example, roasted products) can cause certain symptoms.

People who have a strong ulcerative colitis can also experience certain complications, such as hard, they require them to avoid complete nutritional groups or adhere to a certain type of diet for a longer period of time .

Some people with severe inflammatory bowel diseases can sometimes use special diets, such as just a diet, only for fluids give their time to deal with.

In general, the greater the fiber food, the more work your intestines should make to break it during digestion.When you do not feel well and have symptoms of ulcerative colitis, you may find that soft foods, you do not have much fiber and, therefore, easier to digest, helps reduce your discomfort .

Food that do not leave a lot of non-digested material behind your colon (called low-residue foods ), they can also be useful if you have a flash of ulcers symptoms.When you have less than this food residue in the intestines, you will not have so many intestinal movements.

Although the specific aspects of your ulcerative colitis diet will depend on your tastes, preferences and other individual dietary needs, the choice of products that can be easily moved around the intestines without causing too much irritation,It is a secure bet if you are trying to reduce or prevent symptoms.


How often is the case with chronic inflammatory disease Inflammatory intestine, as often, you need to take a diet ulcer and how long you need to stay to this,It will depend on many factors, as a difficult state, whether it has complications, other health problems and dietary needs, as well as treatment methods your medical service provider.

If you have symptoms often, you may find out that paying attention to the composition of your diet is an integral part of the condition management.Some people with ulcerative colitis only regulate their diet when they have symptoms, but others can pick up a special diet all the time, because they believe it helps prevent outbreaks of symptoms.

You can work with your health care provider, as well as other health workers who have special nutritional knowledge (as a registered nutritionist) to find out what should include in its ulcerative colitis, to meet your needs .

In some cases, your health care provider may ask you to follow a specific limited diet to help you prepare for the procedure or recovery of the operation.For example, if you need to have a colonoscopy to evaluate your progress of ulcerative colitis, you must follow a special diet in the preparation of for the procedure.

If you have certain complications of IBD, for example, in relation to intestinal narrowing (stenosis) , develop an obstruction of the intestine or needs to have an operation, your health care provider may ask you to Follow a soft diet,As long as it is not cured. These settings are usually temporary. Your health care provider will allow you to know when you can start going to your regular diet. The rides are common in Crohn’s disease, but not in ulcerative colitis.

What to do

If you have an ulcerative colitis, and surprise that you should (or should not), know that the details will depend on other factors, in addition to the condition.You probably have your own unique taste preferences by one, and you may have other dietary needs that must be solved (especially if you have a different health status, such as diabetes).

This may require some tests and errors, but you can create a balanced and nutritious ulcerative colitis that matches your individual and nutritional needs, and also helps you control your symptoms.

Pay attention to how your body responds to the food you eat. Holding dishes make you feel worse? Is there food that you reach during the outbreak? These factors, as well as some general guidelines, can help you create a ulcerative colitis diet plan.

appropriate food

  • Simple noodles made of refined white flour

  • low-fat yogurt (as transferred)

  • applesaue

  • Бананас

  • Sourdoughughughughughour или gluten-Free bread

  • Saltis, rice cookies

  • Inutut Souck Oil (as transferred)

  • White potatoes

  • Chicken breast without leather,Cut pork cut

  • soft kitchen eggs

  • Clean soups and broth

< Compatible food products

  • Peurs,Black juice

  • Raw fruits with leather or seeds

  • Raw vegetables

  • Cross-power vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower)

  • arc

  • bread grain, pasta,cookies

  • Milk and cheese

  • lunch

  • hard, greasy,Meat cut

  • stern or muesli with nuts / fruit

  • Dry fruits

  • External casks

  • oil, coconut , cream

  • baked, cakes, cookies,candy, chocolate

  • sugar substitutes, such as xylitol and sorbitol

  • fat, fat, spicy,Or roasted products

  • coffee

Fruits and vegetables: Raw fruits and vegetables can be too annoying for your sensitive intestine, if you have a peptic colitis.However, many can be easier to digest by peeling, cutting and cooking. There are some fruits and vegetables with a high fiber content, which can avoid, like corn, broccoli and plums, as they tend to make a gas More intestinal

Grow: When you have symptoms, select Bread, Pasta and other carbohydrates that are low in fiber. This generally means that they are made of sophisticated white flour instead of all grains.White rice is another variant of low fiber fiber, which can be relaxing and easy to digest. Avoid brown rice, wild rice or pilaf rice.

Select fermented dough bread for a toast and did not fill fibers as a multilevel.Hot flakes, cereals and mounting bags, which can also work low in sugar. Avoid any flake, bread or muesli, which have nuts or nuts.

Milk: Dairy products can be difficult to digest during the outbreak of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, even if it is generally related to lactose in order.A low-fat yogurt, which has no addition to unauthorized, if your rich probiotics will be an adequate option.

Protein: Protein protein, as a skin-free chicken chest.Be careful not to superimpose the meat, avoid frying, and do not add oil, spices or rich sauces.

If you do not eat meat and trust in protein mesh based on plants, such as beans and legumes. The way that these products can cause gas.Tofu or rhythm: Other options for non-meat protein, and are often soft or ‘silky’, which facilitates digestion and universal.

Some studies have shown that nuts can have protective properties against ulcerative colitis. If you can not digest whole nuts, try small portions of soft nut oil.

Desserts: Rich sandwiches and desserts, like a cake, cookies, ice cream and pudding, often too high in fat and sugars, making them difficult to digest. Simple gelatin can be pleasure, as well as solid candies and gum.However, if you choose a rating without sugar, be sure to see the list of ingredients. Sugar substitutes, such as xylitol and sorbitol , can cause diarrhea, gas and swelling.

Drinks: Carbonated drinks, caffeine and alcoholic beverages can be annoying for people with digestive disorders.While hydrating, it is important that it adhere to water or beverages recommended by its health care providers, such as electrolytic drinks and liquid food additives.

Recommended time

If you, have a flash of symptoms of ulcerative colitis, you may find that you feel better to The time, not a great meal.While it often eats enough to obtain adequate calories and nutrition, this strategy can be effective.

Some people with IBD are in this way, helps them control their condition even during periods when they have no symptoms.People with ulcerative colitis may also prefer to eat and drinking in contrast to individual times to avoid extremely complete or too fast when they have food.

Cooking tips

Not only Varyan gives you the opportunity to change your Food but it also gives you the opportunity to change the physical properties of food, to facilitate your guts to digest.

If you have a peptic colitis, you can avoid adding spices, oils, oils, low or cheese to your food, since these products can be difficult to digest and / or intestines .An exception is olive oil, which is found in small quantities (such as what it uses to cook) can help reduce the risk of ulcerative colitis , according to the research of the University of East England .They presented a newspaper in a small study by a person. The research was carried out in mice, demonstrating good consequences of olive oil in a very virgin in the markers of inflammation and intestinal biome.

you also want to avoid fried foods, because Butterki makes these dishes especially in fat, dense and high in fat.

Food products that are high in fiber, such as raw vegetables, can be easier to digest if you are able to make sure to eliminate the stems, seeds and drink from fresh products, as you Prepare to cook.

smash hard fibers on the product means that your digestive system should do less work. Most products can be boiled, boiled, fried, bleached and even microwave.


If you have other health conditions or food allergies that require From you pay special attention to what you eat, you may need to change your ulcerative colitis diet.

can be situations when you need to make significant, but temporary changes in your diet. An example is if you get pregnant.The symptoms of IBD can increase at this time, partly due to fluctuations in hormones that can affect the intestine. But it may also have smaller outbreaks during this different temporal year.

If you have a flash of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, while you are pregnant, or even trying to control the symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract associated with pregnancy,The most important consideration for your diet provides a sufficient amount of nutrition.


Common Diet

Union of a variety of diet, providing all the necessary meals,It can be difficult to avoid or limit certain types or food groups.If you have a flash of symptoms of ulcerative colitis or experience in intensive complications, such as a bowel obstacle, it can be difficult to eat enough to satisfy your daily calorie needs.

It is important that you talk with your health care provider if you have problems, especially if you are not sure that you eat enough or if what you eat, ensure the power you need.

Your healthcare provider may recommend that you work with a diet or diet, especially if you want to use supplements to resolve the gaps in food in your diet.

If it is malnourished, it lost a lot of weight, had experienced complications or recovered from surgery, your health care provider may want to feed. Tube .In general, it is only a short-term measure, however, some people with grave ulcerative colitis may need to use parenteral or enteral nutrition for longer.

Support and Community

If you have a chronic illness, a ulcerative colitis, you can find a joining the group be Useful.These support groups can be personal or online and, in general, include community of patients who go together to discuss issues and concerns about life with ulcerative colitis, as well as treatment options.Dietary problems and practices can fall under both categories.

Even if you are not specifically discussing a diet, part of the support group can often be useful, simply providing room to participate with others who know you want to go through what you have.While you can have the support of your provider, family and friendly health care, if you do not have the same conditions, you may not always understand how you feel.

The presence of a safe space to help with other people who have experience and general attention can help you face the emotional aspects of ulcerative colitis.


For most products you can choose when creating a Ulcerative colitis diet typically, the failure of some supports, such as white rice, is even cheaper, if you buy them in bulk.

If you want to try your hand on a puree to relieve them easier to digest, the main cooking indicators you will need (for example, licenseers or portable foodstuff processors), can be purchased around $ 20.

Popular brands of liquid food additives can be purchased online, at a pharmacy, or grocery store, can be expensive, especially if you need to drink one or more a day.If your health care provider wants you to perform these products, start from your ulcerative amount of diet, find out if your insurance will cover or reimburse your cost.

Side Effects

At any time you change, as you eat, you can take some time for your body to configure. If you start eating more or less fibers, for example, you will probably notice changes in intestinal habits.

If you notice that these symptoms do not improve or worsen, tell your doctor. Sometimes people after a diet with low fiber constipation.Although it can also be like drinking more water or taking the fiber additive if it has a chronic digestive disorder disorder, it is important to mention any change in your intestinal movements to your health care provider.In the same way, if you have diarrhea, which is constant, you risk dehydrating.

Energy and general health

If you follow a limited or relatively soft diet to help cope with an Izber colitis Flash Symptoms or you are in a fluid diet, as your body is cured,You can get fewer calories and nutrition. As a result, you may not have as much energy as you do.

It is important that you are trying to do everything possible to eat every day to satisfy your bodies for nutrition and energy needs. Not just to help administer ulcerative colitis, but to maintain your general health .

The prevention of disadvantages of nutrition can help prevent outbreaks: in 2017, Study of the Beth Israel Medical Medical Center Discolor indicates that people with ulcerative colitis that may be more likely to be more likely to relapse of symptoms if they have vitamin D deficiency.

) Dietary restrictions

There are several situations in which your other needs and dietary preferences can affect what you can enable in your ulcerative colitis.

for example, if you have celiaciles and you need to avoid gluten and wheat, you should look for products such as bread, cereals and pasta that do not have gluten rejection

Nevertheless,It is important to verify the list of ingredients of gluten-free products, since some wheat alternatives are manufactured with beans, legumes or pieces, can be annoying.

If you are an intolerance to lactose, it is probably used to avoid or restrict dairy products.Most milk alternatives, such as rice, soy milk and almond milk, are allowed to seize the ulcerative ration of colitis.

For those who have a vegetable diet (such as vegetarians and vegans), it can be difficult to find popular products that comply with the guidelines of their ulcerative amount of diet.For example, vegetarian diet supports, such as whole grains, beans, nuts and raw vegetables can be prevented, can prevent if it has ulcerative colitis.

If you have any other dietary consideration, it is important to talk with your health care provider.When you limit your diet in more than one way, for example, to manage the symptoms of health status and meet your preferences, it may be more difficult for you to stay properly.Your health care provider may want to take additives or vitamins to make sure it will not become a deficit.

Word of the information obtained (

, while there is no single diet that works for all with ulcerative colitis, take your preferences and unique needs, as well as some general guidelines can help you,How do you create a personalized plan to help manage your symptoms? Your health, nutritionist or nutritionist and other medical workers can work with you to make sure your diet is nutritious,Balanced and work well to help you manage the condition. As soon as possible, you may need to make adjustments to your diet.You may also find that you can adhere to a special diet, since it affects your life at home, work or school, and your social life. Financing an ulcerative amount of a diet that works for you, includes all these different factors.

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