What percentage of smokers will obtain lung cancer?


Most of the statistics look at the general risk of lung cancer , combining people who smoke with those who have never smoked.

According to the data of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which covers the years 2015 to 2017, for a lifetime, the risk of lung cancer in the United States among all groups is from 6.3% (or on one in 15 people).

This number will be greater for those who smoked and below those who have never smoked. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for 80% to 90% of all cases of lung cancer, which makes it the main cause of the disease. And those who smoke, as well as 30 times more likely to obtain lung cancer than those who do not.

However, until recently, these factors were studied inadequate and, often, could not eliminate factors such as risk dynamics Men and women smokers .

Risk of life time according to the smoking status

Study in 2018, published in Preventive medicine, report aims to evaluate these risks for 18-Year periods, classifying smokers men and women as ‘never smokers’, ‘‘, ex smokers or ‘current smokers’. A total of 9,623 cases of lung cancer from 1995 to 2013 were included in the evaluation.

Based on conclusions,Qualified ResearchersQualized Risk of Lung Lung Lung Cancer Smoking Status In Men and Women:

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The researchers reported a risk of lung cancer in the males, decreased from 7.1% to 6.7% for 18 years.- A second research study, but grew by women from 2.5% to 4.1%, reflecting a greater use of cigarettes among women.

But these numbers do not distinguish the risk in regards to the smoking man and what happens if they are going. Therefore, The image that draws at the lifelong risk of lung cancer are incomplete.

Risk of lung cancer in heavy smokers

appears before in life, start smoking, the greater the risk of lung cancer.

pack-pack-justs that has a smoke. Year of speaking is calculated by multiplying the number of years that you smoke, the required number of cigarettes per day.

Weekend cigarettes reduce the risk of lung cancer, but it can take some time before it decreases this risk. You can use some cigarettes per day or only occasionally, your risk will never achieve this ever smoker.

Study in 2018 in the magazine the National Cancer Institute aims to evaluate this dynamic, observing the data Statistics of lung cancer from 1954 to 2013.The researchers found strong smokers (those with more than 21.3 packages over the years) could reduce their risk to leave cigarettes and that benefits are increasing each year.

Disconnection of cigarettes For five years heavy smokers reduced their risk of lung cancer at 39.1% compared to heavy smokers They have not released. For 10 years, the risk was halfway.Reject

Even if a heavy smoker had to go to cigarettes 25 years ago, his risk of cancer development would remain three times more than a person who had never smoked. At least the 40.8% of all lung cancer occurs 15 years after the person stopped smoking.

Causes of cancer death

Smoking is the main cause of deaths associated with cancer for men and / A> United States made,One of the four cases of death against cancer is due to lung cancer, killing more people who , prostate cancer and colon cancer Account,No less than 90% of the deaths due to lung cancer can be considered smoking.

There is a multi-style cigarette, cause cancer, including formaldehyde , arsenic and benzene Not only contribute to the development of lung cancer, but also to other crabs, including mouth cancer, throat, stomach,Colon, straight, kidneys, bladder, cervix and blood (more frequently acute myeloid leukemia ).

It’s not just smoking, this is a problem.It is believed that around 7,300 Americans die from lung cancer each year due to smoking used .

Predicide prediccidr pristo

It is still not possible to predict who will or will not develop lung cancer,Kettering Cancer Memorial Center developed a decision tool for Lung Cancer Because some people can use to calculate their risk of developing lung cancer in the next 10 years by age and how long they smoked.

The tool is intended for people from 50 to 60 cigarettes. Daily for the course of 25-55 years. He recalls that the results are only predictions and do not mean that they will definitely be or not to develop lung cancer.

Lung cancer detection

In the past, there were not many effective detection tests on lung cancer.People had to trust the identification of the first symptoms of hoping to detect the disease in the initial and appropriate stages .

However, since almost half of people with lung cancer are diagnosed in advanced stages , general knowledge may not be enough for it to be safe.

For people who are at high risk of lung cancer, a calculated tomography of advanced ( CT) can improve the possibilities of early detection and, when used accordingly,Reducing the risk of mortality by 20%. / P>

according to us.Objective group of preventive services, people who must have annual CT readings for lung cancer are those on:

  • 50 years and 80
  • There are 20 packaging of the smoking story
  • currently,smoke or departure in the last 15 years
  • in reasonable physical conditions, such operation can be done, if a tumor is found

there is Others who can benefit from detection.For example, someone is exposed depending on the cancer caused by cancer in the workplace, for example, radon or aerosolized benzene can wisely apply for the detection of CT.

If you believe that the risk of cancer development increases and requires detection, talk with your health care provider.

Word extracted by the Meds information

If you smoke or smoke in the past, do not think it’s too late to act.Instead of focusing on the risk of cancer, consider the export of the declaration of their risk during the mid-10 years.

There are numerous auxiliary means for smoking

, which can increase your chances of success, including replacement tools of nicotine and medications, such as Chantix (Varenicline) .Many of these aids are listed as key benefits (EHBS) according to the actual attention available and free provided to your insurer or health care provider, even for several attempts of resignation,

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