What physically happens to his body immediately after death


It is difficult to threaten how death will react to death, because each one of us is unique, but we are generally uncomfortable with the idea of our own mortality.However, it often underlies this anxiety, think of the process of dying and fear for long-term or painful death, and not the state of the dead.

Ironically, despite the fact that spending a whole life, walking in the same body and doing everything possible to take care of it, few, seems to be surprised, what happens with his physique, is still immediately after of death.These are the deadlines associated with the processes involved, assuming that the deceased remains unnecessary, including the transition from primary viscosity to secondary viscosity.

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At the time of death

We often think the moment of death,Like time when heartbeat and breathing stop, let’s learn, however, that death is not instantaneous.Now it is considered that our brain continues ‘working’ for 10 minutes, as we will die, which means that our brain can somehow, aware of our death. The study, however, is very predetermined.

In the hospital settings, there are several requirements of the doctors that are used to determine death.These include the absence of impulse, lack of breathing, lack of reflections and lack of learning in response to bright light.In an emergency facility, paramedics are looking for five signs of irreversible death to determine when resuscitation is impossible.

Determination of the death of brain includes the absence of brain reflections , the inability to breathe without a fan, and neurological diagnosis of failures does not respond, it is used to declare legal death,As before donating organs.

After confirming death, the timeline of physical processes is as follows.

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per hour 1

At the time of death, all muscles in the case relax,The condition is called primary viscosity . .

With the loss of tension in the muscles, the skin will be saved, which can cause remarkable joints and bones in the body, such as the jaw or hips to be pronounced. .As the muscles relax, the sphincter of tone decreases, and the urine and stool will be held.

Within a few minutes of the heart stop, the process called pale MBRS causes the pale body ,Since the blood of the smallest veins in the skin failure, the process can be more visible in those who are with clear skin, instead of dark skin.

HEARTBEAT Human more than 2.500 million times during the average life expectancy of a person, circulating around 5.6 liters (6 quarts) of blood through the blood circulation system.

At the same time, the body begins to cool down from its normal temperature 37 C (98.6 f) until the ambient temperature is reached around it.Known as the algor piles or ‘deadly cold’, ‘the decrease in body temperature follows several linear progression: 1.5 degrees per hour.

In hours 2-6

Since the heart no longer pumps blood, gravity begins to throw it into the body of the body closest to the ground (combination), the process called Iver Mortis.

If the body remains unsecured long enough (a few hours), the body parts closer to the ground can develop reddish purple bleach ( Similar to the bruises) of the accumulation of blood.Emmalniks Sometimes it relates to this as ‘Post-Day spot’.’

‘, starting at approximately the third hour after death, the chemical changes in the cells of the body lead to the fact that all the muscles will begin to begin stiffness, known as strict Mbit. With strict Mbit, the first muscles affected by centuries, jaws and neck.

In the next few hours, the strict house will extend to the face and down the chest, the stomach, the hands and the legs until it finally reaches the fingers and fingers.

Interestingly, the old habit of placing coins in the deceased century could arise from the desire to keep his eyes closed, since Righor mortars affect them rather.In addition, for babies and young children are not unusual, they die not show strict equipment, possibly due to their smaller muscular mass.

In hours from 7 to 12

Maximum muscle stiffness throughout the body occurs after approximately 12 hours strict Mbit, although it will affect age, physical condition, floor, floor,The air temperature and other factors.

At this time, the end extremity is difficult to move or handle. The knees and elbows will be slightly bent, and fingers may seem extraordinarily curved.

per hour 12 and then

After reaching the state of the maximum rigor, the muscles will begin to weaken due to the continuation of the chemical changes in the cells and the internal decadence of the tissue.The process known as is known as the secondary viscosity occurs within one to three days and depends on external conditions, such as temperature. (The cold decreases the process.)

During secondary viscosity, the skin will begin to decrease, creating an illusion that hair and nails grow.Strict motors are then dissipated in the opposite direction from the fingers and fingers on the face in the face for a period of up to 48 hours.

After completing the secondary mating, all the muscles of the body will relax again.

Meds information word

From the moment of death, physical changes begin to pass on the body.The classic strict or the hardness of the body (from which the term ‘hard) gets about three hours after death and as much as possible at 12 o’clock after death. It sounds from the 12-hour mark, the body becomes slower, as it was during death.

Some people do not want to think about the changes in the body after death, while others want to know. All different, and this is a very personal decision.

For those who want to know, however, we learn that the bodily changes that lead to death, and after death, it is not only by chance, the decomposition of the body’s reference is designed to go out And he dies for some time.

Frequently asked questions

  • Immediately, all muscles relax, and the body becomes chrome. The movies also relax, and the body releases urine and stool.The tone of the skin also becomes pale, and the body temperature begins to fall.

  • At the end of life, the organs are disconnected at different rates.For example, the lungs generally stop working before the heart stops completely. Some people have a brainstorm, stop working against other bodies. This is known as the death of the brain.However, studies suggest that some brain functions can last up to 10 minutes after death.

  • The body begins to become immediately colder, but body temperature drops slowly, at a speed of 1.5 degrees f per hour failure

  • typically, the body is transported to the morgue or port. In the dependence of the circumstances of death, you can perform an autopsy.Then, the body is usually taken at the funeral home.

    The Funeral House prepares it to look with friends and family or ready for burial or cremation. The body is washed and disinfected. It is widely absorbed and stored at a cold temperature.

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