What returns work: causes, symptoms and complications.


The rear luxury is a common occurrence. As soon as one of the four pregnant people is experiencing an intensive back pain during delivery.

Fund back is a term that describes the discomfort, which is a person in the work experience in the lower back region.The back-up pain is usually felt at the bottom of the back, but it can also occur on the hips, and sometimes it radiates (extends) to the area of the thigh.

Usually a person in labor will feel pain of the abdomen on the abdomen and the pelvis.But, according to the 2018 study, 33% of the participants considered constant and severe pain at the bottom of the back during childbirth.


Is the back pain or back job?

Most work people will experience any discomfort in theBack during the delivery and delivery process. This pain can be smooth and can be manifested as pain or light cramps.But in some dug on the back of the palm, it hurts very intense, what happens during active work reductions, and is also present between abbreviations.


The causes of rear labor can include:

  • waist: can create an angle that causes babies to be directed in a pelvis ,Which leads to the headham click on the sacrum, triangular bone at the bottom of the back between the thigh bones.
  • The presence of exaggerated Swayback: You can create an angle that can put more pressure on the bottom of the pregnant lower part.
  • anomalies: , like scoliosis (condition related to the lateral curness of the spine).
  • Unknown reasons: The elements when playing in the back work can be the same as those who cause back pain with menstrual cramps.

Type type work

Rear factor can refer to several scenarios during childbirth,Including back pain:

  • especially during the reduction of
  • During and between the abbreviations
  • experience during the work work part,But not during all the work

Symptoms of the rear job

Some of the pain in the back of a person feels fully, can not be associated with thoughts.Rather, it may be the result of common pains and pains that generally occur against overweight pregnancy, striving back the muscles.

The later installation generally includes symptoms, such as:

  • Intensive pain and muscle dough pain, which may not be cut between regular contractions
  • low back pain,who feels like painful spasms and can deteriorate with each continuous tracking duel
  • at the bottom of the back, which deteriorates in the peak of compression
  • Intense pain located In the forest area,that includes the lumbar explanation (bottom of the back) and assume

When calling the health care provider


In general,Debponge in contact with your health care provider at any time when you notice new symptoms during pregnancy, the refusal of back pain within a few hours to be completely a sign that work begins.

Here are the signs that the work can start and sign that your medical provider should be notified:

  • Normal and painful abbreviations that arise to the implode five minutes and a duration of at least one minute
  • A sudden start of diarrhea
  • blood show (mucus of blood, vagina outgoing)
  • water, breaking water (or discontinuous membranes,When an amniotic bag produces part of the surrounding liquid)

p> note, if regularly, painful abbreviations accompanied back pain, it is most likely that you return to work.

Complications of the refund /

The presence of rear work is not known, causes serious complications for a pregnant child, but there are some risks. It is connected to the child’s position.

The most profitable way to raise your head to be placed during the workforce, consists of a head, and a child facing mothers.When the babies heads are decreasing, but the child faces the belly of the mother (closed butt, or op, the position), can lead to work pain.This position may increase the risk: / P>

  • Need for pain medications or other control measures
  • Requires Cesarean section (or C-Section, incision in the child’s belly to eliminate a child)
  • , in need of a vaginal delivery (for example,Forceps for delivery or delivery without vacuum)
  • Epizotomy need (a small incision in the vaginal hole helps with difficult delivery)
  • Intermediate tears (tears between the vagina and the anus)
  • postpartum hemorrhage (bleeding after delivery)

Prevention prevention

The prevention strategy for rear job includes: < < < / p>

  • Avoid positions such as semoltas with theKnees upwards (higher than hips).
  • When sitting for long periods (for example, when driving or at work), take frequent breaks and move.
  • does not cross your legs when you feel.
  • Use an ergonomic rear chair if you need to sit for long periods.
  • lean over the chest, counters or other objects, when standing (encouraging the child to be located the right corner).
  • During the last month of your pregnancy, practice Tilt Pelvic Tilt movement on the floor. You can find instructions for exercise to do during pregnancy (including grilling racketing ) online.
  • Sleep on the side with a pillow or other support for the back, the top of the leg rests forward (the knee of the upper legs should touch the mattress).Maybe you want to try to put an additional pillow between hips for comfort. The movement of a swimming can help the child move to the correct position.Before being in the water you can also give weight to the muscles and back and help reduce swelling at the extremities.


Fraud (epidural) can be seen to control pain in people with thoughts, especially when the child is in the op position.When the child is not in the optimal position of the mountains, known as the left head of the front (Loa), it is more difficult for a child to descend through the generic channel,What causes an increase in the need for anesthetic preparations for a pregnant face.

Other medical procedures for reverse work include sterile water injections. This can be an alternative to obtain pain medications.An unequivocal study showed that people with severe rear work pain showed a lower pain, approximately 30 minutes after injection. This is not affordable or not used.

Frequently asked questions

What does the work feel? . There may be continuous back pain, which is not lower between abbreviations.

How to prevent the workforce?

There are several preventive measures that will help avoid the work back, such as the exercises on the slope of the pelvis and bouncing on the exercise ball.

How long can you go back to work? . Drug information word of the recipient

The rear installation is not easy to support.The best way to prepare to work and its complications are in advance armed with information.

Although it is not easy to remember the remedies, while in painful work practice exercises to improve the positioning of the fetus and study the methods of relief of discomfort at the bottom of the back during pregnancy,And while in childbirth it can help you prepare physically and mentally. Ask your doctor, if you have questions about ways to avoid life and how to pass through it if it happens.

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