What to expect during the evaluation of professional therapy.


The treatment of professional therapy (OT) begins with an evaluation.It is likely that your professional therapist has a set of transmission in the OT evaluation process, but knowing what to expect, can help you advocate for what you want to leave the therapy process.

The estimates are a process Unique qualified.They are performed by professional therapists against certified professional therapy assistants of .The length of OT ranking can vary from 20 minutes (in a configuration of this type as hospital) at several hours (for example, in a configuration of outpatient children.)

The field of professional therapy is extremely diverse , and OT estimates will be different compared to work program Improved, but the general estimates follow this general structure.

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Client interview collection and information

IF THE REGISTRATION doctor is available,Your professional therapist will consider it before the evaluation begins to receive basic information about you and your medical situation. Then it will allow you to fill the gaps.Part of the direct information that she can obtain the following:

  • Age
  • Refense doctor
  • Past medical history
  • Reference cause
  • > diagnosis
  • precautions

alsoIt will seek to know detailed more information about what was similar to your daily life in front of the incident, which caused your professional therapy. The medical cut for this is your previous level of function (plof) or professional profile.

This information is important for understanding, so it can contribute to a secure download. The information will also inform the process of creating a goal, as often as the objective of: Return to the roof.


After the interview,Your therapist will hold an evaluation for specific information about your general health and how your diagnosis has an impact on your ability to perform daily activities.Your OT is trained to evaluate the following: / P>

There is a μl of standardized estimates that your therapist can also choose, from sensory processing in young people to The safety of driving.Competitive estimates will depend on the situation and their specific needs.

, Whether it resolves a good candidate for therapy

Through the interview and evaluation process, your OT discovered a list of problems that she believes can help him.These problems should not be uniform, which will be solved by itself, rather, must obtain a qualified intervention.

It is also important that your problem deserves your skill level.For example, if a professional with less training, such as a massage therapist or training coach, can solve your problem, your OT should refer to them.

Finally, a good candidate of therapy will expose the motivation of therapy and cognitive ability to participate. For some, OT estimates will be the final OT experience, since OT can determine the additional intervention it does not deserve.


Your professional therapist will work with you to set goals for your treatment. The objectives must be measurable and refer to the cause of its derivation.Its part will be a long-term and short-term goal.

Here is an example of a short-term goal:

for two weeks, the client can Complete basic care, standing in 5 minute increments.

As a client, it is extremely important to know your goals. You should feel comfortable, requesting your copy of your goals, such as your BAI, to affect the degree to which OT is successful.

Creating a plan

After configuring the objectives, your OT described the plan to achieve them. The plan must be approved by the doctor.At a minimum, the plan will include the frequency with which therapy will earn, how long it will earn ot services and what strategies you will use to achieve the established objectives.

Here is an example of a plan:

the client will win from the experience three times three times In a week for six weeks for therapeutic exercises and ADL training.

How can you participate more in the OT EVAL process?

As for your professional therapist to ask you questions, no less important to ask you to ensure your services are good landings.

If there is an area of your life that you think will affect your healing, which is not mentioned, you will not make sure to bring it. If there is something that does not understand, ask, and if you think about , write them.

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