What to expect in the ultrasound kidney.


Ultrasound in the kidney is a non-invasive way to make images of your correct and left kidneys. Unlike x-ray , ultrasound technology does not use radiation .Instead, use sound waves, which are unjustified by a person’s ears.

Sound waves Rethink the organs and create images by which your health card provider will see the size, shape, location and, in some cases, the flow of blood to the kidney kidney.

Since the ultrasound of the kidneys does not distinguish the radiation or use the contrast of as part of the testing process, they are safe for children, pregnant women and people who can have allergies to The dyes.

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In addition, the ultrasound of the kidneys generally does not require that you be quickly or the intestines are preparing ,That can be a must for other tests.

Occasionally, your medical professional may want to reach the dough with a full bladder, so the volume of the bladder can be estimated before and after pouring ( called previous and later PVR).

, as a rule, renal ultrasound is not hurt, although you can feel some pressure on stains Where the clamping device, as a reception in contact with your skin.

Reasons for renal ultrasound

There are several reasons why you may need ultrasound in the kidney, including:

In addition,Ultrasound in kidneys can also be used to help in medical procedures,Such as:

  • inserting needles for biopsies
  • drain cysts or abscesses

  • placing nephrostyia (drain tube) in your Kidneys


Your supplierMedical carePressing specific instructions to follow your ultrasound and answer you any questions.You can ask you: / P>

  • Baby 24 or more ounces of water
  • Keep your bladder for the test
  • uses comfortable clothes or change to the hospital dress

If you need to use the ancient bath Ultrasound can be dueTo continue drinking water in the waiting room to maintain a full bladder.

Techniques put a gel on the skin, because it helps to spend sound waves. The gel does not paint clothes, but can make a sticky mess.

Another thing you need to think or ask about inclusion:

  • I can eat before my ultrasound. In most cases you can.However, your health care provider may ask you to change your diet in advance.
  • Will I eliminate the jewelry? You can ask you, so consider how to look at the jewelry and other valuable objects of origin.
  • Will I calm down? Usually, no sedation is required for ultrasound.
  • How long will it take? Most ultrasound will occur 30 to 60 minutes.

Be sure to follow the additional instructions that your health care provider offers you.

Before you are asked to read and ask you to read and sign the consent form providing maintenance for testing. If there is something that does not understand or do not make you feel uncomfortable , do not hesitate to ask questions.

What to expect

Your health care provider may order the ultrasound kidney as an ambulatory test or if you are in the hospital, it can be part of your stationary diagnostic tests.

Each hospital, clinic or object will have its own protocol that they want to follow it, but there are several standard things that probably faces.

  • is probably lying on his stomach throughout the procedure.The technician
  • will apply gel to your skin.
  • then the converter will run on his skin to see and photograph the kidneys.
  • should feel the pressure, but not the pain.
  • you can order a few moments or configure your position.
  • You can hear the sound of wooshing, which is completely normal if the technician looks at the bloodstream on his kidneys.
  • If his bladder is scanned, it is possible that he must take a break, Empty your bladder, then place more images.
  • When finished, the technician will erase the gel or give the gel. You something that is to take it off.
  • , as a general rule, you can dress and leave.

Most of the time, your health care provider will be communicated with you later with the results and instructions.

Risks and side effects

Ultrasound in the kidneys is a sure way to learn the patient and obtain images of life without the risk of exposure to radiation.Most people do not experience side effects.

In rare cases, you can notice some tenderness of light around the surroundings that have been studied, but must be maintained for several hours.

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Ultrasound kidney, as a rule, does not cause pain. If you feel uncomfortable, you lie, make sure you allow your technique to know.They can support their body with additional pillows, blankets or towels.

After ultrasound in the kidney, many people can resume regular actions, but must comply with the recommendations of their medical care.

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