What to expect in your 12-week ultrasound.


12-week allows your health care provider to verify how your child is being developed and protected to know the conditions, such as Down Down syndrome .Your professional can also determine its term and how many children are with this scan. Genital organs of external babys are developed, so your health care provider can determine your child’s floor.

Week 12: The end of the first trimester of your pregnancy, which is when all the organs and main systems of your child’s body are formed. For 12 weeks, Babys’ organisms and body systems are fully emerging.In most cases, the weekly ultrasound can be the first time you see your child.

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What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound or ultrasound , this is a visualization method that uses energy,The sound waves generated to obtain images inside your body. During the ultrasound exam, the converter sends sound waves to his body, which was bounced to do the reading. Storm waves fall into fabrics, liquids or bones inside the body.The signals reject and produce images that can help diagnose conditions or take action within the body.


Ultrasound of 12 weeks allows your doctor to come up to get your child’s type inside the uterus. However, its ultrasound can not happen exactly 12 weeks. Ultrasound after 12 weeks is common, but not standard, because at this stage there was sufficient development for your medical care to visualize your tips and babies organs in detail.

In many cases, the ultrasound is done in the first quarter to confirm the pregnancy and the amount of fetus (which the child is called up Eight weeks), and also get the overall development of babies.

While your healthcare provider will be limited so you can see at this early pregnancy stage, 12-Ultrasound Week can be used for: / P>

, although most women usually have two ultrasound,Approximately 12 weeks of iodine, approximately 20 weeks, health providers can only perform one. If only an ultrasound is running, it will occupy approximately 20 th pregnancy week:

. It is called a combined test. This is due to the blood test and the measurement of fluids on the back of the neck of the babys (transparency nucal) with ultrasound scanning.

however, the combined selection is not a diagnostic test, which means that you can not tell you if your child has Down syndrome, Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18.Instead, detection guarantees the probability that the child may have one of these genetic disorders.

The probability or possibility is based on three criteria: your age, information obtained about ANULTRASOUND, and bloodshed.The results of the detection can warn you, and your medical service provider that your child is susceptible at a high risk of one of these chromosomal disorders or encourages that your child reduces the risk of these conditions.

A positive result that shows a higher risk does not mean that your child has a problem, and a negative or normal result (one showing a risk reduction) does not mean that the child does not have a Chromosomal violation.

The first trimester of the detection estimate is approximately 96% for pregnancies in which the child has a down syndrome and somewhat higher for pregnancies with trisomy 13 or trisomy 18. Ultrasound nucular transparency can be performed without bloodshed, but the detection rate is reduced to 70%.

What happens during an ultrasound of 12 weeks?

It is likely that your health care provider will run ULSUOUULOUNUNOUNOUNOnOnounUnouNoomounusouns , which transmits the waves through the belly.In some cases, transvaginal ultrasound can be performed to capture more direct or detailed images. The scan generally takes 20 to 30 minutes.

TransaBdinal ultrasound

During the transabdoman Ultrasound will be asked to be in the exam sign. Room or office of your Whitewhth health of your Builden, exposed of its ribs on the hips.You may be asked to come to your destination with the bladder of the bladder of the complete urinary bladder, which will create a window in the uterus.

When a test is ready to start, your health care provider will apply an ultrasonic gel to help make sound waves to your skin . This will helps improve the quality of the image, the ultrasound produced.Then, your health care provider will move the ultrasonic portable converter back and forth on your stomach using a small amount of pressure. It should not be painful, although you may experience some discomfort associated with positioning.

can be suspended in certain abdomen areas to capture certain images or measurements. The measurements will be taken from different parts of the body of babys and their uterus. A brief record can be captured from your cardiac children.

Tranvaginal ultrasound

During a transvaginal ultrasound You will be asked to get revealed from the waist, or you can even ask for her clothes and wear a dress in the hospital.Unlike Transabdoman ultrasound, you will be asked to empty your bladder before the start of the test.

When you are ready to start the test, you will be asked to lie down on the examination table with your feet on the stirrups, it seems that it would be on the pelvic exam.The helicopter-shaped converter coated with a protective cover will be inserted through the vagina for the internal type of the uterus. It should not be painful, but you can feel discomfort as you would during a pelvic exam.

You can receive initial information about your child during your ultrasound, but it is most likely that the detailed report has as considerate For a radiologist. Your health care provider will discuss the results with you.

Additional ultrasound

Although the above describes the standard ultrasound of 12 weeks or the first trimester, there may be causes of your health care provider request additional scans.If you are experiencing bleeding or other symptoms relatively, your health care provider may allow limited ultrasound to quickly review a specific problem. This can happen at any time during pregnancy.

You can also request a specialized ultrasound or a more regular scanning.These ultrasound scans are performed in the same way as the ultrasound of 12 weeks, but can consider the fruit closer to detail, with three-dimensional visualization or more frequently during pregnancy.

Word get Meds information

Many people waiting for parents expect their first ultrasound. You can give you the first look, baby and strengthen the connection with your child child.Two ultrasound will be performed in most pregnancies, but do not be surprised if you only have an athlete alone in high-risk pregnancy. Keep the desire to have intangible ultrasound, made as memories of your pregnancy.

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