What to learn about Singulair (Montelukast) for asthma


singulair (montelukast) is a leukotriene modifier that is used to manage the mild space asthma or prevent asthma work In addition, it is sometimes used as aggregate therapy (optional) , often with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). Singulair is also indicated for the treatment of allergic rhinitis (allergy).

Leukotrienes are substances secreted by leukocytes in the immune system in response to contact with allergen.They connect the inflammation , mucus and narrowing of the respiratory tract (narrowing), which, together cause symptoms, such as wheezing, sealing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and cough.

LEUCOTRINE modifiers (Akaartagonists from the leukotriente receptor) as a single one that predicted it.

Singulair is available on the tablet, the granule and the forms of chewing under your brand.The medication is also available as universal.

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US Food and Drug Administration UU(FDA) approved the only number for:

  • prevention and treatment of asthma in people over 1
  • Acute Bronchokonomy prevention induced by exercise (EIB ,Tighten the respiratory tract) in people 6 and older
  • Relief of seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in people 2 and older,which are intolerable or did not respond to other therapies
  • relief perennial allergic rhinitis (feast) in humans 6 and older,that are incorporated or answered with other methods of

therapy methods in terms of their advantages to asthma symptoms, specifically, leukotriene modifiers help reduce:

In clinical studies,These medications were shown:

  • provide clinical benefits when adding inhaled corticosteroids
  • ,They allow the lowest dose of inhaled corticosteroid
  • Improve the amount of air that can force you from the lungs ( fev1 ,Measure the light function)
  • Reduce the symptoms of nocturnal asthma
  • Improvement in the quality of life

however,There is some evidence that beta attractive length agonists can provide more clinical advantages by adding an inhaled steroid compared to Montelukast modifications and other leukotriene modifiers.

Use the

SINGULAIR tag is often prescribed (for use without work ) To:

Discussion Guide of Dr.ASTHMA Doctor

Get our Guide to Print for your next doctor’s meeting to help you ask the right questions.

Before receiving

Singulair is generally not the first asthma medication. Your health care provider is probably recommended to test other options.

The initial treatment for soft forms of asthma is a beta agonist in (saba) , also known as a rescue inhaler. You use this medication as needed to attack asthma.However, if you try Saba and can not tolerate it, your health care provider can assign a tune or other leukotriene modifier.

If your asthma is too heavy for the Saba, you, as a general rule, also gave a cancellation of corticosteroid inhaled using ICS regularly to prevent the rescue symptoms and inhaler for attacks.

If asthma has not yet been managed, the next step is an additive, such as the leukotine modifier, beta-agonist beta-agonist (laboratory) of prolonged action (laboratory) or muscarin antagonists longer action (Lama).These medications are generally accepted with ICS.

singulair and other leukotriene modifiers are not as effective at corticosteroids, but they can be useful if only one of them does not control the symptoms of their asthma .

Preparations, such as singulair, are also potential alternatives if you do not want or do not want to receive ICS. A potential advantage of the leukotriene modifiers is like oral preparations, they can be easier to take.

Signs,that may need therapy or change of medications for asthma:

  • you use your rescue inhaler more than twice a week
  • wake up with asthma symptoms more than Twice in the month
  • you fill a rescue SuinhalerMore than twice a year

singulair can be invalid, but there are others. Discuss what is best for you with your health care provider.

Precautions and contraindications

Singulair is not a corresponding medication for everything, and it can be dangerous if it is used inappropriate.

singulair does not replace your rescue inhaler and will not stop the sharp asthma attack.It is used regularly to prevent an asthma attack.

In most cases, this medicine is taking along the inaccuracies instead of capricious corticosteroids.Bess what understands the instructions of your medical care.

When Singulair is designed to replace the corticosteroids incended, it must gradually reduce the use of your ICS and suddenly turn off the medication.The health care provider and the pharmacist can take it through the transition process.

If you have phenylketonuria, it may be better avoided by the Mask version of Singulair, since It contains phenylalanine.

You can have an allergic reaction to an amount of assembly or other ingredients in Sympular. If you have ever had an allergic reaction to this medication, you should not try again.

Other Modifiers LeukotRiene

Other leukotriene modifiers, which currently include:

  • acole (zafirlukast)
  • zyflo (zileuton)

as singulair,These medications are approved for the treatment of allergies and preventing asthma attack.


DOSIS And time varies according to their age, the conditions and shape of the SINA that is taking.

Singa Dosing Guide edad Forma dosis

12-23 meses

gránulos orales

4 mg

14 years

Tablet Masticking 5 mg 15 and more Tablet 10 mg

Standard dose to disable the not installed label.Follow your health care instructions regarding the dose and time of your medication.

all doses listed according to the drug manufacturer.Check your prescription and talk to your doctor to make sure you take the correct dose for you.

How to take and store

According to the manufacturer:

  • For asthma and allergies: Take the Single once a day at night.
  • For exercises caused by the BonidoShoFokonTroy exercise: Take the Single at least two hours before physical activity that may cause symptoms.

singulate with eating or without food.

Oral granules for children should be provided within 15 minutes after the opening of the package, so do not open it until it is time to give it to the child,which can make one of the three forms:

  • Right spoon in your mouth
  • Dissolve it in a teaspoon of colds or room temperature formula or breast milk only
  • Mix it with an apple spoon,Puree of potatoes, rice or ice cream (cold or at room temperature)

Throw any of the remaining mixture.

should Store Single:

  • at room temperature (from 68 to 77 degrees f)
  • in the original packaging
  • > In a dry place
  • away from the light
  • of the site and reaches children and pets

Side effects

Side effects possible with any medication. Make sure you are familiar with Singulair’s side effects and take care of them when you start taking medications.


While modifying only and other leukotrene modifiers, as a rule, good tolerated,General side effects include:

  • Top respiratory infection
  • Fever
  • headaches
  • throat pain
  • diarrhea
  • diarrhea
  • or inflammation
  • flu
  • Hubbnos

If these side effects are a vomiting, talk with your health provider about them.


If you have serious side effects, call your health care provider or get medical attention immediately.The secondary side effects of potentially serious singles include:

  • Allergic reaction

  • Symptoms of fruit: Eruption, numbness or pins and needles at the extremities,Sinus pain and swelling
  • Allergies with ear pain:

    • hard breathing or swallowing
    • edema, throat, tongue,Lips or eyes
    • Hoop
    • itching


    FDA Order The Singlar Manufacturers and Other LEUCOTRIEA MODIFICATIONS Add NegroDerteOf the potential health risks of mental health associated with this class of drugs.

    you, your medical provider and your people close to you,We must know about these potential side effects:

    • Agitation
    • Aggression
    • Ocaming
    • I’m looking for
    • disorientation
    • Dreamanomalia
    • hallucinations
    • insomnia
    • Irritability
    • Obsession compulsives
    • anxiety
    • lunaouting
    • tetestreo
    • suicidal thoughts, behavior, and attempts
    • timor

    while people with and without history,Such problems may experience any of them in Sideseer, especially important for those who have such problems in the pass pressure on their health care providers before the beginning.

    If you notice any of these side effects, while Singulair will speak immediately with your provider. The FDA recommends that your health care provider consider the ability to stop your recipe.

    Singulair is not considered that it interacts negatively with other medications. However, talk with your health care provider on all medications, additives and vitamins you are currently doing.

    Word of the Meds information received

    You should never take that your current treatment plan is just a little cash.If Saba or ICS does not provide you with an adequate control, talk with your health care provider about SIN SINGLER or other drug medication for you.

    Any medicine you take, be sure to be familiar with side effects and take them exactly as indicated. Your medical or pharmaceutical care can communicate with any question or problem you may have.

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