What to learn about the surgery of the colostomy.


Colostomy surgery of the colostomy

can be used to treat many digestive conditions, including colon cancer, Crohn’s disease / A>.Many people may be afraid that ideas have surgery of a colostomy, but the truth is that it can often lead to a higher quality of life, distribute the life of a person or even save their lives.The surgery of the colostomy, in ordinary terms, is when part of the colon is eliminated (called collectomy ) and a hole is created in the stomach to allow the chair to leave the body and assembled on the device That is in the stomach.

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Scale is a surgically created hole Of the internal organ to the surface of the body.The colostomy, of the ‘Colon’ and ‘Osta’ is an operation, where the discovery is made of colon (or colon) to the outside of the abdomen.

During the overstome operation, the surgeon can eliminate the segment of the colon, which leads to the fact that in the colon in two separate parts (think about how the garden hose will be seen if it was cut in half ).One end of the colon is passed through a small hole in the abdominal wall. This is a small part of the intestines, called Stoma , when it is out of the body, allows waste from abandoning the body of the colon.The other end of the colon, which is attached to the rectum can be removed or closed the seams and exit in the stomach.

After surgery, the waste is collected outside the organ using an electrical instrument.Today’s ostomy devices come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials to satisfy the lifestyle of the owners.The stoma and surrounding skin (Peristomal Skin) will require special precaution, which is taught by patients after surgery in enteric therapy. “Nurse .

Opposite temporary

Colostomy can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary colostomy. The temporal colostomy can be used when a portion of the colon (usually a lower part) should be cured, for example, after the injury or operation.After healing of the colon, the colostomy can be changed, returning the intestinal function to normal.

In the reversal of the colostomy, the two ends of the colon meet and the area where the stoma was created in The closed belly.Gastrona is again made in the continuous tube between the small intestine and the rectum. Intestinal movements are eliminated through the rectum. / P>

Permanent Colostomy. Permanent colostomy (sometimes also called the end of the colostomy) is necessary for some conditions, including about 15 percent of the cases of colon cancer.This type of surgery is generally used when the rectum must be eliminated due to illness or cancer. The large part of the colon can also be removed, and the remaining part is used to create a stoma.

Types of surgery

There are several different types of bridges:

Ascending. This colostomy has a hole created from the ascending colonne, it is created on the right side of the abdomen.Since then, the Shomat is created from the first division of the colon, the chair that passed through a thing is more liquid and contains digestive enzymes that irritate the skin. This type of colostomy surgery is the least common.

transverse. This operation can lead to one or two holes at the top of the abdomen, medium or right side that is created from the two transverse points.If there are two holes in the stoma (called two colostomy in the form of a barrel), one is used to pass the chair, and the other is used to pass the mucus. A chair that is eliminated through a thing passed through the upstream direction , so it tends to be ossmey liquid.

down or sigmoid. In this surgery, the descending or sigmoid intestine is used to create a stoma, as a general rule, in the lower left part of the abdomen.This is the most common type of colostomy surgery and, as a general rule, produces a semi-fried chair for well formed, because it passed through a thick ascending and transverse sense.


Colostomy surgery is the main operation and will require a hospital stay at least several days and up to six weeks or more home recovery.Patients will receive surgeon’s instructions on how to prepare on days prior to operations.

Preparation for surgery

For those who accept other medications, the surgeon may request that communicate with the doctor prescribed for instructions.In or continuation, termination or adjustment of the dose of medications during surgery and recovery.It is important to make a surgeon perform all medications, , since certain kinds of medications can inhibit the healing process (for example, prednone ) or interact with other medications (making them more or less effective).

It may also be necessary to have certain conventional tests before surgery, such as physical and chest x-ray. Patients should also meet with ET Nude, which can explain how to take care of the stoma.At the initial meeting, an important point is to discuss where the stoma will be placed on the stomach, what deliveries will be needed immediately after the operation, and the best way to draw attention to an hour in everyday life.

Colostomy surgery often requires that intestinal training clean the colon.On a day or two to the operation, it will be necessary to follow the instructions of the surgeon to eliminate all the stool of the intestine, as if prepare for colonoscopy.This can be achieved thanks to publications, monisms, laxative, any of the standard intestinal preparations, such as goteleros or fosfoc refreshments or a combination of these.It is also necessary to take antibiotics or other medications to prevent infections before, during and after surgery.

In the Hospital )

immediately before The operation, IV will be placed to receive liquids and anesthesia. Surgery will last a few hours.

When you wake up in recovery, the colostomy bag will join the stomach on the new stoma, and there may be one or more drainage tubes.As soon as the signs of life (impulse, blood pressure, breathing) are stable, it will take time to the hospital room.

During the first days after surgery, patients continue to receive anesthesia through IV.No food will be provided until the doctors listen to the sounds of the abdomen’s intestine, which indicates that the intestine wakes up.’

Nurses are warnings when stopped to excel and sit on a chair or stand, usually a few days after the operation, depending on how recovery progresses.Standing and walking as soon as possible, it is very important for the recovery process, although it will first be uncomfortable.

After the doctor listens to the sounds of the intestines, and the stoma begins to work, the next step is to try to eat some clean fluids , such as broth, gelatin and juice.If transparent fluids are well allowed, the doctor will allow personnel to know that diet can progress to complete solid foods or food.

should be a meeting with a nurse, before leaving the hospital to learn more about learning to take care of it and the change in the device in general.It is also important to learn where to get the delivery of the worst and get special instructions to restore the house.

Home Recovery

RECOVERY The houses can be tension weeks,Although it may be longer for patients who are very painful before surgery or having complications of frustration, they will be limited first, and climbing, work at home and driving is not recommended, probably approximately four weeks.

Hospital employees will give the board on the diet before leaving the hospital, and it can be limited Fiber low . Regular appointments with a surgeon will help ensure that the belly and area around the stoma are well curative.

During the first weeks at home, be a learning time, how to take care of Stoma Machine et will answer any questions that can help with the first changes in the .

Surgeon will give instructions when it becomes resumed regular events at work, school or home. If the colostomy would be addressed, the surgeon will help decide when possible on the basis of recovery, too. Like a personal schedule.

Word Get Meds information

Availability From the colostomy of surgery are great changes, but for many it means a new rental in life.The changes can occupy the time and traction assistance with everything from learning how to manage an extremist to start adoption.The surgeon will be the largest source of support and should give a time schedule to return to the activities and what is acceptable according to the recovery process.People who have strong are capable of swimming, giving themselves, exercises and doing other things they did before surgery.

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