What you need to know about PEG test tubes


Human endoscopic gastrostomy is a method that a flexible feeding tube, called a plug tube, is inserted through the abdominal wall and in the stomach.For patients who can not swallow food independently, PEG Tube allows meals, liquids and medications that will be delivered directly to the stomach, eliminating the need to swallow, omit the company and the esophagus.

, That can benefit

The power tubes are useful for people who can not feed on as a result of acute disease or operation, but from another way,A reasonable opportunity to recover. They are also useful for people who , but otherwise they have normal or almost normal physical function.

In such cases, the energy test tubes can serve as the only way to provide such nutrients and / or essential medications. This is known as the nutrition of envelope.

Some common causes for which the person needs food,Includes:

  • Problems with swallowing or paralysis by brain injury or movement

  • cancer associated with the muscles of the head or neck,What prevents the swallowing of
  • can not control muscles due to coma or a severe neurological state
  • chronic appetite loss due to serious illness,Like cancer

Benefits of stools for these patient tubes:

  • Improvement of energy as a result of obtaining adequate capacity
  • to maintain a healthy weight to get an adequate amount of calories
  • Specialized foods for specific needs of patients
  • stronger immune system.From the improved general health status
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How to cook

Before passing the Gastrostomía desu care providerMedical should know if you have any chronic state of health (for example, high blood pressure) or allergies, and what medications take.You may have to stop certain medications, such as encompassing blood or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) to the procedure to minimize the risk of bleeding.

You can not eat or drink eight hours before surgery and you should agree that someone will take you to you and went home in you.

Other types of power tubes

There are three other types of tube feeding in addition to the PEG pipe.These include:

  • nasogastric tube (NG tube): This is one of the least invasive types of pipe feeding and used only temporarily.The NG tubes are thin and inserted into the nostrils, then carving through the esophagus and on the stomach. The external part is usually stored in a position with a tape, which is in the nose.NG tubes can be clogged, requiring replacement with a new tube every few days, but they are easy to remove. The use of the NG pipeline dike was associated with sinusitis and other infections.
  • OROGAPASTIC TUBE (OG) : The orogastric tube is similar to a nasogastric test tube, except that it is Inserted in the mouth instead of the nasal pit.This pipe can remain in place up to two weeks when it should be removed or replaced by a constant tube.
  • Jeyunostomy tube (J Tube or PEJ tube): The jejunostomy tube is similar to a plug tube, but its tip is inside the small intestine, which is found Avoiding the stomach.It is mainly used for people whose stomach can not be effectively moved to the intestine due to weakened motility.
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    If APorts can not eat, and feed It is not an option, then the liquids, the calories and the nutrients needed for survival are provided intravenously.As a general rule, obtaining calories and nutrients in the stomach or in the intestines.This is the best way that people receive nutrients needed for the body optimally, and therefore, the feeding provides better nutrition than it can be provided through IV liquids.

    How Peg tube

    Before the PEG placement procedure, it will be provided sedative and intravenous local anesthesia around the section section.You can also get an IV antibiotic to prevent infection.

    The health care provider then places the illuminated flexible test tube called the down to help to help Lead the actual placement of the tube through the stomach of the wall.A small incision is made, and the disc is inside, as well as outside the hole in the stomach; This discovery is known as a stoma . Part of the tube, which is out of the body, length of 6 to 12 inches.

    The complete procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. In general, you can go home on the same day.

    After the Placement

    After completing the procedure, your surgeon will place a bandage to the section.You will probably have pain in the area of the incision immediately after the procedure, or with seizures and gas discomfort. There may also be some type of fluid leak around the section section.These side effects should be reduced within 24-48 hours. As a general rule, you can eliminate dressing every two or two days. / P>

    Your Healthcare provider will tell you when it is normal to take a shower or swim.

    , Living with a plug

    You need time to suit the tape tube. If you need a headset, because you can not swallow, you can not eat and drink through your mouth.(Rarely people with pachan tubes can still eat through the mouth). Products intended for pipe power are formulated to provide all necessary nutrients.

    When you do not use it, you can record the tube on your stomach using a tape. The stopper at the end of the tube will prevent any formula for leaks in your clothes.

    How to get food

    After the area around your power tube, you will meet with a nutrition or nutritionist that You will show you how to use the PEG tube and start you in the initial nutrition.These are the steps that follows when using the PEG tube:

    1. Wash your hands before handling the tube and the formula.
    2. Sit on the right.
    3. opens the cover at the end of the tube.
    4. If you use the feeding syringe, connect it to the pipe and fill the syringe formula (which must be at room temperature).
    5. Hold the High Formula syringe flows into the tube.Use the plunger in the syringe to click gently on any remaining formula on the tube.
    6. If you use a gravitational bag, connect the bag to the pipe and add a formula to the bag.Hang the bag on the hook or post about 18 inches above the stomach. Depending on the type of formula, the food may take several hours to go through the tube using this method.
    7. sits during feeding and within 60 minutes.


    The presence of a peasant tube comes with a risk of certain complications.These include: / P>

    • Pain around the site insert
    • Leak Stomach content around the tube area
    • malfunction or isolating the tube
    • infection of the tube section
    • Aspiration (inhalation of light content)
    • bleeding and intestinal drilling wall

    Difficult Solutions

    In some cases,It can be difficult to decide if a person feeds the test tube has the right things, and what are ethical considerations. Examples of these situations include:

    • , when a person on a comma due to illness Progressive and fatal (for example, metastatic cancer), which is expected to cause death very soon.Some members of the family may feel that the load can extend life of everything for several days, and can also lead to an excess of pain and discomfort for dying and not responding to sanitation.
    • When a person can not express personal desires due to the impact of diseases, but it is previously indicated to love that they would not want to feed through food.It can be a challenging problem when some, but not all, family members know their favorite wishes, but desires are not written and are not documented.
    • When a person is in a comma, with extensive and irreversible damage to the brain and there is no significant possibility of recovering, but it would be possible to live infinitely with artificial feeding.
    • When a person signed the will of the will, indicating that they will never want to feed on food, but the medical team and family have reasons to believe that there is a possibility of recovery if nutritional support is provided.


    If you or your beloved has serious diseases that avoid food in your mouth, the PEG test tube can temporarily or even constantly,Provide calories and nutrients for the body for treatment and prosperity.

    Peg tub can last for months or years.If necessary, your health care provider can easily remove or replace the tube without sedatives or anesthesia using a lasting traction.As soon as the tube is deleted, the stomach hole closes quickly (therefore, if assigned by chance, you must immediately call your doctor).

    The 2016 study looked at 100 patients who feeding.Three months later, patients and / or guardians were interviewed. The authors came to the conclusion that, although the tubes did not improve the quality of life of the patients, their Qol did not diminish.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do you check the PEG placement?

    The tube will have a sign that shows where it should be a level with a hole in its abdominal wall.It can help you confirm that the tube is in the correct position.

    How do you brush the PEG tube?

    You can brush the plug tube, wash the heat water through the tube with a syringe before and after feeding or receiving medications and cleaning the end with antiseptic.

    How does the PEG tube entertain?

    First, try rinse the tube, as usual before and after the power.The lock can occur if the tube is not ground or if the feed formula is too thickered. If the tube is not cleaned, call your doctor. Never use a cable or anything else to try to entertain the tube. How to stop the PEG tube from the leak?

    The dry tube can be blocked. Intension rinse it. If it does not work, call your doctor.

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