When does the ACL partial tear require?


Front tip (or ACL) is one of the primary links in the knee joint. The ACL is important to guarantee the normal movement and mechanics of the knee joint.When it breaks ACL , people can notice the problems on how their knee work.

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General symptoms of traumatic front links,Include: / P>

  • Swollen knee
  • pain around the knee joint
  • Sensations.Delivered
  • The knee is unstable
  • Difficulties with sporting events

ACL injury can be filled or partial. When there is a partial ACL void, it is necessary to make a difficult decision of surgery.The design of ACL includes significant rehabilitation and other operational risks. Decide when the reconstruction of the ACL can be a difficult problem, especially when the ACL is partially broken.So, how do we decide when reconstructing the ACL partially breaking?

Partial tears ACL

The front tick pack is one of the four main ligaments of the knee.This gives the hip bone (thigh) to the tire bone (tibia). It maintains that the shin will slide too far and performs other functions to maintain the stability of the knee during rotation. When the package is injured, it is called stretching.Often, it is often rubbed or tearing during the jump landing, which makes a sudden change in motion mode or gout.

The ACL stretch is estimated on the basis of how much contacts the package.Stretching 1 class only on a slight stretching to the package, and the knee is still pretty stable. Grade 2 is a partial ACL tear, and the connection stretched so much that it is free and damaged. They are relatively rare.Meanwhile, in a stretch 3 of 3 more common classes, there is a full ACL tear, and the knee joint becomes unstable, and the operation is almost inevitable if it must be corrected.

Factors in the treatment of tears ACL

The treatment of the ACL ACL tears greater everything depends on the amount of instability of the knee caused by a injury, damage.Therefore, there is no critical cut from the point of view to what extent the ACL breaks.

Most surgeons based on how instability caused the injury. If the knee is unstable, then the operation is recommended.If the knee is stable, non-surgical procedures can be considered.

The solution is generally based on combinations of symptoms and results of physical exams.If you feel the instability of the knee and have the episodes of the knee sensation, which can be a determining factor.The doctor will also consider the tests carried out in the physical examination, which often include the Lachman test and the test with a turn. If these Areconsisten with a weak ACL, reconstruction is a reasonable option.

Unfortunately, the incomplete tears of ACL are difficult to appreciate. When you look at the ACL wound during arthroscopy , your surgeon can evaluate the appearance of a package to make a decision on the degree of injury.However, this method of evaluation of the ACL is very subjective. Everything will agree on what looks good and what is evil. The best way to evaluate the partial injury of the ACL is based on the symptoms and previous exam results.

Non-surgical treatment

If surgical treatment is not preferable, it is likely that it is specified by Brace and crutches to protect the knee. Physiotherapy for rehabilitation will be launched after improving edema.The price of the lack of treatment will maintain the strength of the muscles surrounding the joint, and will try to optimize the sustainability of the compound with the muscle and neuromuscular balance. preparation.Custom sports supports can be installed for patients who want to return to sports activity.

Surgery for Partial ACL Tears )

With chosen surgical treatment, generally ACL will be rebuilt using the fabric obtained or due to something else in the body or donor. Created a new group to replace damaged ligaments.Efforts to repair damaged packages still have to show as good results, although there are some new experimental procedures that are concentrated in the healing of ACL lesions.

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The most common treatment of front adhesive ligaments wounded in a young, athlete is a surgical reconstruction of a ligamentThe decision to continue the operation is carried out better when determining the amount of instability of the knee.An attempt to determine how much ACL fiber is encouraging, it is difficult, while people with significant instability can hardly be returned to sporting events.If a partial ACL frame is suspected, an orthopedic surgeon can help assess the degree of instability and, regardless of whether the reconstruction of ACL can be reasonable.

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