When is the general cold season?


You can get the cold throughout the year, but most people consider that the winter months are the usual season of the cold .The viruses that cause colds also extend easily immediately after the droplets and humidity. As a general rule, it means that the cold season of the United States begins somewhere around September and ends somewhere around April.

However, this does not mean that the cold weather itself makes it sick.Long-term exposure to cold temperature can cause very serious diseases, such as hypothermia , but there is no solid evidence to show that cold temperatures can give you a cold.Only the effect of the virus , which causes a common cold , can do so.

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Why are the colds more distributed at a certain time

The colds are more common at certain timesof the Yeargunnas Reasons:

  • people have more time indoors and closer to each other during the winter.
  • The viruses that cause the cold distribution easier after dropping moisture and temperatures that are most common in the cold months. / Li>
  • Your nasal passages – Dryer during the winter (due to dry air), which allows them to Cold viruses take and make you more efficient than you can spring and summer months.
  • According to previous studies in mice, viruses that cause the cold, caused by cold viruses are replicated at a temperature just below body temperature (for example, in the breathable nose in The cold air).

The cold weather does not make you sick, but makes your body more suitable for the Rinovirus and other viruses that cause cold weather.

How to avoid colds during the cold season

Has many options to reduce the risk of cold, even when the weather is just one.

Wash your hands

Simple act of washing your hands: an incredibly important part of preserving and others are healthy. Touch your face thousands of times a day, and even more often refer to things in the environment.Washing these microchers, it is important to keep them from your body. / P>

may sound stupid, but you can wash your hands in the wrong way that leaves you a risk of illness.


If you are sick and cough, use the elbow to close your mouth when you cough. When you cough in your hands, it simply distributes microbes to everything you will touch anyone who can touch these things after you.

Change how to cover the cough is not so difficult, and it is of great importance in the propagation of microbes.

Take precautions

Difficult to stay away from sick people.Many parents do not want to keep their children at home since school, which means that they take their microbes to their child’s class. It is possible that your employees do not want to call patients , so they come to work and infect you.Travel can mean air and dry and recycled aircraft microbes from all over.

Hand sink Still yet, this is an offer number to stay healthy, regardless of where you are.Also, washing toys, general telephones and other things that people often touch.

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People are most likely accused of cold weather for many years, Despite the evidence indicating a complex set of factors, but a secondary player.Although more people face colds during the winter months, the outside temperature is not a direct cause of these diseases. The cold season falls during the coldest months for all the reasons discussed, and maybe some do not even know each other.

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