When to consult a doctor for cold and influenza symptoms.



Constribute, as a general rule, are not a serious problem when it has a cold or flu, but there are times when you should look at permanent or serious congestion.In adults or children, even a simple cold ball is not allowed can cause a secondary infection, as “sinusitis , acute bronchitis (cold), or pneumonia / a> .

> Sold colds for seven to 10 days.Those who in the past should always be the cause of concern, especially in children. As for congestion, Naza Naza and stagnant from the nose is more common with colds than with flu, both increase the risk of sinusitis.

According to the CDC, it must strive for immediate medical care,If prevention is saved for more than 10 days or is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

Children are three months old and are under fever more than 100.4 degrees F should be taken to the emergency room without exception or delay.

Even if the symptoms are not serious, you should consult a doctor if you persist more than three weeks or repeated.These include the presence of permanent cough (with or without or without or without or without or without or without or without or without or without), throat pain, body pain or constant fatigue.

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