When to see an endocrinologist for diabetes.


If you are diagnosed diabetes , and you are in insulin or the need for a more specific care, it can be sent A diabetes specialist your main medical provider.This specialist is called endocrinologist specialized in endocrine system disorders. This system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, reproduction and homeostasis.

What is a Endocrinologist? ?

Endocrinologist can provide attention in the specialized practice of endocrinology, such as one, which focuses on diabetes and endocrinology,o Divide your time to see endocrinology and general internal medicine.These diseases can include, among others,:

  • hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism
  • pituitary gland,Like the pituitary tumors or making pituitary hormones too small
  • hormonal seizures
  • reproductive instruments
  • osteoporosis

Training for Being an endocrinologist requires a training of twoYears after basic internal medicine. After completing this training, endocrine guys, diabetes and metabolism have the right to become a certified council of the American Council of Internal Medicine.

When you see An endocrinologist for diabetes

, when you can diagnose with the diagnoses of type 1 or diabetes 2 supplier , sometimes you may need to see an endocrinologist,To help you manage your diabetes. It depends on your type of diabetes and your individual situation.

In some cases, as if you have simple type II diabetes, you may not need a diabetes from the health care provider, as you can manage the disease through changes in lifestyle with The guide of your main provider.In other more complex cases, such as type 1 diabetes, its main health care provider recommends seeing an endocrinologist.

Although your main health care provider can help you direct it if you need to see an endocreeologist for diabetes,There are other reasons for which you can choose or need to see an endocrinologist:

  • Communication : If you think your health care provider does not listen to your problems or understand them, you can see a specialist,That can focus on taking care of your diabetes.
  • Education : While primary health care providers are very good Informed, you may have problems search for specific information related to diabetes.In this case, the endocrinologist can help you form a team to care for diabetes to obtain diabetes.
  • Complications : If you experience complications with your diabetes, as open reinforcements in legs or problems with your eyes, kidneys or nerves, a specialist can help manage these symptoms and prevent even more . Damage.
  • The usual treatment methods do not work : Your main health care provider can do everything possible that you can with the knowledge they have, but if your procedures do not work,It may be time to see a specialist.
  • Comprehensive procedures : If you take three or more injections per day or use an insulin pump, an endocrinologist can ensure the best recommendations of treatment management.
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    Regardless of whether you see an endocrinologist, remember that You are the most important person in your diabetes care team. You know your body and symptoms better than anyone.

    When it comes to making a decision that will affect your medicinal planets and how you are taking insulin or medications, what food you eat, the exercise that responds.

    Pediatric endocrinologists

    If your child has diabetes, it becomes a point of control and coordination of concerns among your primary health care physician, an endocrinologist,And other people on your team to take care of diabetes. The pediatric endocrinologist can help you manage your child’s diabetes in such a way that he learns all the meaning of his family.

    What to expect

    To help you manage the best diabetes, an endocrinologist will help you, making sure you first understand the disease process.Then they will discuss the treatment options and the best of controlling the disease.

    Initial exam

    In your initial exam, your endocrinologist can pass the results of the laboratory and discuss your diagnosis.Then, you can prescribe medications and make sure it is formed how to correctly control these medications, especially if insulin is prescribed.

    Your healthcare provider can also talk to you about how to live with diabetes can also affect your mental health. They also make sure that their general health care also takes care of.

    Regular visits

    During regular visits With its endocrinologist, your health care provider will hold your current treatment plan, ask if you have new symptoms or problems, and make sure you are well,In the management of diabetes.

    Sometimes you can feel defeated in the appointment of health care providers and forget about your problems. You can consider writing your questions before you see your doctor so you can make sure everything is directed.

    You must plan to see your health care provider at least twice a year, but more often, if it is difficult for you to manage your diabetes or reach your blood glucose , blood pressure or cholesterol target.

    Depending on the information provided with the regular visits and the results of the tests they get, they can Change your treatment plan.

    Diabetes control

    Although it may take time to adapt to life with diabetes, creating a self-government plan with the guidance of your health care provider,It can help you manage long-term diabetes. Thebells yourself every day, you can live a long and healthy life with diabetes.

    A typical management plan includes regular visits with your health care provider to verify blood glucose levels and other health markers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels.Your care equipment or care can also help you create a nutritional plan that helps you adjust blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Be sure to obtain regular exercises, it is also important to control diabetes, which makes all medications, as prescribed, even if you begin to feel better.Depending on your type of diabetes, you may also need to verify the blood glucose level on a regular basis, and not only in the appointments of health care providers.

    Creating a diabetes team

    to help you get all aspects of your health and diabetes,You may find that creating a team from different health care providers can be incredibly ingenious.These health care providers may include:

    • Main Medical Provider : Health care provider,that can observe all health and healthy along with your diabetes
    • endocrinologist : health care provider,That will provide specialized diabetic help
    • Ophthalmologist / optometrist : Professional health,that you can diagnose and treat reflectors
    • podiatrist : health care provider that can be related to legs and lower leg problems,Such as nervous damage and ulcers
    • pharmaceutical : Professional who can advise her medications and how they are properly taken
    • dentist : Healthcare provider can follow the health of his oral oral,that affects your general health status
    • registered nurse / navigator navigator : nurses,that can help coordinate your medical care
    • medical professional who can help you discover what is and drinking your diabetes
    • diabetes and specialist in attention Educational (CDCE) : Professionals who canhelp you manage the things you need to do,To take care of your diabetes
    • Mental health professional : Health care holders and therapists who can help you face the problems of a daytime taste with diabetes and any emotion,Coming together with this
    • FITNESS PROFESSIONAL : Physiotherapist, Physiologist or personal trainer,which can help you stay active

    Word of obtaining information

    Life with a disease, like diabetes, is not always easy,But understanding your body and illness and how you can help your health, it is the key to control it. Remember that you are the most important person in your diabetes care team. Feel free to assume responsibility.

    While your primary health and endocrinologist care provider can be a variety of information, find others that can support it in this way can make all the difference.Give yourself from a competent care team of what you trust and trust to help you manage.

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