Where to get a pill after breakfast


"Morning pill" refers to any of the 1.5 mg levonorgestrel emergency contraceptives that are made up of one tablet.

This can be an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies if you have had unprotected sex or if you have had failed birth control (for example, a condom accidentally slips or breaks).

Since they are most effective the sooner you take them, it is very important to know where you can get the tablets to take the next morning.

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Before you can go out and take your morning pill, you first need to know what you want to buy. There are five tablet options available for the morning after:

In addition to the following general Plan B One-Step alternatives:

Plan B One-Step vs Generics

Plan B One-Step is the only brand name emergency contraceptive product. Next Choice One Dose, My Way, Take Action, and AfterPill work the same way as Plan B One-Step.

All of these products contain the same hormone (1.5 mg levonorgestrel) and are equally effective. Generally, generic alternatives are priced 10-20% less than Plan B One-Step.

Still, a pack of any of these emergency contraceptives will likely cost between $ 30 and $ 65 (average price for one-step Plan B is $ 48, and for My Way / Next Choice One Dose / Take Action – $ 41). …

You can save more money by purchasing AfterPill. This morning pill is about 60% cheaper than Plan B One-Step and only costs $ 20 (plus $ 5 shipping).

Where to get a pill after breakfast

There are no longer any restrictions on the purchase of tablets the next morning at the point of sale. This means that you can buy Plan B One-Step and its generic alternatives at your local pharmacy.

Store owners have the freedom to choose where to store these drugs. They are usually found in the aisle of a family planning store, stocked with over-the-counter contraceptives (condoms, Today Sponge , VCF , etc.), home pregnancy tests, and personal lubricants.

To deter people from shoplifting, stores can also store morning pill stocks behind the pharmacy counter or at the checkout counter. Some may put the package in a large plastic box, which the cashier will remove when you pay for it.

Some stores will have space for the morning pill on the shelves, but instead of the box itself, there will be a photograph of the product, the price, and the address where you can find it in the store (that is, the pharmacy or the box).

Even if the birth control pill is on the pharmacy shelf, remember that you don't need a prescription to buy it or prove your age, you just need to ask for it.

You can purchase Next Choice One Dose, My Way, and Take Action in the same way that you can purchase Plan B One-Step, all of which are available for purchase at your local store. These emergency contraceptives can also be purchased online at various websites.

To get AfterPill, you MUST buy it online . It is sold directly from the manufacturer, so it can be bought at a much lower price than other pills that are taken the next morning.

Since you need to send it home, you need to receive it in advance. Therefore, it can be used immediately in case of a situation.

Age restrictions

Unlike in the past, proof of age / ID is no longer required to receive OTC pills the next day. The new legislation allows you to purchase Plan B One-Step, Take Action, My Way, Next Choice One Dose, and AfterPill regardless of your age .

However, you can only get one over-the-counter pill with no age restrictions. To purchase 2-pill Generic Next Choice , you must be at least 17 years old and have a valid ID. Otherwise, you will need a prescription.

The breakfast pill, Ella 's trademark, is available by prescription only.

Plan ahead

It is highly recommended that you buy the pill to take it the next morning in advance, before you need it. Since it is more efficient the sooner you use it, its easy availability can save you valuable time if you need it .

Just because you can get OTC pills after breakfast doesn't mean they'll be in your local stores. Even if they sell it, they can keep a limited quantity. This means there is a good chance they are out of stock when you look for it.

Finally, if the store keeps an inventory at the pharmacy to take the pills the next morning, even though the store is open, the pharmacy may be closed. This can mean delays that you don't want.

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