Why are you increasing? Theories of the effects of aging in your body.


Gerontology, the study of aging is a relatively new science that has achieved incredible progress over the past 30 years.In the past, scientists were looking for a theory, which explained aging, but realized that aging is a complex interaction of genetics, chemistry, physiology and behavior.Now, there are currently dozens of aged theories to explain this inevitable fact of a person.

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Programmable aging theories

Programmed theories Argumentanque The human body is intended for age,And there are defined biological time flakes that follow the organs. All these theories share the idea that aging is natural and ‘scheduled’ in the body.

There are several different programmed aging theories:

    • Programmed theory of durability -This is the idea of this aging is caused by certain genes, lit and turned off with time.
    • Endocrine theory is the idea that regular changes in management bodies of hormones
    • Immunological theory maintains that the immune system is scheduled to reduce time, leaving people more susceptible to diseases.

Aging error

Error theories affirm that aging is caused by environmental damage for organism systems that accumulate over time.

There are several aging theories errors:

Genetic aging theory

Studies have shown that genetics can play aImportant role in aging. In a study, when the researchers eliminated cells that contain certain genes from the bodies of mice, they could extend the useful life of animals by up to 35%. The value of these experiments for people is unknown, but researchers believe that genetics takes into account most of the variation in aging among people.

Some key concepts in genetics and aging include:

  • Durability genes are specific genes that help a person to live longer .
  • The aging of cells is a process by which cells deteriorate over time.

  • Telomeres are structures at the end of DNA, which finally run out, which led to the fact that the cells stop replicating.
  • Stem cells are the cells that can become any type of cell in the body and maintain the promise to restore damage caused by aging.

Biochemical theory of aging

No matter what genes he inherited, your body is constantly subjected to complex biochemical reactions.Some of these reactions lead to damage and, ultimately, aging in the body. The study of these complex reactions helps researchers understand how the aged body changes.

The important concepts in the biochemistry of aging include:

  • Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that can damage the cells.
  • Transverse protein means that an excess of blood sugar can cause protein molecules to literally stick.
  • The repair of DNA is a concept that, for unknown reasons, the systems in the body that the repair of DNA seems to be less effective in the elderly.
  • Warm shock proteins are proteins that help cells survive stress and They are present in a smaller number of numbers in the elderly.
  • Hormones Change when we increase, causing many changes in organ systems and other functions.

Anti-aging behavior

Good news is that many causes of aging, which can be premature to change through your behavior.

Here are some ways to keep your body as young as possible:

  • coma products loaded by antioxidants to minimize damage caused by Free radicals.
  • Exercise regularly to limit the bones and muscle loss.
  • Keep your cholesterol low so you can slow down the hardening of your arteries and protect your heart.>
  • practice mental aptitude to keep your brain sharp.

In the end, aging is inevitable. Cacerate from your body and mind and make changes when you arrive.

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