Why can not you stop crying and what to do with that?


incitement is a natural human function: this is how to express how they felt inside, how they smile and laugh. However, in contrast to other expressions of emotions, there is a tendency to be what is generally not in our control.

We can cry, it seemed outside anywhere and, sometimes, in certain circumstances that we consider unwanted or inappropriate. Sometimes we feel the intense desire to cry, when really not at all.

Although it is important to know that there is nothing wrong with the crying and expression of sad emotions, it may be useful to understand that it poses these sad emotions that are in this situation in the first place.

Very intense episodes of crying, for example, if his idiot feels uncontrollable and impossible in tone, he can suffer from something more serious than instant sadness.

Why we cry

Although many of our behaviors can be seen in nature with certain animals, crying seems to be distinctive.Of course, other animals threw a random tear of their eyes, but the study affirms that the act is not directly related to emotion, but rather as part of normal eye functioning.

Emotional response

We are obviously people, They cry as a response to something profoundly emotional,Whether it’s a terrible loss of a loved one or embraces a great joy to welcome a new child to the world. An emotion is sad, and the other is happy, but both are extremely emotional impressions that tend to give the same tearful response .

Physical pain

People are also crying, due to the lack of better deadlines, when your eyes are Exposed to irritation, such as smoke, dust or even something apparently harmless, how crosses the bow .

This type of tears is called reflex tears, when the eyes are exposed to irritants and triggers of certain nerve endings in the cornea (similar to the structure of the dome on the front of the eye ,That helps focus on eye light).

These nerve terminations send messages to the brain, which then activates the tear gland located under the higher century, to create reflex tears.

Why do cut onions cry

cut on the onions, interrupt your cells, which makes it produce sulfur chemical gas. When you come into contact with the tear film of your eye, surface acid occurs.This is due to burning and causes breaking production.

pseudobulbar affects

If you who Is experiencing frequent shoots of uncontrolled emotions, including crying, as well as laughing or angry sensations,You may suffer from syndrome known as pseudobulbar, or PBA.

This condition is relatively common in people who use multiple sclerosis and can have profound consequences for the quality of life of people who lead to several associated feelings, including serious anxiety,Social isolation and shame.

pseudobulbar affects several different manifestations, including excessive crying in sad situations and uncontrolled laughter in the circumstances that the average person will not find that guarantees such abundance.

While studies are still underway to determine the direct cause of pseudobulbar affection, scientists believe that it can communicate with nerves in the cerebellar, an area of the brain that controls coordination,Including body movements, including bodily movements, including bodily movements, as well as expressions of emotions.

4 ways to stop crying

crying is a normal body reaction and should not be deleted in any method.In fact, there are several advantages of crying, including the ocular lubrication area to help reduce infection. The crying is also self-unloaded machinery.Research found

Other studies related to a decrease in pain, thanks to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which can even help increase your status of spirit.

There are circumstances, however, where you prefer not to cry and possibly where crying can significantly loosen your mood.In these situations it can be hard to stop crying, even if you really want it to arrive at the stop.

Here are some proven and green tips that can help you quickly control your crying:

  • Tilt head . Let the grammatization be your leadership, turning your face at the beginning of tears so you do not hit them to face them.As they are collected at the bottom of the century, they can be true again in the eyes after a few seconds before the minutes of time. It can also help him focus on preventing crying from avoiding more tears.
  • Date a clamp . A good chopping, delivered to the skin between the thumb and pointing your finger, can help keep your thoughts of what makes you cry and will cancel your mind to try to stop crying.The tense muscles can also have the same thing that will lead to the same accent of sad thoughts and tears.
  • Ask a person to make a neutral face .The study found that looking at a neutral face, causes a lower amount of brain activity and, therefore, an emotional response that a person showing a certain emotion. If a person is also crying or showing anger, it will respond more emotionally. The presence of a friend or family member, making a neutral face, can help you restrict. your tears.
  • Try to keep your Flash Most people flash average 15-20 times per minute, but if You try, it is less likely to blink, it can help cut back to cry.If tears are already underway, they flash faster, can help tears out of their face.

When you receive Help

If you think you can cry more than healthy or for reasons that may require therapy or other medical intervention, it is vital,So it receives necessary help for treatment and recovery. Crying too often it can be a sign of a clinical condition, such as anxiety, depression or other type of mood violation.

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