Why can raw vegetables aggravate your IBS?


makes eating raw vegetables asvien ibs ? This is a common question, and really does not have the evidence that answers it finally in any case.It is known that many people involved in an irritable intestinal syndrome (SII) seem to think so. Read more than eating the next salad, let’s see how and why vegetables can provoke the symptoms of IBS IBS .

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Why do vegetables irritate IBS?

To date,There is no clinical evidence that raw vegetables do or do not get worse the symptoms of IBS. However, there may be something in theory, because so many people with IBS complain about swelling, gas, constipation and even diarrhea after eating raw vegetables.

There are several reasons why this may be true. Connection, raw vegetables require more work from the digestive system . You must destroy the food components and treat the content of the fiber in production.The heat of the kitchen begins this process, so raw products take more efforts to digest.

It is also possible that when you eat raw salads or vegetables, just eat a larger meal.Can increase gas and osmotic ‘load’, according to the Fodmap diet theory

it may be that raw vegetables are not a problem , but rather vegetables you choose.Vegetables, such as fungi, celery, cauliflower, onions and snow peas are on the high-melting food list and can cause IBS symptoms.

Discover what vegetables are annoyed by your intestine

Today, this means that you should not try to light the vegetables on your diet. All different, and the IBS is different from each person.For supporters of untreated diets, the benefits of raw food food include using them with a full multiple enzyme available.The raw diet can also reduce the reactivity of the immune system during digestion, which should be good to alleviate the SII.

A more logical approach may be so that you become your own scientist, making several questions .Do all raw vegetables cause problems? Are these vegetables just certain vegetables?

It will take some time reduce it, but you will experience several vegetables, you must reach some answers.Pay attention to how your body reacts with certain vegetables, can begin to determine what you should avoid. You can find it useful for . Use the FODMAPS food list as an initial manual.


If you want to reap the benefits of raw vegetables, but carefully about your influence on your body is considered juice.Although it loses most of the vegetable fiber content, juice can provide a more comfortable way to access other nutritious benefits from raw vegetables .

, of course, there is always the possibility of cooking your vegetables. Any of these options will begin to destroy the food and facilitate your digestive system to complete the process.

raw or not, vegetables are suitable for your digestive and general health. Your intestines ‘good type’ love vegetables.Therefore, it is worth trying a wide range of vegetables to see which of them, your stomach can tolerate, and which of them worsen your IBS.

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