Why can you see the blood on your stool?


see blood on your stool can be very relative. For most people, fear is that this is a sign of colon cancer .Although the blood in the chair is considered the symptom of the digestive red flag , it does not automatically mean that it has a dangerous disease. Let’s see what this symptom can mean.


Your health care provider can determine the probable cause and what treatment is appropriate. These are some of the characteristics.

Common reasons

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hemorrhoids , which began to bleed,It is one of the most common causes of blood in a chair. Hemorrhdom appears when blood vessels in the rectum or anus inflame and inflame. Bleeding of hemorrhoids, as a rule, bright red.

Anal cracks

Anal cracks is another possible cause of blood in a chair. The anal crack is a tear in the tissue lining of its anus.In addition to the separation of bright red blood, the anal cracks can also cause symptoms of anal pain and / or itching, as well as pain during intestinal movements.

Less common reasons

Colon polypes

Culon polyps is an increase in the colon, which is subject to development in cancer tumors.In general, polyps do not cause any symptoms, but bleeding can occur and show itself in or in its chair.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in both forms ( ulcerative colitis And the Crohn disease ) can cause appearance in the blood in your chair. .The packages exist along the coating of your colon. Although it is not terrible common, these bags can bleed. If this happens, you can see a lot of blood on your stool.

Most of the time, the bleeding deployed will certainly stop . However, in a small number of cases, the condition can be dangerous for life and requires admission to an intense unit.If you are experiencing a lot of blood on your stool, contact your medical care immediately.

COLON cancer

Blood in or in the chair is often the first notable sign of the presence of colon cancer . That’s why it’s important that any blood signal on a stool attracts attention to your care your medical care. The blood of cancerous colon growth can cause the chair to appear dark, black or resin.

Digestive sites of bleeding

The disease that arises up in TA> Digestive tract (esophagus, stomach or delicate) can also force To the dark red or black chair.Possible guilty includes peptic ulcers, esophagitis, tears of the esophagus and tumor.

Benign changes in the color of the chair

Sometimes the color of the chair You can change due to your use of certain food products or take certain additives. You can confuse it with blood on the chair.Here are some examples:

  • pepto bismol
  • Iron additives
  • Food with black or red food Flourishing
  • Beets of Red vegetables

,When to see a health care provider

If you find the blood of the V-wash chair or in your toilet paper or see any other evidence of rectal bleeding , first that you must make your doctor will call your doctor and create a meeting.


Your health care provider will appreciate your symptoms and decide if you want to investigate more.Although this usually occurs due to a minor or benign reason, it should still be revised, so it can be addressed a serious reason.

according to your symptom, your health care provider will choose which diagnostic tests are the more suitable.Most health care providers will take a careful history and perform a physical examination that can include a rectal examination. The work in the blood can or can not be accepted.Some other features include:

Word from obtaining information medications

Do not ignore any blood sign on your stool.Although you do not need to overcome, the correct action is immediately carry your symptoms and treat your health care provider. With an adequate diagnosis, a basic problem can be adequately addressed.

Frequently asked questions

  • The processing of straight bleeding will vary based on the cause.For less severe problems, such as hemorrhoids, your health care provider can recommend a diet with a higher fiber, revaluation, such as hemorrhoid cream or other medications.The most severe reasons, such as colon cancer, will require treatment that may include operation, chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Anyone who is with the thinning of the bleeding of the stomach, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, inflammatory diseases of intestine and gi or colon cancer at an increased risk of rectal bleeding.

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